About UPMC:
UPMC is a $12 billion global health enterprise with more than 60,000 employees headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pa., transforming health care by integrating more than 20 hospitals, 400 doctors’ offices, outpatient sites, a health insurance services division, and international and commercial services. Affiliated with the University of Pittsburgh Schools of the Health Sciences, UPMC is redefining health care by using innovative science, technology, and medicine to invent new models of accountable, cost-efficient, and patient-centered care.

Ready to Find Your Next Home at UPMC Before you Graduate?
Calling all soon-to-be and current seniors – secure your GN role NOW and focus on enjoying your last semester(s)! You’ve worked hard in nursing school, and now it’s time to consider your next steps. UPMC’s Graduate Nurse offerings allow you to find the right home within our Nursing family when ready, including applying for and securing a position up to a year before your graduation date!

How does UPMC Support Our Nurses?
UPMC is committed to investing in nurses like you –financially, personally, and professionally –starting on day one of your career. From tackling student loans to advancing your career later in life, UPMC is the partner you need to succeed and thrive in your nursing career.