March 2020 Newsletter
APS Publications Respond to the COVID-19 Pandemic
JNP and the American Physiological Society appreciate that many members of our community are facing serious disruptions to life and work. As part of our response, the Journal has implemented increased review times: standard review deadlines are extended to 21 days, while reviews for Rapid Reports are extended to 14 days, Extensions for manuscript revisions will be granted as requested. Editors will also work with authors to address reviewer comments with the understanding the experiments are on hold.
If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact the editor.
Americans for Medical Progress COVID-19 Research Resources
The research advocacy group Americans for Medical Progress has assembled a number of valuable resources to aid researchers in managing their careers through the COVID-19 pandemic.
Volunteer to Review
We are always looking to expand our reviewer pool, and this is especially important now as disruptions make it increasingly difficult to find available reviewers. Volunteering is easy: simply complete our online form and you will be added to the reviewer database.
Top Reviewers in 2019
JNP is grateful to the many excellent reviewers who contribute to the field of neuroscience by aiding authors in improving their papers. While we appreciate every single reviewer, a few individuals should be recognized for their enormous contributions of time and expertise.

The following reviewers completed 7 or more reviews in 2019:
  • Paul Gribble (17 reviews)
  • Stephane Baudry (17 reviews)
  • Wim Van Drongelen (14 reviews)
  • Aaron Cecala (13 reviews)
  • Demetris Soteropoulos (12 reviews)
  • Frédéric Crevecoeur (12 reviews)
  • Jay Edelman (10 reviews)
  • Craig Evinger (9 reviews)
  • Zaghloul Ahmed (9 reviews)
  • Roger Enoka (8 reviews)
  • Vaughan Macefield (8 reviews)
  • Soroush Sadeghi (8 reviews)
  • Isaac Kurtzer (8 reviews)
  • Christian Leukel (7 reviews)
  • Mark Latash (7 reviews)
  • David Herzfeld (7 reviews)
  • Jean-Sebastien Blouin (7 reviews)
NeuroForum for Trainees
The NeuroForum article type allows trainees to contribute commentaries on hot topics in neuroscience. All authors of NeuroForum submissions must be trainees, and the topic must be approved by the editor prior to submission of the article.
Read Recent NeuroForum Articles:

Recent Reviews
JNP continues to publish reviews on important topics in neuroscience, with three reviews published in March 2020.

Check out these recent reviews:

We will publish your review article for free, and even help with the artwork. Please note that the topic of your review must be approved by the editor prior to submission of the article. Uncommissioned reviews will not be processed.
Reminders about Recent Policy Changes
JNP recently implemented some changes to improve and streamline the submission and review process, including:

  • Relaxing formatting requirements on first-round submissions

Highlighted Collection:
50 Years of Modeling Neural Activity: Celebrating Jack Cowan's Career
Jack Cowan played an important role in the development of mathematical modeling of neuronal networks. JNP partnered with the organizers of a conference that occurred in May 2018 to celebrate Jack's 50th anniversary at the University of Chicago. This collection contains 9 articles on computational neuroscience.