Fall 2020 Education Series
JFK Library Teaching and Learning Tuesdays
From the Library's Department of Education and Public Programs Team
November 10, 2020

Veterans Day

Featuring resources and programs on military and civil service, lesson plans on the complexities of presidential decision-making, and more!
Ready-to-Go Resources
Lesson Plan
Solve the JFK in History Mystery: What is this object?
Grades 3-6
Students learn about one of the most fascinating stories from John F. Kennedy’s military service during World War II. They analyze an artifact from that time and reflect on what the object might reveal about Kennedy’s character.
Lesson Plan
JFK and Vietnam: The September 1963 TV Interviews 
Grades 9-12
One unresolved crisis facing President Kennedy concerned the US commitment to prevent communist control of South Vietnam. In this lesson, students analyze how President Kennedy addressed multiple audiences, both foreign and domestic, when discussing the difficult situation in South Vietnam in September 1963.
Media Gallery
JFK and World War II 
All Grades
Get an inside view of John F. Kennedy’s service in the US Navy through photographs, documents, and artifacts. Includes the flag from the PT109, the medals Kennedy received, and his US Navy identification card.
Media Gallery
Wars 1917-1945 
All Grades
Did you know that the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum houses the Ernest Hemingway Collection? Explore this curated collection of images from Hemingway's wartime experiences.
National Student Mock Election Results
The Preliminary Results Are In
Schools across the nation took part in the National Student Mock Election in October. Massachusetts students cast their votes. The reported results to date:

Biden - 70.7%
Trump - 25.4%
Hawkins - 1.2%
Jorgensen - 0.9%
Write-Ins - 1.8%

Question 1
Yes - 27.3%
No - 12.5%

Question 2
Yes - 23.4%
No - 16.3%
John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Essay Contest
High School Educators!
Encourage your students to submit an essay describing an elected official’s political courage. Curriculum materials are included. The contest deadline is January 15, 2021.
Forum Spotlight
A Conversation with Ash Carter
Ash Carter, former Secretary of Defense and director of Harvard’s Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, discussed his distinguished career and book, Inside the Five-Sided Box: Lessons from a Lifetime of Leadership in the Pentagon with David Martin, national security correspondent for CBS News.
Activity of the Week
Presidential Portrait Collages
President Kennedy received unique gifts from ordinary citizens who created one-of-a-kind works of art, including handmade portraits of him made from found materials. Students can use outlines of presidents and first ladies to make a presidential portrait collage. They can choose one, complete all seven, or print an outline of their favorite president or first lady. Encourage them to get creative with materials they have around the house to make a unique piece of presidential art!
The online tool for teaching with documents, from the National Archives
World War I
Use these primary sources and teaching activities from the National Archives to explore World War I and Armistice Day with your students.
The Vietnam War
More than 50 years after the United States committed combat troops to the war in Vietnam, and more than 40 years since the war ended, the complexity of the conflict is still being unraveled. Historical records preserved at the National Archives provide insight into this critical period.
Additional Resources
Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education:
Civics Project Implementation Networks
Are you a Massachusetts teacher planning for student-led civics projects this year? The Civics Projects: Implementation 101 Network can help you get started. This network will support teachers in understanding the characteristics of high-quality, aligned civics projects and planning for implementation. It includes two virtual, regional meetings in the fall and optional virtual support forums throughout the year.
Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education:
New Resources to Support Equity in History Instruction
DESE’s History, Social Science, and Civics webpage has just been updated with a collection of resources to help teachers apply Guiding Principle 2, which prompts inclusive, critical, and responsive teaching. They include a quick reference guide explaining how Guiding Principle 2 relates to the rest of the Framework, as well as questions that teachers can use to reflect upon and adjust their practice as they approach their planning. Three examples illustrate how the questions might be answered about specific topics from the History and Social Science Framework, complete with linked resources for teachers. If you’re curious to learn more, join a live webinar introducing the resources on November 12 at 3:30 PM.
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In addition, all past emails from this series are available on the Library's website.
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