September 2018 -- Issue #12
A Word from the CEO

With growth strong and inflation relatively low, the Federal Reserve is gradually raising interest rates. Rising interest rates directly affect bond investors. To learn more about the relationship between interest rates and bonds and become a smarter bond investor read our article, "Investing in Bonds."

We also take a look at spending strategies in retirement. By the time we enter retirement, we are familiar with the principles of saving and investing. Making the transition to retirement requires that we understand how to spend our savings so it lasts the rest of our lives. The article on "Spending Strategies in Retirement" offers two approaches to consider.

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Moadim L'Simha ,
Investment Fundamentals: Bonds
It seems paradoxical, but the value of bonds decreases when interest rates rise. This article untangles this seeming contradiction.
Spending Strategies
in Retirement
Income in retirement differs greatly from the income you earn when you are working. Learn about two spending strategies designed to provide lifetime income.
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