JFC Budget Update 9.7.2017
On Tuesday, the Joint Finance Committee passed by a 12-4 party line vote an omnibus transportation motion breaking the last budget impasse contributing to the delayed enactment of the 2017-19 state budget.

Below are the major modifications to the governor’s budget proposal included in the 19-page motion :

  • Hybrid/Electric Fee: Create a $75 fee for hybrid-electric vehicles and a $100 fee for electric vehicles, effective January 1, 2018. This fee would be in addition to the existing vehicle registration fee and is expected to generate $8.4 million over of the biennium. However, this new revenue is used to support a small amount of new bonding in the biennium.
  • WisDOT Positions: Eliminate 200 positions - 100 positions in each of the years of the biennium.
  • Tolling Study: Provide $2.5 million for a tolling study to include, among other things, an analysis to support completion of a federal tolling application. The study is due to WisDOT and the legislature by January 1, 2019.
  • Prevailing Wage: Repeal of state prevailing wage law for state building projects and state highway projects after September 1, 2018.

Local Aids
  • Local Road Improvement Program: Reduce the governor’s proposed increase from $7 million annually to $5 million.
  • Local Bridge Improvement Assistance Program: Increase the governor’s proposed increase from $2.5 million annually to $10 million.

Highway Improvement Program
  • State Highway Rehabilitation: Reduce the governor’s rehabilitation proposal 4.8% or $82 million. The $1.619 billion for the 17-19 biennium will be $79 million less than the 15-17 biennium.
  • Major Highway Development Program: Reduce the program 15.8% ($106 million) from the governor’s proposal. The $563.7 million for the biennium will be $77 million less than in the last budget. According to the governor’s office, all ongoing majors will remain on schedule despite the reductionI-94 between USH 12 and STH 65 in St. Croix County is included for enumeration.
  • Southeast Wisconsin Freeway Megaprojects: Increase over the governor’s proposal of $232 million (but $61 million below the 15-17 biennium) due to the inclusion of $252 million in general fund supported general obligation (GO) bonds for I-94 North-South as part of the Foxconn deal. These bonds are contingent on Wisconsin receiving additional federal funding for the project. Besides I-94 North-South, the Core of the Zoo is the only other Southeast project to receive funding in the biennium. I-94 East-West is not included for enumeration.
  • Bonding: In total, highway bonding is $367.2 million comprised of $114.8 million of Transportation Revenue Bonds for the Majors Program and $252.4 million in GO bonds for I-94 North-South.
  • Total Highway Improvement spending: Reduced about $250 million over the prior biennium.

TDA Statement: Budget Deal Offers No Long-term Solution to State's Transportation Funding Crisis

“After months at a stalemate, the legislature appears poised to merely kick the can on transportation, again.

“Despite spirited efforts by many in the legislature to hold out for a responsible transportation solution, the motion passed by the Joint Finance Committee does not even begin to address Wisconsin’s daunting transportation challenges. In fact, this plan actually reduces the Highway Improvement Program by about $250 million from the previous budget.

“Wisconsin needs a plan to improve poor road conditions, help local governments shorten road replacement cycles, rebuild the 50-year old interstate system in southeastern Wisconsin and make other investments to strengthen our transportation system. That is not what we got. Read more

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