St. John Paul II Catholic School 
105 St. Paul Street
Sellersburg, IN 47172

September 13, 2023
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12:14: 7th & 8th Grade Trip to Nashville, TN
14: Last Day to Sign Up for Parent/Teacher Conferences (See Links Below)
15: K-8 JPII School Walk-A-Thon (Families Invited to Walk With Us)
26: School Picture Retakes

3-5 Parent/Teacher Conferences
5- Coffee with Counselor and Knights Friday (Spirit Wear/1 Hr Early Dismissal)
6-13- Fall Break (NO SCHOOL)
19- Living Rosary
31- Halloween Parade and Parties

Building God's Kingdom by growing disciples and making disciples through 
love of God and neighbor.

Building God's Kingdom by growing disciples through fostering spiritual development, academic excellence, service, and responsibility, in a safe welcoming learning environment. 
Introducing EZSchoolPay!!

JPII has activated the 'View Only' mode of the EZSchoolPay App, with the goal of implementing an online payment option in the very near future! With this feature, you will be able to view transactions and balances on your student's lunch account!

eLearning Dates
Dear JPII School Family,

We are off to a great start and are enjoying the blessing of the additional space that the renovation project has allowed!

We want to make you aware of a professional development opportunity that we are providing our faculty and staff. Our faculty and staff team will be participating in an important crisis response training on Friday, September 22. JPII Catholic School has received partial funding through the Indiana School Safety Grant to host presenters from the I Love U Guys foundation. This training, among other things, furthers our knowledge of the Standard Response Protocol that was sent to parents last school year.

To be able to provide this training to all faculty and staff members, JPII will operate an eLearning Day on Friday, September 22. Assignments will be posted in Google Classroom at 9:00 a.m. Teachers will have opportunities throughout the day to respond to any questions your child has about their assignments via email. Your child’s teacher will provide more information about the specifics for their class.

Please also mark your calendars for Monday, April 8th. This day will also be an eLearning Day. As you may know, there will be a total solar eclipse that day. The umbra will cover a wide swath of Indiana with a focus on Indianapolis. Many will be traveling to experience this rare event. The partial eclipse that will be experienced in Sellersburg is during what would be the school dismissal time. We are joining Providence in providing an eLearning Day so that families can travel or share this experience at home.

Thanks for the support you provide our faculty and staff members!

Karen Haas
Parent/Teacher Conferences are Tuesday-Thursday October 3,4, and 5. Parents were sent a link to sign up for conferences via School Messenger on September 7. Sign-ups are online only. Sign-ups close Thursday, September 14th at 3:00 p.m. Please follow the appropriate link below to sign up if you have not done so.
Middle School conferences are not mandatory. You are encouraged to sign up to meet with a teacher that you feel you need to meet with. Since your child has multiple teachers, you can choose to meet and discuss only certain subjects. For example, if you wish to only discuss your child's progress in Social Studies, you would only need to sign up for a slot time with Mrs. Lasherl. As a reminder, here are the subjects each teacher teaches: 
Mrs. Amanda Sumpter--Religion
Mrs. Courtney Cooper--English Language Arts Grades 7 & 8
Mr. Ben Chisman--Math 
Mrs. Shelby Arthur--Science
Mr. Dixon Romney -- Spanish
Mrs. Nikki Lasher - Social Studies and Geography
Heather Gilland -- English Language Arts Grades 6 & 7

-Cell phones must be in the off position before entering the school building in the morning. They are to remain in student backpacks, and not be on the person at any time. 

-Smart watches or other devices that can be used for texting, calling, or emailing are not allowed at school.

-Cell phones, smart watches, Chromebooks, or other devices are not to be used by students to contact parents or others. If the need arises to contact parents, this will be done through the school office.
Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences

First Quarter Conferences are October 3, 4, and 5. Conferences are fifteen minute sessions to discuss the progress of each child and answer any questions parents/guardians may have. All students are required to attend their conference with their parent/guardian. 

We will be sending the link to sign up for conferences via School Messenger email on Thursday, September 7. Please make sure to pick a different conference time for each of your children. There will be 2 links sent: One link is for K-5 and the other is for Middle School. For Middle School, you do not need to sign up to visit every teacher for every subject; you only need to sign up for the teacher/subject you would like to conference about.  

Sign Ups will close on September 14th. We are looking forward to seeing everyone at conferences!
To become part of the JPII Family!!

Please see below, for opportunities to join our staff! If you are interested in being a substitute teacher or substitute teacher's assistant, please send your resume to Principal Karen Haas!
Be Ready for School Closing and Delay Announcements
JPII School Closing and Delays are announced on WDRB. Please look for St. John Paul II, Sellersburg on the WDRB news channel or website.
WDRB will send you a text message announcing the closing if you sign up for this free service at  
Please note: Link has been fixed and should take you to WDRB to sign up!

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Mrs. Bean’s Smarties have been studying animals during Science lessons. They learned about snails, the praying mantis, and gophers. After learning the animal's needs, they acted out the movements they made.
First Grade
1 BW was delighted to show off their Doubles Fact knowledge!
Mrs. Bruggeman’s first graders celebrated Labor Day by playing Labor Day Bingo! They learned about important jobs in our country while getting their lucky Bingo boards ready! They also learned whether or not the jobs provided services or goods. We are thankful for all of the hard workers in our country!
Mrs. Bruggeman’s 1st graders had fun learning about the teen numbers. They used math counters to help them understand what teen numbers are made of. Learning is fun in grade one!
Math groups working on a place value activity!
Enjoying a reward for turning in their reading logs for the month of August!
JPII celebrated our 8th grade volleyball players at the weekend’s last home volleyball game!   
Just Before Prayer and Departure on the 7th/8th Grade Trip
7th and 8th graders worked hard to make biscuits and gravy! It was a much deserved treat for helping this week!
This just in from Nashville, TN! JPII at Studio B, in the recording studio around the piano, used by many artists including Elvis Presley!
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$ 585.96
Total Donations

Please note, each lunch account is a debit account, not a credit account. Any accounts in arrears of $20 or more will need to bring a sack lunch. Please refer to the JPII Student Handbook in regards to this policy.

"If a negative balance occurs the parent/guardian will be asked to send a sack lunch for their
child." Page 38 Appendix B

-To add money to your child's lunch account, please send a check to the school office. Please note, only one check per family is needed. Lunch accounts are shared amongst siblings. Be sure to write the name(s) of your student(s) in the memo line of the check.

-Each lunch account is required to maintain a $20 balance. Student lunches are $3.25/day or $16.25/week, per student- not including any extra entrees or milk.

Please register your student on the EZSchoolPay App for balance information!

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