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March 3, 2015


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  Mission Statement of Journey of Enlightenment Foundation (JOEF)


"A community oriented, educational and charitable foundation dedicated to exploring, understanding, and sharing spiritual philosophy and wisdom. JOEF's intention is to offer whatever support is deemed necessary to empower those working in the Light to reach their maximum potential and share their gifts with others. This commitment to the community is to provide resources to help facilitate the flowering of these gifts, abilities and insights."

If you are aligned with this and working in your community to empower others working in the Light we would like to know about it. How might we help facilitate the process ? What are your successes and what are the challenges? How do we go about changing the paradigm? Lets talk...

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Thanks for being part of the wave of Lightworkers who are helping to shift the paradigm. I am greatful to be able to share this wisdom with you from my partners in Spirit.


Blessings,  Penny 


Note:  All channeled message are displayed in italics.

Truth and Discernment


We would like to speak a little today about truth and discernment. In your world, which is full of conflicting information and delusions of the ego, how do you sift through the information and determine what is "real" and what is not? We have a few suggestions for your consideration.


First and foremost we would like to suggest that you might get your best answers from within your higher consciousness. You will be able to "feel" when something rings true and when it does not. The energy of truth is relative to the ability of the receiver to process it and weigh it against their own inner Knowing. When things do not feel right, there probably is some element that does not resonate with this frequency. It is up to the receiver to dissect the information and to discover the elements that do not measure up to this internal scale and which do not.


Now all statements are not entirely black and white in their context. As it is said, the devil is in the details. One of the subterfuges used by forces of darkness is to cloak partial truths in the sugar coating of deception. It is wise to consider all aspects of a situation from different angles, breaking down something into its elementary building blocks and weighing each separately before accepting something as true for yourself. What is true for someone, given his or her own level of spiritual evolution, is not necessarily true for another. The true arbitrator of truth of a situation is something that can only be determined in the context of time and intent and a situation at that moment with respect to earthly truths. Earthly truths are relative to the consciousness of the experiencer. What may be "truth" for one may be entirely different for another.


Now I would like to speak a little on Higher Truths. These are universal principles that ring true in all cases for they emanate from the level of the creative force of God. While lower truths may be relative, higher truths are not. If something is a higher truth, it is indeed true for all of creation. This is the final authority of arbitration for it comes from the source, rather than through the distortion of various interpreters of the information.


As you have found, sources such as your Bible contain many "truths" that though they may have originated with the word of God, these have been distorted by the interpretations and manipulations man has placed on them through distortions of their ego. While it may be well meaning, any truth that is revealed through man should be weighed to discern the level of truth and authenticity that is present to see whether it comes from the highest source or whether it is distorted by the intent and bias of the receiver.


The illusions of the third-dimensional world are many and usually have their origin in the ego. When we loose sight of our higher connection to all that is, we fail to connect with the energy of Love that unites all of humanity. It is this divine lifeline that also connects us to the truth of our experience. Your perception of the experience is determined by your perception of what is true and what is not at a given moment. If you "know" that the earth is flat, then you will create experiences that reinforce this perception of your reality in order to conform to the truth you are creating. Your perceptions of truth may be no less unrealistic. If you believe that all are "out to get you" and that the earth is a scary place, it will be because this is the reality you will create, based on your own vision of truth. Conversely if you believe that all are connected with a thread of Loving energy that is the substance of God finding form in the experience of life, that will be your experience as well. You are not only the perceiver but also the creator of the truths in your life.


Accessing higher truth is a matter of setting aside concerns of the ego that involve outcomes and the opinions of others and going directly to the source of creation. While the Hierarchy of spiritual beings certainly have a more refined version of the "truth", they are still subject to distortion given their level of understanding. The highest version of truth will be revealed when you are able to bypass the "middle man" and go directly to the Father of all Creation. This is the true source or higher wisdom. The "buck stops there".


I AM Lord Michael of the Seventh Ray




Creating Sacred Relationship New On-Line Store

Thank you for the "nudges"
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Penny Genter began channeling Mother Mary in 1996 and wrote two books with her. In August of 2014 she told Penny she wanted to bring through another group of messages on creating sacred partnerships and what that looks like in the new paradigm we are creating.


Penny brought through 34 messages on this subject and thought they were to be shared in book form. Instead, Mother Mary said there are many forms of "books". She wanted these to be shared in the form of classes where the experiences of experts in the field, spiritual leaders, celebrities, and ordinary folk would be woven together to give a multidimensional image of how that is showing up in form today.


Penny has created 16 PowerPoint presentations that combine Mother Mary's teachings on various aspects of relationships and sacred partnerships and woven them together with words and images of the well-known and not-so-well-known who have insights as to how that is showing up in lives today. They are entertaining, meaningful, and profound. It may introduce you to voices you may wish to explore further.

These presentations are meant to be viewed on the computer but can be used to share with others in a class or study group. There are imbedded videos of many spiritual teachers, therapists, bloggers, and performers who have insights on each subject. Though they are designed to be studied in sequence, each class is complete in itself and may be studied separately.

In addition to the weekly classes, the Power Points of  previous classes are now available on-line at  


Week 9 March 12, 2015


Juicing the Ride

Invitation to the Dance

The Dance of Beloveds

Messages from Mother Mary Anna with insights from Tony Bennett, Lady Gaga, Tao Porchan-Lynch, Heath Daniels, Al Pachino, Depak Chopra, Frank Sinatra, Gay & Katie Hendricks, Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers, Albert Einstein, Audrey Hepburn, John Travolta, Friedrich Nietzsche , Ranita Paires, Pat LaDouceur, Darlene Lancer, Harriet Lerner, David Deida, Ross Rosenberg, Robert Frost, Patrick Swazye & Lisa Neimi Swazye.







Thursdays, 6:30-8:30 in the Unity of Sedona Sanctuary. $10 includes a digital copy of the PowerPoint presentation. For those interested in joining the class by Skype, please contact