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From Gail's Desk
November 28, 2022

I hope you enjoyed a warm and meaningful Thanksgiving.
For some of us, the holiday meant an opportunity to gather with older adults in our lives. Eventually, if we are lucky enough, we will all become those older adults at the Thanksgiving table. And when we do, JF&CS will be there.
Helping people age with dignity is a core part of our mission. We support the spiritual components of aging, planning for the logistics of aging, helping people live with the realities of chronic illness and physical limitations, and beyond. The expertise we’ve built up in this area is sought out by major hospitals, senior centers, and other professionals working with older adults throughout Greater Boston.
Read below to learn more about our work in this area and know that you can get advice and support from JF&CS professionals through our free information and referral service at 800-980-1982 or by email here. Caring for people as they age is hard – we can help.
Gail Schulman
Chief Executive Officer

P.S. Check out this piece in WellesleyWeston Magazine that profiles JF&CS’ integrated approach to aging – from support for older adults with Parkinson’s, dementia, mental health challenges, bereavement, life transitions, and much more.
Delivering Dignity: Support Holocaust survivors tomorrow on Giving Tuesday
It's shocking to see incidents of anti-Semitism play out in the news, sometimes daily. The Holocaust laid bare the catastrophic consequences of anti-Semitism some 80 years ago. As a community, we have a special obligation to push back on this hate and protect and uplift Holocaust survivors.
JF&CS’ Schechter Holocaust Services serves more than 425 Holocaust survivors in the greater Boston area, with more added every year. Many live below the poverty line, and as survivors age and the economy changes, our services are needed by more survivors than ever.
Tomorrow is Giving Tuesday and we’re launching a campaign we call Delivering Dignity. Please help us preserve the health and wisdom of Holocaust survivors.
Over 600 people attend JF&CS dementia symposium
Dementia affects every community, but not in the same way. On November 15, Dementia Friends Massachusetts, an initiative of the Alzheimer’s/Related Disorders Family Support program at JF&CS, hosted a virtual symposium for over 600 attendees to explore discrimination and disparities, different needs, and specific strengths in many cultural and linguistic communities for addressing dementia. Featuring panel discussions from eight partner organizations and live translation into five languages, we explored ways to encourage open communication and support those willing to share their own story of living with dementia or caring for someone who does.
Meeting a growing need for aging life care management
The need for support for older adults facing life transitions increased significantly during the pandemic and continues today as the population ages. Your Elder Experts, the JF&CS aging life care management service, is stepping up to meet the need. We recently added a new service that sends occupational therapists to people’s homes to identify mobility and functioning concerns and provide suggestions and resources for improving safety and independence.
'Helpful and Compassionate': Stories from Your Elder Experts clients
Hear from a real client on how Your Elder Experts made all the difference for her family:
"I just want to express my deepest appreciation for all that you did for *Albert in the past year and a half. You went above and beyond any expectations we ever had. You did so much more than simply “coordinate his care.” You became a cherished person in his life, and while initially encouraging him to be more active and part of the community, you accepted what he ultimately wanted and were there every step of the way to accompany him in his journey. Furthermore, you were always in such good communication with me about his care - telling us what he needed, what his mood was like, etc.

In short, you have been a precious gift to *Albert and me. You made his life just a little bit brighter in his final days."
Caring for the caregivers
For families navigating complex issues of aging, chronic illness or loss, JF&CS offers several support groups:
A monthly support and discussion group for adults coping with a parent's dementia.
Our Adult Child Group offers adults who are supporting a parent or parents with Parkinson's disease the opportunity to share resources and find mutual support and encouragement.
The Parkinson's Care Partner Support Groups help reduce stress for family members as they share strategies.
The Betty Ann Greenbaum Miller Center for Jewish Healing is offering Partner Loss Bereavement Groups that provide emotional and spiritual support for adults who are grieving the loss of a partner/spouse.
The Betty Ann Greenbaum Miller Center for Jewish Healing is offering a Parent Loss Bereavement Group that provides emotional and spiritual support for adults who have lost a parent.
Donor Spotlight: Gayle Dublin
Gayle Dublin is a donor and volunteer with JF&CS. When her mom had to move and needed to find a place that met her medical needs, Gayle turned to Your Elder Experts. Their care manager made the process of finding her mom somewhere to live comfortable and safe, removing some stress and uncertainty from Gayle and her siblings’ lives. | 781-647-JFCS (5327)
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