May 2019 Newsletter
New Podcast

All authors of accepted JNP articles are invited to participate in a podcast to publicize their paper. We handle all the logistics for the podcast, making it easy for authors to participate.

In our latest podcast, Editor Bill Yates talks with Shen Ning and Mehdi Jorfi about their NeuroForum article "Beyond the Sleep-Amyloid Interactions in Alzheimer’s Disease Pathogenesis."
JNP Supports Frontiers for Young Minds
Frontiers for Young Minds provides a venue for inspiring young scientists to publish articles related to the scientific literature.

Another recent JNP article was used as the basis for a Frontiers for Young Minds posting.
Most Discussed Papers in April 2019

Since we promote all the articles we publish via social media, they become highly discussed. We even let authors customize this promotion by completing our social media request form, which is included with every article acceptance letter .

The following are our most discussed articles in April 2019:
Parallel Distributed Networks Resolved at High Resolution Reveal Close Juxtaposition of Distinct Regions by Rodrigo M. Braga, Koene R. A. Van Dijk, Jonathan R. Polimeni, Mark C. Eldaief, and Randy L. Buckner. Mentioned 32 times in April.

The Effects of Vibration-Induced Altered Stretch Reflex Sensitivity on Maximal Motor Unit Firing Properties by Alejandra Barrera Curiel, Ryan J Colquhoun, Jesus Hernandez-Sarabia, and Jason M DeFreitas. Mentioned 31 times in April.

Somatosensory Interactions Reveal Feature-Dependent Computations by Md. Shoaibur Rahman and Jeffrey M Yau. Mentioned 27 times in April.

Disentangling Expectation from Selective Attention During Perceptual Decision-Making by Alexander J Simon, Jessica N Schachtner, and Courtney L Gallen. Mentioned 13 times in April.

Visual Delay Affects Force Scaling and Weight Perception During Object Lifting in Virtual Reality by Vonne van Polanen, Robert Tibold, Atsuo Nuruki, and Marco Davare. Mentioned 13 times in April.
Recently-Accepted Review Articles

We are publishing more review articles to synthesize the expansive neuroscience literature. We publish reviews without page charges for authors, and can even help draw the artwork! Since all reviews are broadly publicized, they are highly read.
All reviews must be commissioned by the Editor prior to submission.

Read our recently-accepted review articles:

A Review of Mechanical and Synaptic Processes in Otolith Transduction of Sound and Vibration for Clinical VEMP Testing by Ian S. Curthoys, J. Wally Grant, Christopher John Pastras, Daniel John Brown, Ann Michelle Burgess, Alan Martin Brichta, and Rebecca Lim.

Sexual Dimorphism in Vestibular Function and Dysfunction by Paul F. Smith, Yuri Agrawal, and Cynthia L. Darlington.

Oscillations in Cortico-Basal Ganglia Circuits - Implications for Parkinson's disease and Other Neurologic and Psychiatric Conditions by Pär Halje, Ivani Brys, Juan Jose Mariman, Claudio da Cunha, Romulo Fuentes, and Per Petersson.

Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation: From Basic Concepts to Clinical Applications by Julia Dlugaiczyk, Kathrin D Gensberger, and Hans Straka.

Multi-Scale Modeling of Mechanotransduction in the Utricle by Jong-Hoon Nam, J. W. Grant, Michael H. Rowe, and Ellengene H. Peterson.

How Cerebellar Motor Learning Keeps Saccades Accurate by Robijanto Soetedjo, Yoshiko Kojima, and Albert F. Fuchs.

A Decade of Magnetic Vestibular Stimulation (MVS): From Serendipity to Physics to the Clinic by Bryan K Ward, Dale Roberts, Jorge Otero-Millan, and David S. Zee.
APS Launches New Website

The American Physiological Society just launched a totally redesigned website to enable its members to better utilize its services and connect as part of the community of physiologists.
Calls for Papers

Our Calls for Papers generate content for virtual journal issues called Collections . These collections are definitive sources of information about particular topics. In addition, we issue Calls for meetings with which we are affiliated.
Calls Closing on June 30, 2019

Jack Cowan has played an important role in the development of mathematical modeling of neuronal networks. His research and mentorship have contributed to the formulation of the Wilson-Cowan equations, the application of bifurcation theory to neural modeling, and a variety of statistical approaches in mathematical neuroscience.  JNP partnered with the organizers of a conference that occurred on May 11, 2018 to celebrate Jack Cowan's 50th anniversary at the University of Chicago. This call is for manuscripts (including reviews) related to presentations at the meeting as well as to recent developments in research on modeling activity patterns in neuronal networks.

JNP  sponsored the 2018 International Motoneuron Society Meeting, which occurred on June 11–14, 2018 in Boulder, Colorado. As part of this sponsorship, JNP will publish articles (including reviews) associated with presentations at the meeting, as well as papers from International Motoneuron Society members. Appropriate topics range from the molecular biology and biophysical properties of motoneurons and motor units through pharmacological and behavioral strategies for therapeutic intervention, such as after spinal cord injury or stroke and in progressive neurological disorders.

Emilio Bizzi's career at MIT has had an enormous impact on the field of motor control. Recently, Emilio's research focused on investigating modular organization of motor control architecture and compositionality in the coordination of complex actions.  JNP  partnered with the organizers of a workshop that occurred on May 5, 2018 to discuss these topics and to acknowledge Emilio Bizzi's role in exploring these ideas. This call is for manuscripts (including reviews) related to discussion at the workshop as well as recent developments in research on modularity and compositionality in motor control.

Calls Closing on December 31, 2019

Despite decades of research, the functional and evolutionary significance of the auditory and vestibular inner ear efferents are poorly understood. The long held belief that the peripheral auditory and vestibular end organs are simple sensors with no information processing has been challenged in recent years. It is a remarkable feature that the auditory and vestibular systems possess a mechanism for targeted and specialized modulation of afferent sensory information via descending inputs from the brain to the cochlea and vestibular organs. Over the past few years, new discoveries have emerged regarding efferent synaptic mechanisms and their role in sensory afferent development and signaling as well as higher order processing of behaviors. This call is for original research and reviews that advance our current understanding of the function of the inner ear efferents in health and in pathological conditions. The aim is to discuss efferent synaptic mechanisms, effects on sensory afferent development and signaling, effects on behavior and higher order processing, and plasticity with sensory experience and pathology in different animal models and using new research tools (including imaging, stimulation, and recording techniques).

Dynamic neural networks allow organisms to adapt crucial behaviors based on sensory, environmental, and internal factors. This call is for manuscripts (including reviews) that explore aspects of neural networks at any level, from the roles of specific channels and neurotransmitters to the behavioral implications of neural networks. JNP is issuing this call in partnership with the organizers of the workshop “Dynamic Neural Networks: The Stomatogastric Nervous System.” This workshop occurred on November 2, 2018 at the University of San Diego. Note that this call is open to all research on the topic of neural network modulation, not just to workshop attendees. However, we especially encourage speakers and attendees from the workshop to submit.

We are excited to continue our productive relationship with the Society for the Neural Control of Movement!  JNP  is a sponsor of the 2019 Society for the Neural Control of Movement (NCM) Meeting , planned for April 23–27, 2019 in Toyama, Japan. As part of this sponsorship, JNP will publish articles (including reviews) associated with presentations at the NCM meeting, as well as papers from NCM society members.