December  2018

Jambo JOY!

Joyful News 
At this festive time of year,
 we bring you joyful news from Kenya Keys.

Taru Girls are Filled with Joy over New Dorm
We celebrate the opening of our new Kenya Keys dormitory at Taru Girls Secondary School! This beautiful new dorm was made possible by generous donations from Kenya Keys' supporters. Built for 120 girls, this dorm was meant to relieve the overcrowding of the government-built dorm large enough for only 80 girls.  Recently a devastating fire destroyed the old dormitory. The school would have had to close if the new Kenya Keys dorm wasn't just days away from being ready to open. 

Our dorm is now housing all 246 girls at the school and more are coming! We were overjoyed with the rapid outpouring of your love, compassion and generosity to help these girls, and are humbled by the faith that you place in us. Your contributions are in good hands as we now work to rebuild the girls' old dormitory, replace their belongings, and provide for their safety and continued education. Our Usalama program continues to provide for the needs of these girls who lost everything - everything but hope.

College Students are Filled with Joy
to Receive New Laptops

We celebrate your generosity on Giving Tuesday. Our Special Laptops Project brought in enough funds to outfit 12 of our college students with laptop computers.  Thank you so much to everyone who contributed to the Laptop Project. We will be distributing these computers soon. Because many of our students attend the same college, they will share these computers - up to three students each - until we are able to provide one for each student. These computers are truly life-changing gifts as our students strive to succeed amidst many academic challenges.

Taru Village is Filled with Joy
to Have a New Librarian

We celebrate the hiring of a librarian dedicated to overseeing the Kenya Keys Community Library. For nine years Kenya Keys has maintained this small community library to assure that everyone in the village has access to books and newspapers. We are fortunate to have Sharon Susan Mutiso as our new librarian. Sharon graduated from secondary school in 2017, and completed several courses in secretarial school, but has returned to Taru to support her mother and siblings. Sharon hopes someday to attend college to earn her diploma. She loves to learn and knows the power of reading and exploring the world through books. It is heart-warming to know that Sharon will be instilling this same love for books in the children and adults of the community.

Worshipers are Filled with Joy
Celebrating Their Faith

Experience the Joy!
We celebrate the joy of being able to share cultures with our Kenyan friends, learning about our similarities and our differences. During her last visit to Taru, Kenya Keys Director Rinda Hayes spent one Sunday visiting different houses of worship in the area. Read about her experiences in her  blog here.  She was overcome with happiness as she watched the Kenyans experience the joy of their faith with music and exuberance. We share some of that Joy with you in the video above. 

Children are Filled with Joy by Helping Others 

We celebrate the joy that children in America experience when they give of themselves to help others. Three years ago, Macy Safley learned about the children in Africa during a Kenya Keys' presentation at River Grove Elementary School in Oregon. Every year Macy and her mom, Amelia, have come up with creative mini-fundraisers to make money to support children through Kenya Keys' programs. This year they made "Kenya Cook-keys", festively-wrapped pre-made cookie batches that they sold to friends and family. What a wonderful and delicious way to share the joy of this special season, and truly make a difference in the world.

Thank you for sharing in our Joy!
We wish you all a very happy holiday season.
Your friends at Kenya Keys

A Song for You from our Kenya Staff

Merry Christmas from Kenya Keys

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