As a child, my favorite superhero was Batman. His Batmobile was cool. His Bat Cave was cool. Most of all, I was enamored with his utility belt . . .
With items like a batarang, grappling hook, smoke pellets, grenades, kryptonite, and a sonic disrupter, his superhero status hung on the fact that he wore that belt. Whatever situation surrounded Batman, something in the utility belt proved crucial.
For 45 years, Reach Out Youth Solutions has given youth leaders a utility belt equipped with solid, written material. Over time, PowerPoint and a few video clips have been added, but most training has been conducted “face to face.” God has multiplied this training into 30 countries, influencing hundreds of thousands of youth leaders. 
Today, the world faces a daunting challenge-
The population of the world is growing at a faster clip than the increase of Christianity.
With 2.3 Billion young people between the ages of 10 and 29 needing to discover Jesus as their Savior, God has given us an opportunity to add another tool into our “Batman Utility Belt.” The Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry Online experience allows youth leaders to connect to a worldwide community to be trained and encouraged with an updated version of the same time-tested curriculum that Reach Out has been using for 45 years.
 It is hard to believe that we are five months away from launching!

JFYM Online: January 15, 2021

As we move into the final stages of development, we want to share some unique characteristics of this “one-of-a-kind” training experience.
A Sneak Peek at our online platform . . .
This interactive experience can be summed up in three words:

This project gives the ability to watch videos, read content, write responses to questions, and post additional content related to JFYM. Users are taught by some of the best JFYM trainers in the world ( . . . filmed in four countries, with multiple cameras, and with a live audience)!

The sky is the limit when it comes to connecting with other youth leaders, youth workers, and youth pastors. This tool offers opportunities for people to receive training, coaching, accountability, and affirmation with mentors and/or peers. It allows youth leaders from all over the world to connect for insight, encouragement, and collaboration.

Users can interact with the platform on cell phones, iPads, or computers (PC or Mac). This platform will also handle additional languages, video, and written content. With JFYM Online, we have unlimited reach!
In the realm of weapon and costume maintenance and creation, although Batman had Alfred, Reach Out has quite an impressive “behind the scenes” entourage, as well.
We are blessed to have Ingenium Plus creating the digital platform for JFYM. Click the logo to read about their team, led by Jeff Gray, and their many well-known clients. Their love for God and our ministry has become a central component to our partnership.
Because Christian Lingua has been tasked with projects as small as the translation of one video from English to Spanish, or as large as a 69 vol. commentary series of over 44,000 pages into 25 languages, we are confident our 4 language translation and transcription of 109 videos falls well within their abilities!
Finally, we are amazed at the timeliness of this project. Each of our country leaders have communicated that people in their countries are more engaged online with each other than ever before. Although COVID-19 has created a world where “social distancing” is the norm, this new reality has not decreased our “super hero” leaders’ resolve to equip as many leaders to reach the next generation as we can . . .
and that includes using this new tool which arrives in each of their JFYM utility belts in January!

We are thankful for your financial and prayerful support as we move closer to the launch of this groundbreaking international training tool for youth ministry.
II Cor. 9:13-15
Jesus is Lord,