JRC-Designed Educational Software Helps Students 
Make Up Lost Time

The Judge Rotenberg Center's own software development group has designed self-instructional software suited for all functioning levels in a variety of subject areas. This software enables students to progress through the subject matter at their own pace and provides immediate feedback to individual students as to whether their answers are correct. By using this software, students who have fallen behind in their academic skills (perhaps because of having to spend time in a psychiatric facility, at home instead of at school, or elsewhere) are often able to increase several academic functioning levels in a school year. Some of these programs are highlighted below.

Math Facts
Math Facts is a program that teaches basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. The program can isolate problems the student gets incorrect and have the student work on only those problems until they are fluent.
Just the Facts
Just the Facts is a content driven program that teaches students in all subject areas and spans a wide range of grade levels. Content can be entered on any subject to include pictures and videos along with audio aids such as spoken words and sentences. The user will see a sentence, an image, or hear an audio prompt. They are then required to answer whatever question was asked, by typing the answer on the computer.
Alphabet Skills

This program teaches letter recognition and matching skills in small sequential steps. Images of the letter are paired with an audio file of the letter name. 

Basic Skills

The Basic Skills program teaches students to match shapes, letters, and numbers with various levels of visual prompts.

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