J INSA Leadership visits Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego and Camp Pendleton

Steve Mizel (USMC 1957 recruit), LtGen Ken Glueck, JINSA Chairman David Steinmann, and Col. Leland Suttee, USMC
On July 11-12, JINSA National Leadership had the honor to visit the Marine Corps Recruit Depot (MCRD) and Camp Pendleton. The delegation was led by LtGen Ken Glueck, USMC (ret.) who serves on JINSA's Board of Advisors and is a 2016 Generals and Admiral's Program participant. 

The delegation witnessed first-hand the unique training and final steps that the recruits go through in order to become Marines. 

Marine recruits 48 hours into The Crucible.

At Camp Pendleton, the delegation had the opportunity to observe The Crucible, a test lasting over 54 hours that every USMC recruit must go through in order to officially become a Marine. This serves as the culmination of Marine training and includes food and sleep deprivation and intense physical activity. The Crucible is designed to instill in the Marines a set of core values that they will use to face any obstacles in their future. 

JINSA organizes base visits as part of our outreach efforts to ensure that our leadership understands the work our servicemen and women are doing to keep the U.S. safe and to bring this knowledge back to their communities to advocate for a strong U.S. military. Conversely, we also educate military officers and enlisted ranks on the important work JINSA is doing nationally and in their communities.

JINSA delegation with Col.Suttee and his team while observing The Crucible at Camp Pendleton.
If you would like more information about future base visits or our National Leadership, please contact Harris Vederman at hvederman@jinsa.org  
or call 202-667-3900.
Marine recruit in a training exercise during The Crucible
LtGen Glueck has delegation standing attention on the "Yellow Footprints."

Delegation is getting briefed at MCRD on the training process.
JINSA leader Charles Wax with RADM Garry Bonelli, USN (ret.) at our welcome dinner in San Diego.
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