Juneau Economic Development Council NEWS  |  September 2017
2017 Economic Indicators are available

Hear the Juneau Economic Development Council present the latest on Juneau's economy at our Economic Indicator presentations next week.  Mark your calendars for:
  • Economic Indicators presentation at the Juneau Chamber of Commerce on September 28th at 12 PM at the Moose Lodge
  • Economic Indicators presentation at DIG on September 29th at 9 AM at the Senate Building, third floor.  
You can also download the indicators from our website. 

JEDC Partners with AEYC and DBA on Winter Windows 

The Juneau Economic Development Council, AEYC, and the Downtown Business Association are offering a combination community service and fundraising project of creating a downtown "winter art walk" for families. Children throughout the community will contribute art on the theme of "What I love about growing up in Juneau." AEYC will then choose drawings to enlarge with captions to fill the windows of participating businesses prior to closing for the winter.  

On September 28th United Way will host Day of Caring, an annual event that strives to connect community businesses and their employees with local nonprofits in order to help them develop a deeper understanding of the agencies.  On this day, we will install the children art exhibits in the windows of the participating downtown businesses.  

We are looking for businesses to contribute approximately 4 hours of their employees time to volunteer and complete various projects at local agencies. If your business is interested in participating, please email compass@unitedwayseak.org or call 463-5530.
FIRST Robotics season has begun! 

Over 50 students attended the FIRST Tech Challenge kick-off at Thunder Mountain High School.

Another exciting season of FIRST Robotics has begun! There were a variety of kick-off events held statewide, with over 1,000 kids participating in the programs this year. 

FIRST LEGO League Jr. (ages 6-9) students will have fun with the "Aqua Adventure" challenge where they'll explore how they use water at home and in the community, the water's journey, and how to improve part of this journey. 

This year, FIRST LEGO League (ages 9-16) students will focus on the "Hydro Dynamics" challenge. The students recently had a kick-off and got some good idea good ideas to help  them identify an innovative solution to a  real world problem regarding the way we find, use, transport or dispose of water.

The FIRST Tech Challenge (ages 12-18) is a robotics competition that allows students to compete head to head using a sports model.  Teams are challenged to design, build, program, and operate robots to compete in a head-to-head challenge in an alliance format.  This year, the challenge is "FIRST Relic Recovery."

Teams are from all over Alaska, from Southeast to Adak to Barrow. 

FIRST LEGO League coach training is happening in Anchorage Saturday for 8 coaches (with another 24 coaches participating virtually) and this coming Wednesday in Juneau with a virtual option.

JEDC talks about making Juneau a great Capital City on Action Line 

JEDC gave an update on its downtown revitalization efforts on its monthly Action Line radio appearance, along with Jill Ramiel from the Downtown Business Association.  Listen to the full interview here.
Arctic Innovation Competition

The JEDC has been a proud sponsor of this idea competition for over nine years. As the AIC idea submission deadline moves closer, we thought it'd be helpful to share a portion of the AIC newsletter that shares the three most common reasons ideas don't make it to the semi-finals. Use this information to move one step closer to winning cash prizes up to $10,000!

The top three reasons ideas don't make it to the semi-finals: 

#3) The idea isn't feasible 
Glass houses are beautiful, but they're not very practical and will most likely never turn into a marketable product. Make sure your idea is possible to achieve. If your idea seems unattainable but you know how to make it happen - be sure to include those details when you submit your idea.

#2) The idea is unclear or hard to understand 
Explain your idea in a way that anyone can understand. Although you may have had an idea for a while and it's completely familiar to you, keep in mind the judging committees will be seeing it for the first time. They need to be able to quickly and clearly understand what your idea is all about. Try explaining your idea to friends and family. This will help you pinpoint which areas are easy to understand and which areas people have more questions about.

#1) A similar product or service already exists 
One of the first steps judges take is to put the ideas into a search engine (such as Google) to see if similar ideas, products, or services already exist. Take the time to do some basic research and confirm that your idea is unique and new. If there are similar products out there, make sure to explain how yours is different.
Now that you know some of the biggest pitfalls competitors face, you are even more prepared to battle it out to the semi-finals.  
AIC idea submission deadline is TODAY at 11:59 p.m. AKDT.

Economic Indicator: More people in Juneau work multiple jobs

In Southeast communities, between 10 and 14 percent of workers hold multiple wage or salary jobs. Juneau, at 13.1 percent, has a higher percent of people working second jobs than most Southeast communities and the state overall. The most common secondary occupations in most communities are in lower-paying, lower-skill service sector jobs with flexible hours, such as retail sales people, cashiers, personal care aides, waiters or waitresses, and janitors. Multiple job holders are younger workers and more likely to be women. One possible reason for the relatively higher percent of multiple job holders in Juneau is the high cost of housing which requires more than one paycheck to pay the rent.

JEDC is growing! Welcome to the team, Marella! 
The Juneau Economic Development Council is excited to welcome Marella Gungob to the team as JEDC's bookkeeper. Marella was born the Philippines and raised in Juneau. She has a Business Administration Associates Degree and is currently working towards her CPA at the University of Alaska Southeast.  
Advertising Opportunities Available on the Choose Juneau Website! 

Take advantage of the exciting wave of advertising opportunities with  Choose Juneau . Choose Juneau is Alaska's Capital City's go-to resource for gathering information on investing, retiring, working, and raising a family in Juneau. Reach a wider audience by advertising on the Choose Juneau website, including: HR professionals, local organizations, potential Juneau residents and more.

For advertising inquiries, please contact Dana Herndon.

JEDC  View on Instagram     Choose Juneau  View on Instagram
Become a JEDC Investor 

We invite you to invest in Juneau by becoming a JEDC Investor. Show your support of the work we do to forward Juneau and Southeast's economy.

By supporting JEDC you are supporting the long-term economic success of Alaska's capital city, and creating a business climate that in turn supports your business or organization.  

To learn more about our investor program, please visit www.JEDC.org/investors or send an email to Dana Herndon
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