JINSA Leaders Visit Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay

On February 29 through March 1, JINSA Leaders got a first-hand look at Submarine Group 10 based at Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay in Kingsland, Georgia. The base is the U.S. Atlantic Fleet's home port for Ohio-class ballistic missile submarines armed with Trident missile nuclear weapons.

JINSA Leaders in front of the USS Bancroft exhibit at Submarine Base Kings Bay.

The fact-finding trip was led by JINSA Advisor and 2014 Generals and Admirals Program Participant Vice Admiral John Bird, USN (Ret.), who spoke at the welcome event along with Rear Admiral Randy Crites, the Commander of Submarine Group 10.

Chairman David Steinmann with Vice Admiral John Bird.
The next day, Adm. Crites briefed the group on the current state of the Navy fleet and the needs of the submarine force.

JINSA National Leaders came from across the country and interacted with both senior naval officers and enlisted sailors. They toured the facilities at the base including the USS Wyoming, an Ohio-class submarine, the Trident missile training facility, and Lockheed Martin's Trident missile facility. JINSA Chairman David Steinmann remarked on the sheer size of the Wyoming: "Picture a quarterback handing off the ball to his star running back on their own one yard line. Now watch that running back take off, weaving and dashing downfield and crossing the goal line 99 yards away. If he had been running through an SSBN "Boomer" submarine, he'd be just a little over half way to the other end of the boat."

The main purpose of the visit was to better understand the mission of the U.S. Navy's submarine fleet, as well as the needs of the dedicated sailors that staff some of the world's most advanced weapons. This knowledge will allow our leadership to more effectively advocate on behalf of the Navy and the sub fleet in their communities.

From left to right: Josh Steinmann, Chairman David Steinmann, Rear Admiral Randy Crites, USN and Michael Nachman, JINSA Board Member.
From left to right: Cheryl Hodges, Joel Gemunder, JINSA Vice Chairman, Cheryl Crites, and Rear Admiral Randy Crites, USN.

JINSA Leader Bruce Lane (left) with Captain Kevin Jones, USN.

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