St. John Paul II Catholic School 
105 St. Paul Street
Sellersburg, IN 47172

October 18, 2023
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  • See Middle School Sign up link for Holiday Party Drinks/Snacks
  • See info regarding Red Ribbon Week (next week)
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19: Living Rosary
26-27: Used Uniform Sale 2pm-6pm Gym Parking Lot (cash/check only)
31: Halloween Parade and Parties (See Below to Register to Attend)

1: All Saints Mass 8:30am/ 3rd Grade Grandparents Day
1: 8th Grade Reconciliation
2: JPII Science Fair
3: KNIGHTS Friday: Spirit Wear/ 1 hour Early Dismissal/No Bus
5: Providence (PHS) Open House
5-11: Vocations Week
8: Veteran's Mass (See Info Below to Invite Veterans!)
8: 7th Grade Reconciliation
9: Deanery Science Fair (PHS)
15: 6th Grade Reconciliation
17-19: Middle School Musical "The Wizard of Oz"
22-24:Thanksgiving Break (No School)
29: 5th Grade Reconciliation
29: K-2 Christmas Program at 7:00 in the gym (Doors Open at 6:30)
30: 3-5 Christmas Program at 7:00 in the gym (Doors Open at 6:30)

Building God's Kingdom by growing disciples and making disciples through 
love of God and neighbor.

Building God's Kingdom by growing disciples through fostering spiritual development, academic excellence, service, and responsibility, in a safe welcoming learning environment. 

It has been a tradition for over 30 years for the JPII students to participate in a Living Rosary. Our grade 6 students will be leading the Living Rosary on Thursday, October 19 at 1:45 in the school gym.
Information for guests wanting to attend: 
-guests will enter Door A3 beginning at 1:30pm
Social Media Exsposure and Real World Events
The recent events in Israel have led to a lot of information being shared online. In the age of clickbait and viral videos, it's nearly impossible to shield our students’ eyes from the wave of information and violent content, especially on social media. We're all directly influenced by the content we see online, whether it's from accounts we follow or posts shared by peers. This can be a lot to process, especially when the content surrounds horrific real-world events.
At JPII we are committed to helping students with their well-being and what they experience online. With this in mind, we wanted to share these resources from The Social Institute with parents to help you support your students through this difficult time:
  • Recognizing the impact of violent media and limiting exposure: We recognize the ethical challenge of staying educated and informed while protecting your mental health. We advise students and adults to consider limiting their social media usage in the coming days, updating settings on devices to limit exposure to content that hurts their mental health, and seeking out credible news from verified sources that provide trigger warnings for graphic content.  
  • Talking with students during crises: We highly recommend this guide, published by the American Psychological Association. It offers valuable insights into handling such situations with care and understanding.

We hope you find these resources helpful.
First Quarter Report Card Link
Over fall break you should have received a link to download and view your child’s report card.  We will no longer be printing report cards each quarter to send home; instead, we will be sending this link for you to view and/or download.  

If you did not receive an email with the link, please email Katie Sellmer, [email protected]

The JPII annual parade of costumes will be Tuesday, October 31, starting at 1:00 p.m. in the gym. This is a fun and traditional JPII event. We welcome parents, grandparents and friends!
·  It is a non-uniform day for grades 1-8.
·  Kindergarten students wear their costumes all day.
·  Grades 1-6 will change into their costumes for the parade.
·  Students need to be able to complete this change on their own.
·  Grade 1-6 will be judged on Funniest, Most Effort and Best Group.
·  Kindergarten students will join the parade, but will not be judged.
·  Guests enter the gym for the parade and will be seated on the bleachers. Guests are not to go throughout the buidling to the classrooms, restrooms, etc. to help students with their costumes. 
·  For ease, students may wear any “regular clothes” that are part of their costume to school. For example, if a student is going to dress as a firefighter, they can wear black pants and a black shirt to school, and put on the firefighters gear for the parade.
·  7th Grade’s Edible Haunted Houses and 8th Grade’s Literary Pumpkins will be on display in the gym, and the top three of each will be announced during the costume parade.
·   NEW THIS YEAR: All guests for the Parade need to pre-register for the event. Please fill out the google form for each guest attending. You can enter information for up to 4 people on a form. All pre-registered guests will receive a text message and an email with their Halloween Parade School Pass ID (This pass is event specific. It is a different pass than the one that is used to sign in your student or to sign in as a visitor at any other event such as the Living Rosary. ). The event pass is orange in color. It can be saved in your phone wallet by clicking “Add” in the top right corner of the pass. 
· Please enter Door A3 with your School Pass ID from 12:35-1:00.
·  Students and those signed up as Room Parents will go to the classrooms after the parade. Just a reminder that all room parents must have completed Safe Parish.
·  We ask that guests exit after the parade so the party for the middle school students can begin in the gym.
·  Please monitor costumes very carefully for good taste and appropriateness. No revealing or frightening costumes are allowed. No weapons or weapon replicas allowed.
We hope that you are able to join us for this fun-filled event!

To become part of the JPII Family!!

Please see below, for opportunities to join our staff! If you are interested in being a substitute teacher or substitute teacher's assistant, please send your resume to Principal Karen Haas!
Be Ready for School Closing and Delay Announcements
JPII School Closing and Delays are announced on WDRB. Please look for St. John Paul II, Sellersburg on the WDRB news channel or website.
WDRB will send you a text message announcing the closing if you sign up for this free service at  
Please note: Link has been fixed and should take you to WDRB to sign up!

1B/W hosts Student Mass
Mrs. Clark's 2nd grade has been BUSY! They are working on a science unit about water on Earth. Students worked in groups to make a model of the Earth's surface with a mountain, colored the top of the mountain blue, then sprayed water on the top of the mountain to mimic rain. Students were able to watch how water flows from the tops of mountains downward towards the flat part of Earth's surface! 
They have also been creating beautiful fall artwork! Check out these beautiful fall leaves! 
To prepare for the Feast of St. John Paul II on Sunday, students watched a video about his life, then made some artwork to honor him. They also drew rosaries to learn about the prayers on each bead before the Living Rosary on Thursday! 
Stars of the Week
Mia and Bella!
The fourth graders were visited by teachers from Providence High School. They demonstrated how to create luminaries celebrating the Day of the Dead, which honors those who have died. In the Catholic church, we call this day All Souls DayAll Souls Day follows another special day in our Church, All Saints Day.
This month's Knight characteristic is Nobility. Showing nobility and being noble mean that you have high moral principles. These principles guide you in life to make sure you are doing the right thing and making positive choices. This could mean making decisions at school, on your athletic teams, or anywhere you are faced with hard choices. Nobility comes from within and realizing that the choices you make not only impact and affect you, but others around you. 
Carly Tschaenn (7)
Carly is someone who shows kindness, nobility, and all of the Knight traits on a daily basis. She is a shining light with her sweet smile, and positive attitude. She is always willing to help out and takes pride in her school. We appreciate you Carly! 
Lilly Graf (8)
Lilly has always been a front runner for this award. Since her first day in middle school she has worked hard, been a good friend, and a helper to her teachers. Lilly has done a great job helping make posters for the upcoming middle school play. She participates, stays positive, and is always polite.
Claire Velten (7)
Claire was chosen as a Top Knight this month because she has many endearing qualities. She is polite, always willing to help out, and is working hard at creating an Etsy business. Claire expresses her imagination through her art and creative skills. Congratulations Claire! 
Friends of JPII Theater,  

The 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students at St. John Paul II Catholic School would like to ask for your support by sponsoring their fall musical, The Wizard of Oz - Youth Edition.  This is the 7th annual fall musical that JPII has brought to the community. The performances will be on Friday, November 17th, Saturday, November 18th, and Sunday, November 19th in the activity center gym. There are three different levels of sponsorship available. We are not asking you to solicit sponsors, but are inviting you personally, or a business you own or work at to become a sponsor. Your generosity will enable the theater department to pay for the royalties, sets, props, and tech equipment. 

Sponsorship Levels:  
Silver Level ($200.00)  
• Preferred recognition in the program and at the show  
• Signed program by cast members 

Navy Level ($100.00)  
• Recognition in the program and at the show  

Maroon Level ($50.00)  
• Recognition in the program  

If you wish to contribute, please fill out the bottom portion of this form and send it along with a check made payable to “JPII” by Friday, October 27, 2023. If you want your name, or business logo advertised, please email Mrs. Lasher at [email protected] by Friday, October 27, 2023.

Click the link for fillable form ---> Sponsorship Letter

Musical Poster designed by:
Elly Rodewig
Middle School Parents,
Please visit the SignUpGenius  link, to choose an available slot! All snacks, drinks, and treats donated, will be used for middle school activities and combined middle school holiday parties.

Greetings from the cafeteria! We have an exciting announcement - beginning next week on Monday, October 2, students will have another option for a daily entre! In addition to having the option of the main menu item or a chicken sandwich, students will now be able to order an Uncrustable peanut butter and grape jelly sandwich as one of the daily choices. We hope students enjoy this new option!

-Please note, each lunch account is a debit account, not a credit account. Any accounts in arrears of $20 or more will need to bring a sack lunch. Please refer to the JPII Student Handbook in regards to this policy.

-"If a negative balance occurs the parent/guardian will be asked to send a sack lunch for their
child." Page 38 Appendix B

-To add money to your child's lunch account, please send a check to the school office. Please note, only one check per family is needed. Lunch accounts are shared amongst siblings. Be sure to write the name(s) of your student(s) in the memo line of the check.

-Each lunch account is required to maintain a $20 balance. Student lunches are $3.25/day or $16.25/week, per student- not including any extra entrees or milk.

Please register your student on the EZSchoolPay App to monitor your student's balance! Negative balance slips will not be sent home weekly.

Lunch Menu:

Bulletin Board of the Week!
Mrs. Kist