November 2020 — Issue #38
A Word from the CEO

Election Day has passed, but the pandemic continues to rage. For the synagogues, schools and organizations of the Conservative Movement, maintaining community has required ingenuity, perseverance and bravery. All of us at the JRB salute your efforts.

At the same time, the tax man cometh. To prepare you for tax season, the JRB presents "6 End-of-Year Tax Tips." These tips include new provisions enacted under the CARES Act to combat the economic effects of the pandemic. As we've stressed in the past, increasing contributions to your JRB retirement account remains one of your most effective strategies to reduce the taxes you pay.

How much can you contribute to your JRB retirement account in 2020 and 2021? See our article comparing 2020 and 2021 IRS contribution limits.

Over the last month, as people began receiving their 3rd quarter statements, we've received several calls asking "Who is Alerus?" The short answer is that Alerus Retirement and Benefits is the Recordkeeper for the JRB Retirement Plan. Alerus produces your quarterly statements and hosts the website where you can manage your investment portfolio. For more information on the company, see the article below.

Finally, in the wake of the election, we've seen significant market volatility. To put this in perspective, Cammack Retirement, the JRB's investment consultant, prepared a chart that discusses this issue. Cammack concludes that market volatility around Presidential elections has little long-term impact on investment performance. See below for a link to the entire article.

Please know that you can always reach out to the JRB to discuss any aspect of your financial and retirement plan. We are just an email or phone call 888-JRB-FREE (572-3733) away.

Have a Safe Thanksgiving,
6 Ways to Reduce Your 2020 Taxes
Changes to the tax code enacted to reduce the economic effects of the pandemic offer new opportunities to reduce your taxes. But don't neglect the old tax deductions and tax credits.
Who Is Alerus?
Alerus Retirement and Benefits serves as the JRB's Recordkeeper. Among other services, Alerus processes your quarterly statements and hosts the website you use to access your account information.
IRS Announces 2021
Retirement Contribution Limits
Retirement plan contribution limits change little in 2021, but still offer an effective way to reduce your taxes.
How U.S. Stocks Fared in
Past Presidential Elections
Market volatility frequently follows presidential elections, but these market fluctuations have not greatly affected long-term investment returns.
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