Perhaps the best reason for having calendars and for marking life in year is that the cycle itself offers hope. We need fresh starts and new chances, the conviction that beginnings remain available, no matter how many we've blown. And the yearly clock can start anywhere along the line.
~ Loudon Wainwright

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Postcard from Barbara
Thinking Like a Boss
Is Winning Ways a Talisman?
Joyfully Jobless Coming to Sacramento
Postcard from Barbara
Dragons in Vegas
After years of heading back to school when autumn was on the horizon, I still think of September as the New Year. It's also the anniversary of my Joyfully Jobless Journey which was born when my daughter headed off to kinder-garten. 

Best of all, it's a time for optimism and new projects. Ready to launch?

Thinking Like a Boss
Trying to build a business without entrepreneurial thinking is like trying to build a house with a toothbrush. An employee mindset is not a useful tool for such an important project.

Fortunately, learning to think like a successful self-bosser is something we can teach ourselves. Here are some proven ways of expanding entrepreneurial consciousness.

Make persistence your personal trademark. We've all heard the stories of multiple experiments conducted by Thomas Edison before he figured out how to make a light bulb. Edison's not the only one, of course, to succeed by not giving up.

Find someone you admire who succeeded due to persistence and let their story inspire you.

By the way, psychologists and others who have studied the lives of successful people rate persistence as more important than intelligence.

Embrace repetition. Like persistence, constant practice is a trademark of the successful.

It's also something adults resist, but it's as important in business as it is in sports or music.

If you need to be reminded that excellence requires repeated effort, consider this: when GQ magazine celebrated a milestone, they put Tom Cruise and Harrison Ford, two of the most photogenic creatures on Earth, on the cover.

The photographer who took the cover shot used sixty-three rolls of film to get the perfect picture.

Reframe the way you think about a current job, if you have one. Stop thinking that your job is a permanent condition. Instead think of it as your first profit center in your growing portfolio. It's the one that allows you to generate cash flow while you create your next one.

If you start treating your job as a profit center, chances are greater that you'll be saying good-bye to it sooner since you'll be replacing it with something more satisfying.

Have a phantom mentor. If you could pick anyone, living or dead, to advise you, who would it be? Choose someone you admire greatly and have imaginary conversations with them. It's not as weird as it sounds.

Or start asking yourself, "What would an entrepreneur do?" and see what answers spring to mind.

Find the hidden gift in goal setting. A few years ago, I was considering buying both a desktop and a laptop computer, but was unsure about which to get first.

On a flight to Amsterdam, my seat mate was a pleasant man who told me he worked for a company that made hinges for laptops. I had no idea that this was a thriving industry and bombarded him with questions.

When I told him I was planning to get a MacBook, he said, "They're coming out with something spectacular. If you can wait until August, do. I can't tell you any more about it since what I know is confidential."

Later I realized there's a gift given to goal setters and it's this: when you are clear about your goals, life suddenly is filled with recognizable coincidences. Pay attention.

Let love lead. A friend and I went to a sold out concert of Clannad, the Irish band, at London's Royal Albert Hall. As we were leaving, I said, "Imagine saying, 'Let's start singing Celtic folk songs. I'm sure that will be a hit.'"

Of course, Clannad did nothing of the sort. They simply determined that they would spend their lives sharing the music that they loved, knowing that they wouldn't be alone.

How many others shared that love was something that they couldn't know ahead of time. There's not always a way to do market research when love is your motive.

Trusting your instincts, however, can lead you to your perfect place. Like Royal Albert Hall.

Is Winning Ways a Talisman?
According to the dictionary, a talisman is an object which is believed to contain certain magical properties which would provide good luck for the possessor or possibly offer protection from evil or harm. Whether or not you believe a talisman has magical powers, it seems to me that its greatest contribution is reminding us that we are worthy or loved or protected. 

Winning Ways in Scotland
Although Winning Ways newsletter is larger than most talismans, it still possesses some of the same qualities. Over the years I've heard from many subscribers who say, "Your newsletter always arrives just when I need it."  
When I first started getting those messages, I wondered if I possessed some psychic powers that moved me to get Winning Ways to its' destination at the perfect moment.
Then I came to my senses and realized that every day is worthy of encouragement. 

Now I like to imagine that when you open your mailbox and see it waiting for you, it's a reminder that you mean business. That your success matters.  
Another question I get asked is, "Is your newsletter available electronically?" The answer is always the same: no and it never will be.
Weirdly old-fashioned?  Not at all. I love technology as much as the next person. I also know that technology serves a different purpose, has a different impact.
On the other hand, I have 3-ring binders filled with every issue of Winning Ways and I consult them regularly. 
It's easy it is to forget the power of tactile encounters. But there is a power in the books, letters and publications that we touch that simply doesn't exist when we're merely harvesting words.
I'm also reminded that it takes a bit of courage to even subscribe to this newsletter since it's going to disempower some cherished excuses. 

If you'd like to be one of the brave ones who welcomes me into your home, sign up now and I'll send you a bonus of the 30th anniversary issue (as long as supply lasts).

Joyfully Jobless in Sacramento
Although I had to take a break from teaching this year, I'm delighted to be moving back into the classroom once again. I know that special kinds of learning and insights happen best in a room filled with other explorers.

I'll be at the Learning Exchange in Sacramento on September 9 & 10 for my favorite get-going trio of seminars. If you're ready to Establish Yourself as an Expert, Make a Living Without a Job or Support Your Wanderlust, these information-packed seminars will give you the tool kit you need to get started. 

Buon Viaggio,
Barbara Winter 

P.S. On occasion, I may receive a commission or compensation when you participate or purchase a product or service I recommend. That being said, I strive to always offer useful content and resources in each issue of Joyfully Jobless News. 

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