July 2019
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AllRise19 Conference
Our National Drug Court Resource Center team will head to the National Association of Drug Court Professionals’ RISE19 conference in two weeks, the world’s largest conference on addiction, mental health, and justice reform. Our team will moderate or present at four different sessions this year. Read below for the session times and abstracts. If you can’t make it, we will live tweet from each session with the hashtag #RISE19Live , make sure to follow along! 

Rural Treatment Courts: The Challenge of Meeting National Standards 
Sunday, July 14, 9:15 to 12:15 PM
In this skill-building session, several rural drug court representatives will describe their approach to meeting the challenges and overcoming the barriers of specific Best Practice Standards that have proven the most difficult for rural drug courts.
The 2019 Drug Court Review: A Discussion with the Authors
Sunday, July 14, 5:45 to 7:00 PM
In this session, select authors in a special issue of the Drug Court Review on innovative practices and strategies in treatment courts will discuss their articles.

Color in the Court: Exploring Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Treatment Courts  
Monday, July 15, 4:00 to 5:15 PM
This session will provide an overview of the research literature on Racial and Ethnic Disparities (RED) in treatment courts, a discussion on how to use the recently created RED Program Assessment Tool, and a summary of a few case studies about treatment courts’ experiences using the assessment tool. 

NIJ’s Multisite Evaluation of Veterans Treatment Courts: Sanctions and Incentives Research
Tuesday, July 16, 3:00 to 4:15 PM
The majority of veterans treatment courts (VTCs) across the US report using a system of sanctions and incentives in their programs. However, these systems remain largely unexamined. In this session, NIJ’s Multisite Evaluation of VTCs provides an opportunity to empirically examine these systems.
Veterans Treatment Court Webinar
As part of the Veterans Treatment Court Enhancement Initiative, JPO conducted a recent webinar on Veterans Treatment Courts: Exploring Operations and Issues to Inform the Future , examining the various aspects of VTCs. The expert panel discussed the VTC concept and its relationship to drug courts and mental health courts and delved into the variation in the implementation of VTC programs across the United States, addressing target populations, stakeholders, services available, program requirements, and military culture. Implications of these programmatic variations were explored along with lessons learned and recommendations for the future of VTC policy, practice, and research. 

Issue Briefs from the National Drug Court Resource Center
As part of the National Drug Court Resource Center, JPO produces issue briefs to further inform the treatment court field about topics of importance. The most recent issue brief is on Accessing Substance Use Disorder and Related Treatment Services Training for Law Enforcement , assessing how law enforcement officers are uniquely positioned to offer key interventions to those with substance use disorders. 

Public Sphere Journal Call for Submissions
The Public Sphere Journal at the London School of Economics and Political Science is seeking submissions related to the theme of inequality for their 2019/20 issue. The upcoming issue will focus on a variety of topics linked by the concept of policy-making towards a more equitable future. Submission guidelines can be found here and are open and ongoing until Monday, September 23, 2019.

The Public Sphere is a journal of international policy studies which offers contributors and readers an active space to rethink, critically analyze and address emerging topics in contemporary policy. The Public Sphere welcomes submissions that contribute to vibrant debate from advanced students in relevant degree programs, academics and practitioners.
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