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Last Friday we went LIVE with some fearless dreamers who were ready-to-work during this crazy pandemic! Click here to hear them walk us through how it felt to go to work on a different kind of “front line,” sanitizing common areas for the NYC Housing Authority. The conversation was PURE MAGIC.

(spoiler alert: our newest dreAMBASSADOR, Grace - introduced below - was one of our guests! She had one of our favorite quotes !)

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Christine Thearle
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Deirdre Spiropoulos
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Lauren Genest
Muffy Barber
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Katie Turner
Sarah Personette

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Grace Jentsch

Grace recently moved to NYC to pursue a career in Apparel or Costume Design after graduating with a BA in Apparel Product Development. She was freelancing for us at Choice in various ways before the pandemic hit and is thrilled to put her skills to use in the dreamcatchers web . She has a passion for fashion and love of life. Known for her great enthusiasm and overall positive outlook (something we all need right now), she enjoys creative chaos, finding solutions and making things happen. She strives to make the world a little more colorful. WELCOME GRACE!

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