JL POA Update
A Publication of the JL POA Chronicle

The POA office is currently closed to all guests. We have recently had a staff member who tested positive for the Covid-19 virus and we want to take all precautions to ensure a safe environment for the residents. We will post a date when the office is clear and ready to open. 

of the JL POA Board Meeting August 18, 2020.  

  • Meeting was called to order at 9:00 am via Zoom.

  • Approval of Minutes of Special Board meeting of June 10, 2020 and regular Board meeting of July 21, 2020, with a few minor changes.

  • Approval of Treasurer’s Report for Month of July Balance of operating funds for month ending July, 2020 is $747,526.

  • Balance of Reserve Cash for the month ending July, 2020 is $916,000.

  • Total cash on hand is $1,663,754

  • In October, JL Cable will be merged with JL POA into the POA budget.

  • New Capital buy-in program has been successful, about $3,000 collected in the first month.

  • Guidelines for Committees for 2020 was discussed but not yet approved.  

  • Appointment of Marty McConnell to Finance Committee was announced. 

  • JL Golf Club/Marina Projects include:  At the Golf Club: new floor in fitness center, new BBQ smoker, new roof on Golf Club to be started soon. At the Marina: tree trimming, bush pruning, lighting improvements. Sea wall work and parking lot paving now completed. 

  • Summer projects for POA includes repairs on sidewalks, clean- up of littorals and additional landscape at  dog park. In September will start palm tree trimming, installation of mulch  and cleaning of sidewalks.

  • Discussion of Long- Range Planning Committee (Strategic Plan with pictures are being updated. The new format plan will be posted on Website.) All owners are reminded to  call ADT to schedule  alarm conversion and inclusion in their system. 

  • Central Gate fence work to begin first week in September. Unknown intruder came over the perimeter fence by Long Shore was thwarted by perimeter cameras and a visit from JL security. “Bad Guy” climbed back over the fence and disappeared.  Thanks  to security for their efforts.

  • Irrigation issues being addressed which include need for new irrigation pumps and new mainline for the irrigation system.  Looking at addressing new pumps at Phase I and Phase IV pump stations currently.  

  • Presently 106 active projects are now in the DCB for approval. DCB appointed a non-voting alternate board member, Dick Carton.

  • Reports from the following: Communications Committee – Jack Caldwell, Chair and Landscape Committee – Diane Gustafson, Chair.

  • Update on Water Use Agreements and Reserve Study by Mike Murphy.

  • Update on plans for new realty company to replace Illustrated Properties underway. As per Katherine Wunder  there have been three real estate companies corresponding with JL and wanting to become our realtor of record.

  • Elaine Bliss explained that the Long-Range Planning Committee created action plans (not  a full strategic plan) that were recommended for use by the JLPOA. The previous  committee’s findings and plans helped them create documents that are living, breathing instruments that will need updating yearly to stay viable and valid.

  • Meeting was adjourned at 12:26 pm

The JLPOA Website has been down and may not have been available for meeting dates and information on the POA happenings. The issue has been corrected and we believe all information is now accessible. 

2020 JL POA Board of Directors:

Donna Harran - President
Bill Gould - Vice President
Katherine Wunder - Secretary
Bernie Halligan - Treasurer
Michael Murphy - Director