Shalom Friends!

JLCMW had a short week this week since we didn't meet on Sunday.

As our Passover unit comes to a close, this coming week Shevet Shalom (grades 2/3), Shevet Or (grades 4/5) and Shevet Atid (grade 6) will be watching the movie The Prince of Egypt. Viewing the movie as a "modern midrash" we will compare the Exodus story as it appears in the Torah and in the movie. Looking carefully at the similarities and differences between the two we will see how even a simple embellishment or omission (of the text) can alter the message and meaning behind the story. We will also circle back to some questions the students raised when we began studying Shemot in January.

The movie is rated PG. You can read more about it on common sense media here. We will begin the movie on Sunday and complete it on Wednesday.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend and Shabbat shalom!

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Shevet Shalom with Morah Jenn
What a great Wednesday together! We all loved being able to change our zoom names to our hebrew names and even added the hebrew letters in too. During our afternoon meeting and share we learned how to say "My name is ______" in hebrew to introduce ourselves "________ הַשֵּׁם שֶׁלִּי" (hashem sheli______).
We also continued learning about the 15 steps of passover by creating our flip book. Here is a great picture from the last step of the seder where we conclude the seder by saying "Next year in Jerusalem and next year may we all be free." Liliana's drawing illustrated how we may all look different or come from different cultures, but we must all work together to make the world a better place.
To end class we played a passover trivia game where we reviewed parts of the passover story and the traditions connected to the holiday and our ancestors. We are all looking forward to class together on Sunday, where we will have a chance to watch the movie The Prince of Egypt and have discussion about its connection to the Passover story.
Shevet Or with Morah Ashira
This week was a short but full week in Shevet Or. We continued to work our way through the 15 steps of the Passover Seder by adding our ideas and illustrations to the individual flipbooks. The kids enjoyed discussing what they enjoy and what they dread about the seder. They shared wonderful stories about your family traditions and asked great questions to keep the discussion going. I hope these discussions will help them participate in your family seders. We wrapped up our time together by completing our Passover-inspired Zentangle art. This project let us explore God’s 4 promises to the Israelites in the story of the Exodus.

In the coming week, we will be watching Prince of Egypt and comparing it to what we know of the biblical story of leaving Egypt.