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June 22 - July 6, 2020
JSB Staff Pick of the Week
With more time at home, we've asked our staff to pick some of their favorite Japanese movies and books. Here's the staff pick of the week:

27-year-old Noriko is unmarried but content, preferring a life of staying at home and caring for her widowed father. However, her father decides to take matchmaking matters into his own hands, hoping to protect Noriko from remaining single forever because of her selflessness.

1949 film directed by Yasujirō Ozu. It is the first of Ozu's famous "Noriko" trilogy of films, each depicting a different female protagonist named Noriko.
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Japanese of the week:
(きっさてん): " kissaten "

Though coffee originally came into Japan in the early Edo Period, served to Dutch traders in Nagasaki, the Japanese did not initially like the taste. However, on April 13th, 1888, the first  kissaten , a traditional Japanese coffee shop, opened in Japan. Growing in popularity during the start of the Shōwa Era,  kissaten  helped spread coffee drinking throughout the country. Characterized by their traditional atmosphere and their drip-style coffee,  kissaten  shops offer customers food options in addition to drinks, from sweets to "morning service" breakfast options.

Want to learn more about coffee in Japan? Join us for A Demonstration by Ogawa Coffee on June 25th at 5PM and discover how to make the perfect cup of coffee at home!
Facts about Hokkaido
Honoring the 30th Anniversary of the
Massachusetts - Hokkaido sister state relationship

Did you know…
Hokkaido is a kind of dog breed that originated from the prefecture of the same name. They are also known as Ainu-ken, Seta, and Ainu dogs. Hokkaido dogs are believed to be the most primitive of all Japanese dog breeds, and Japan actually recognized them as a living natural monument in 1937, protecting them by law. Originally bred as hunting dogs, they are fearless, intelligent, and easy to train. They have been used to help with search and rescue missions but are mostly kept as family pets. Their playful, devoted, affectionate nature makes them a great addition to the family. 
Enjoy another flower arrangement demonstration by Joanne Caccavale, Director of the Boston Chapter of the Sogetsu School and past President twice of Ikebana International Boston Chapter. She has put together this arrangement using flowers from her own garden. Enjoy a moment of peace with Joanne's arrangement.
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One of the many challenges of the current pandemic has been to put travel plans on hold this year.

We at JSB are putting together a virtual trip to bring Japan to our readers, especially to those who had hoped to visit around this time but are unable.
Please join us in the production of this virtual trip by sending us your pictures or videos of your travels in Japan. We welcome content from journeys both recent and long past!
We will string together all of our collected memories into one and present them as a video in our August newsletter!
Meet our new interns!

Ciara Jacques

Ciara is a recent graduate of Boston University, where she majored in philosophy and studied Japanese. She will go on to pursue her Master's degree in International Strategy and Economic Development in Paris this fall, continuing to study Japanese as well as French. She is looking forward to a career that will eventually bring her to Japan. 

Daiki Tsumagari

Daiki is Japanese American from Singapore, he aims to understand and explore his cultural background as an Asian American new to Boston. He majors in History at Boston University.

Emily Knick

Emily is currently a student at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, majoring in Linguistics and Japanese. With an interest in Japanese literature, she enjoys reading and writing poetry in both English and Japanese. In the future, she hopes to pursue graduate school to further her studies of the language and its literary culture.
Japan Society of Boston Online Events

Thursday, June 25th
5:00 PM (US Eastern Time)
Friday, June 26th 6:00 AM (Kyoto Time)

Free, but donations accepted
All donations go to Grounds for Health

Hosted online via Zoom
(you will be sent the meeting code after registering)

Is it possible that a cup of coffee can make the world a better place?
Ogawa Coffee and its coffee artisans from Kyoto, Japan, have been
dedicated to the pursuit of coffee perfection since 1952.

We will be connecting baristas from both Ogawa Boston and their head store in Kyoto to learn about the craft of creating the perfect cup of coffee at home. Hear about the history and pride established in the Ogawa brand, and Ogawa's own vision of what it means to connect communities.

Saturday, June 27th (Napolitan)
5:00 - 6:30 PM

Hosted online via Zoom
(you will be sent the ingredient list and meeting code a few days before the event)

Naporitan or Napolitan is a popular Japanese pasta dish. The dish consists of spaghetti, tomato ketchup or a tomato-based sauce, onion, and other ingredients depending on how you make it! Naporitan is claimed to be from Yokohama, a city which totes a history of cross cultural connections between Japan and the world.

Momoko Hasegawa, an exchange student from Tokyo, studying graphic design in Boston, is excited to join and bring to you the steps she takes in order to prepare her favorite Napolitan dish!

Friday, June 26th
6:00 to 8:00 PM
Hosted online via Zoom Meetings
(you will be sent the meeting code after registering)

Our language gatherings have been growing so expansive that we now have participants all the way from Japan! This really ties into our mission of being the bridge between Japan and the US. Come join for 2 hours of conversation based on your level of proficiency and be a part of our community!

Online activities from other Japan Societies across the US
Wednesday, July 1, 3:00 - 4:30 PM PST
( 12:00 to 1:30 PM EST )

Columbia has a presence in over 90 countries and around 40 percent of revenue is generated abroad, a tremendous modern-day global success. However, the current global pandemic has deeply challenged contemporary business planning; forcing leaders to re-set their thinking in all areas of operations. From supply chain to overseas investment and manufacturing, employee work-from-home procedures to customer behaviors and online retail operations, the world is changing. And Columbia aims to keep pace.
Join us for 45 minutes with one of Oregon’s most influential businessmen, with a presentation followed by Q&A session.

Monday, July 6, 6:00 - 7:00 PM CDT
( 7:00 - 8:00 PM EST )

Devin Stewart is senior fellow at Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs where he founded and directed the Asia program. He has served as a senior fellow at Eurasia Group Foundation, a fellow at the Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS), and a visiting scholar at Sophia University in Tokyo. He has taught courses on international affairs at Columbia University and New York University.

Stewart will discuss a recent yearlong study he conducted with the Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS) that examined Chinese and Russian influence activities in four democracies, including the Chinese Communist Party’s attempts to influence Japan’s politics. He will talk about the study’s findings and how they relate to the current risks to the Japan-China fragile “tactical detente” amid the COVID-19 crisis.
Non JSB Online Activities

Thursday, June 25th
8:00 to 9:00 PM JST
( 7:00 to 8:00 AM EST )
-This event is in Japanese only-

第4回リーダーズ from JWLIは「ウィズ・コロナ時代のキーワード『開疎化』は進むのか!?地方を変革するチカラ」と題して、6月25日(木)20時に開催いたします。
  • 笠井誉子さん(NPO法人徳島の働く女性を元気にする会 理事長 / 株式会社クラーレット代表取締役、JWLI Bootcamp Nagoya 2019卒業生、JWLI Bootcamp Tokushima 2020共催)
  • 岸上真巳さん(一般財団法人大阪市男女共同参画のまち創生協会企画調整課リーダー、JWLI 2016卒業生、JWLI Bootcamp Osaka 2020共催) 
  • 浜出理加さん(株式会社グリーディー代表取締役/1mm Innovation代表、Bootcamp Ishinomaki 2019卒業生)
  • 矢上清乃さん(学び舎mom株式会社代表取締役、JWLI2012卒業生、JWLI Bootcamp Nagoya 2019共催)

 詳しくは、 フェイスブック 共催であるVenture Cafe Tokyoのウェブサイト をご覧ください。

Fri, June 26, 2020 5:00 - 6:00 PM EDT

#EdamameChamp is an annual chopstick skill competition to promote healthy ways of eating through Japanese cuisine and to raise funds to provide food education programs to children. This year, the JICC, Embassy of Japan is collaborating with Table for Two to provide a fun, interactive and educational workshop on soy!

In this workshop, attendees will learn more about the nutritious benefits of soy, participate in a fun #EdamameChamp live chopstick challenge, and learn new Japanese recipes from a live cooking demonstration!
Energy Released:

Take a virtual tour of the exhibition, which is on view through 5 July 2020.

Witness Pucker Gallery artist Ken Matsuzaki and Professor Andrew Maske for a Potter’s Talk in conjunction with the exhibition Energy Released.
Watch film in advance and then join Zoom live for discussion.

June 24, 7-8pm ET

July 14, 7-8pm ET
Tokyo Tower is a communications and observation tower in the Shiba-koen district of Minato, Tokyo, Japan. At 332.9 meters, it is the second-tallest structure in Japan. The structure is an Eiffel Tower-inspired lattice tower that is painted white and international orange to comply with air safety regulations.
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