J INSA Leadership Embarks on the USS Truman  

CAPT Nicholas Dienna, Commanding Officer, with former JINSA Chairman Michael Nachman 
On December 5-6, JINSA National Leadership had the honor to embark on the USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75) and visit the amazing sailors of our USN. The delegation was hosted by ADM Phil Davidson, Commander U.S. Fleet Forces Command and ADM William Gortney, USN (ret.) who serves on JINSA's Board of Advisors, and was a 2017 Generals and Admiral's Program participant.  

JINSA experienced first-hand what it takes for our Navy to operate an aircraft carrier, what is essentially an airport in the middle of the ocean. E verything is centered around the 60-70 aircraft that take off and land multiple times a day. These young patriots, men and women, who are often  18, 19 and 20 years old, carry the weight of our national security on their shoulders, and work tirelessly to perform their duties without error.

Delegation witnessing flight deck operations first-hand, behind them is an F/A-18E Super Hornet with tail hook down about to land

The crew of the USS Truman educated JINSA on all aspects of carrier operations, including having the delegation carry out an arrested landing aboard Truman, and a catapult takeoff. The embark included briefings and dinner with senior leadership, breakfast with sailors, and a tour of the flight deck while witnessing both day and evening operations. 

JINSA organizes base visits as part of our outreach efforts to ensure that our leadership understands the work our servicemen and women are doing to keep the U.S. safe and to bring this knowledge back to their communities to advocate for a strong U.S. military. Conversely, we also educate officers and enlisted ranks on the important work JINSA is doing nationally and in their communities.

Inside the jet engine facility, learning about the Navy's vigorous maintenance and testing programs
Having breakfast and discussions with the crew of the USS Truman 

If you would like more information about our upcoming base visit to Ft. Irwin on February 12-13, please contact Harris Vederman  at
or call 202- 524-5515.

Briefing on the complexities of air traffic control out at sea
ADM Phil and Tracy Davidson joined ADM William and Sherry Gortney and the delegation for a pre-embark dinner 

Delegation getting ready to embark on the Truman
Dinner with the XO, CAPT Norman, and senior officers

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