Jewish Pro-Life Foundation Newsletter 23 May 2022 - 22 Iyar 5782
JPLF Educates About Pro-Life at the NCJW
Jewish Abortion Rights Rally in DC
✡︎ Shalom and Good Day Friends ✡︎

Our presence at the NCJW's Jewish Rally for Abortion Justice brought sanity, faith, and healing to a nightmare of wickedness and ignorance on display in our nation's capital last week. Without a doubt, HaShem's help and guidance made our efforts possible. Just getting our group of eleven from various locations to Washington DC was a miracle in itself! Thank you to everyone who encouraged us, prayed for us, and helped pay our way. I hope you will appreciate the many miracles that happened there and afterwards as you read our newsletter.

Pictures of the rally and of our posters are available at

FYI, our Monthly Mishpacha will be on Sunday June 5th because of Shavuos on the first Sunday. For those subscribers who can't access Facebook videos, we will show the rabbi interview linked below during our meeting on the 5th. Please scroll down to register. Hope to see you there!

May there be abundant peace from Heaven, and good life upon us and upon all Israel. Amen. 
Our reflections on the day.
Don't Shed Innocent Blood in this Place
Rabbi Chananya Weissman invited us onto his show to report about the rally and our experience educating there.

R&B Medical War Crimes #40 - Cecily Routman, Jewish Pro-Life Foundation

Lindy-Ann of Beautiful Witness Ministries stopped by to comment on the wickedness and met our rabbis, who enjoyed the interview with this Christian woman. Definitely a Divinely inspired meeting!

I came across a rally and then some rabbis who are disgusted and holding the line of truth!
View this interview on Facebook at
Another interview with our volunteer, Devalin McDermond, who provided indispensable tech and moral support during our trip. The interviewer explores Devalin's recent conversion from pro-choice to pro-life in this short but powerful testimonial!
From "ProChoice" to ProLife
Three stories about the event appeared in Jewish media. We were featured in two of them, another miracle in this woke, shadow banning culture! We truly appreciate The Forward and the Washington Post for mentioning us! The Jerusalem Post really exaggerated the number of NJCW rally attendees, and left us out of their story, Perhaps next time they will recognize us. We've submitted an op-ed to their editor and expect another miracle!!

‘Whose religious freedom?’: Scenes from a Jewish rally for abortion rights

Hundreds of Jews rally at the U.S. Capitol for abortion rights

More than 1,000 Jews rally outside the US Capitol in support of abortion rights
And this from The Forward about our Amicus brief and a picture from the Rally on Tuesday of me sharing our healing program with a very troubled member of the crowd. Another Divine intervention when the Forward photographer captured this image!

On the Supreme Court docket, a Jewish pro-life group gets a Christian megaphone
Rabbi Menken's opinion piece appeared in Newsweek Thank you, Rabbi Menken!

Jewish Progressives Are Dead Wrong About 'Abortion Justice' | Opinion
You can watch the madness of the rally on YouTube.

And learn about the NJCW/NAF abortion fund
National Council of Jewish Women creates outlet for Jews to donate to abortion funds

'ProLife Is The Civil Rights Movement For The PreBorn.'
Monthly Mishpacha
Our Jume Monthly Mishpacha will be June 5th at 11 am ET. We will show a short video and then enjoy private conversation and connection.

At last month's meeting, I announced that I would set up a private video/chat room so that members can share ideas in between meetings by posting messages for other members or by video chatting together, The room is now enabled on Discord. To participate, download the Discord app onto your mobile or desktop device at

To maintain safety and privacy, our Discord channel is private and unable to find unless you have an invite link.
We will share the invite link at the meeting on May 1st. If you want to join us on Discord but can't get to the meeting, please email me and I will give you the invite link and help you access the room.

I've set up the registration for our Monthly Mishpacha so that you can register once and that registration will work on subsequent Sundays. Also, to maintain safety and confidentiality, I will receive an email confirmation of each registration so I know who to expect. If you want to invite someone, please send them the registration link below. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Please register in advance at:

We're very much looking forward to seeing you in June!
Worship Corner
Rabbi Menashe Bovit is the rabbi at Bellerose Jewish Center in Queens NY, an online/brick and mortar synagogue composed of spiritual seekers who worship in an Ashkenazi 'Conservadox' style. Rabbi Bovit teaches with humor combined with love of Chassidism and Torah. He conducts online Shabbat services and Torah classes.
You can view his Shabbat sermons at
Contact Rabbi Bovit at
Rabbi Shlomo Nachman is the rabbi of Beit Emunah, a Sephardic online community of spiritual seeking Jews and Noahides. He offers a wide range of Shabbat and holiday services, and Torah studies. Rabbi Nachman is known for his patience, sensitivity, scholarship, and dedication to traditional Jewish teachings. Rabbi Nachman is available to speak at your event!
You can access Rabbi Nachman's online services and classes at
Contact Rabbi Nachman at
Gevalt! She IS Alive Before She's Born!
"We must always take sides.
Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim.
Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented."
Eli Wiesel

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