JFNY NEWSLETTER | January , 2023

Upcoming events

Adapting to Eat, Eating to Adapt: Food, Class, and Identity of Nikkei Brazilians in Japan

January 20, 7pm ET


Join us for the seventh session of Illuminating Japanese Studies: Lecture Series with Former JF Fellows titled Adapting to Eat, Eating to Adapt: Food, Class, and Identity of Nikkei Brazilians in Japan where Former JF Fellow Rumika Suzuki Hillyer will use food as a lens to challenge and reimagine the characterization of Nikkei Brazilians in Japan. The discussion will be followed by a live Q&A moderated by Eric Funabashi.


Facing Life, Meeting Death

February 19, 2023, 7pm- The Ballad of Narayama

Ida Noyes Hall (Chicago, IL)

Facing Life, Meeting Death lends a darkness to your Sunday nights, just as cold and bleak as the Chicago winter demands. The series is inspired by that visceral paralysis, the captivating dread that death elicits; yet its purpose is not, in fact, to induce existential despair. While focused on encounters with death—some with the “person,” others with the prospect—at its core, this series is about living.


From Our Grantees

Street Performance Kamishibai in Japan

January 28, 7:30pm ET


In this interactive kamishibai workshop Street Performance Kamishibai in Japan, Mimoto Fumiyo (aka Piman) and Ohtsuka Tamayo (aka Tama-chan), both experienced kamishibai performers will discuss their experiences with street-performance style kamishibai. This event is supported through the Global Partnerships Education Grant.



January 28- February 25

Various locations

Yara Arts Group brings AKUTAGAWA which explores the trajectory of the life and works of Ryunosuke Akutagawa using traditional Japanese puppetry techniques and contemporary American puppetry arts. For the complete lineup of performances visit the link below. This event is supported through JFNY Grant for Arts & Culture grant.


From foreign JF office

Ready-to-Use Teaching Tools in and Beyond Japan Studies

January 19, 7:30pm ET


Former Japanese Studies fellow Dr. Paula Curtis (UCLA) is going to hold an online lecture about the ever-evolving digital landscape of Japan Studies. This talk will introduce open-access teaching tools through the lens of Japanese Studies, highlighting a variety of platforms, databases, and activities that, while created by or linked to scholarship related to Japan, can be used by any educator to enhance research and learning in the classroom. This program is organized by the Japan Foundation, Toronto office.


Join JF Digital Library for Free!

Our new digital library ​has over 1,800 titles in ​broad genres such as manga, literature, Japanese language, art, history, culture, society, cooking & food, etc. They are all free to read! ​We hope everyone can browse our digital library and find a book to read.


JF USA Digital Library Webpage


To apply, please register by going to the Application form and clicking on “Click Here to Complete the Digital Library Signup Survey” at the bottom of the page. We will send out confirmation emails from The Japan Foundation, Los Angeles office on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It ​will include your Library Card number and Pin code to access. After you receive it, you will be ready to read digital books on both OverDrive webpage and their e-reader app: Libby!


Please note the digital library is available only for U.S. residents 14 years or older. If you reside in Canada, please register through Toronto office's webpage.

For inquiries, please contact: info@jpf.go.jp

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