JULY 2019

First Pres Little Crew will be saying goodbye to Ms. Kathleen, who teaches our 18-35 months class on Sunday mornings.  We will truly miss her and appreciate her love for our toddlers!  

We are now looking for a replacement leader, and will be conducting interviews asap.   If you know of anyone, or are interested yourself, please contact 
Rachel Godin or Charli Mason.  

Job Description:
  • MUST LOVE CHILDREN and be willing to facilitate prepared lessons and activities related to Jesus.  
  • Adults only. 

  • $16 per hour starting pay. 

  • 9 to 11 am every Sunday (occasionally 9 am to 12/1 pm).   

  • Must be willing to work Christmas Eve from 3:00-7:00 pm, and Easter Sunday from 8:30 to 12:30 pm.  


Drop any items off in Church Office labeled "VBS" anytime on Sundays or M-F from 10 to 2pm. 

Snacks for Volunteers 
We need yummy treats, soft drinks, and salty snacks for our record number of VBS Volunteers!   If you want to make something to be consumed the week of VBS , contact Rachel Godin or Charli Mason.  

Goldfish and Pretzels for days...
We need (snack size) 400 packs of goldfish and 400 bags of pretzels!  With 130 children attending VBS for 5 days, these snacks are essential! 

Egg Carton Status
We are still accepting  egg cartons! Any size, material or color!
Children ages PK4-5th grade have been challenged to memorize scripture this summer!  They earn CREW coins for very scripture memorized, and if they memorize at least 6, they will attend a fun party! Click on link below to access the verses.

Memorizing a verse means they must say it Ms. Rachel or leader  3 separate times throughout the summer. Includes book and chapter numbers. Ends September 22nd.

Director of Children's Ministry
Rachel Godin

Little CREW Coordinator
Supervises Birth-4 Years
Charli Mason

PIER 95 OPENS AT 9:15 am

Please know that our large group worship time for children ages PK4-5th grade, (called PIER 95) opens at 9:15 am on Sunday mornings.   Rachel Godin and our volunteers are there preparing for lessons, but cannot consistently supervise the children before 9:15.  If you do arrive early, you may stay in the room with your child, or sit in the sanctuary until it's time to enter.  Thank you for your understanding!

First Pres Children's Ministry is truly grateful to the donations given to sponsor the 12 children needed for VBS.  Thank you to the families and individuals who gave so generously.  
FLAT JESUS has been given out to children ages PK4- 5th grade for the past few weeks.  If you need one (all ages welcome), please come see Rachel Godin!   

Where is your Flat Jesus goin' this summer?

Nadia DiBlasi
                        J ett and Isla Gattis


As a reminder, this summer children ages PK4 through 5th grade are meeting in PIER 95 only, and not switching into their grade level small groups.  Our summer is filled with games, hands-on activities, and fun challenges all based on Bible skills.  Laying the foundation of bible basics, will help them become even stronger followers of Jesus!