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Latin: re - back + conciliare - bring together

Dear Global Companions:  

Among the most profound and enduring messages that have come forth from Pope Francis and Fr. Arturo Sosa in the past two years is that of reconciliation . Fr. Sosa cites three dimensions of the challenge of reconciliation:

  • Reconciliation with humanity
  • Reconciliation with creation
  • Reconciliation with God

Even as our school years draw toward closure, the JSN is planning ways to integrate this theme into our programs. We do so in companionship with our partner organizations around the world. I invite you spend a few minutes exploring the following manifestations of that effort!
Ite, inflammate omnia.
Timothy Sassen, Ph.D.
Director of Global Partnerships and Communications
Jesuit Schools Network
From Our Global Partners...
Ignatian Solidarity Network
The ISN and the Jesuit Office of Justice and Ecology have written an Ecological Examen . This Examen is an invitation to deepen our call to care for creation and the most vulnerable. It is now available in online, printed booklet and prayer card formats.

Jesuit Refugee Service
Jesuit Portland hosted their second annual "Walk a Mile in My Shoes" refugee camp simulation, an experiential learning activity created by the Jesuit Refugee service. Seniors and juniors led freshmen World History classes through the camp simulation, designed to shed light on the experiences of some of the world's 65 million people who are forcibly displaced by war, persecution, natural disasters, and other injustices.

James Chapman, Creighton Preparatory School, Class of 2020 earned first place in the JRS Anne Frank Essay competition . In his essay, James writes to Kitty, just as Anne did in her diary, and calls on all of us to be like those who helped the Franks along their journey “and all those other good souls who welcomed Jews at their own peril and welcome the Anne Franks of the world into our lives today!” 
On April 17, a group of 50 advocates, including students from Gonzaga College HS and Georgetown Prep, gathered for  JRS/USA's Advocacy Day . The advocates met with policymakers to discuss refugee resettlement; funding for overseas humanitarian assistance programs; and the importance of access to education for refugees.
Educate Magis
It has been six months since the first meeting of International Education delegates at the JESEDU conference in Rio. See how Educate Magis is helping to keep the call for progress moving forward.
Friends of Fe y Alegria in the United States
Moved by the stories within the Fe y Alegria network, Jesuit Tampa juniors Sebastian Torres (top) and Andrew Hanna have transformed the school's annual Mission Drive into an opportunity for greater awareness of the plight of displaced people.

Their organization - By the Roots - is just starting to take off!

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