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Dear Global Companions:  

The global work going on in our network is extraordinary. Innovative initiatives ranging from Red Cloud's Farm to School Program and Sacred Heart Nativity's Video Production Project set the stage for what is possible in our schools. Looking through the lens of the UAPs we see across the Jesuit Schools Network new global lesson plans, a global book club, art and essay opportunities, global gatherings, as well as time and space carved out and dedicated to conversation and reflection.

In his visit in February to Jesuits West, the Fr. General emphasized the collaborative nature of our work, with each other and with the world. In all of you we see this spirit of collaboration.

The gratitude I feel each month preparing Hemispheres is to each and everyone of you for the work you do. 
"To act as a universal body with a universal mission" GC35, D.2 #20
Catharine Steffens
Director of Global Partnerships
Jesuit Schools Network
On our campuses...
The Red Cloud Farm to School Program
The Red Cloud Farm to School Program is an exciting outgrowth of our existing greenhouse program. The programming offered through our greenhouse program has become an integral part of our school curriculum year-round, providing students the opportunity to connect with their food
systems. We are thrilled to be able to expand this offering as Maȟpíya Lúta Owáyawa Wóžuthi , Red Cloud School Farm, to produce fresh, healthy foods for our cafeteria to promote healthy eating and work toward improving the health of our students and community.

Not only is the program about reclaiming health, it is also fostering a reconnection to traditional foods as we are incorporating plants traditionally used by the Lakota, such as timpsila and chokecherry, into our planting and harvest. This idea has come through the expressed voice of students, parents, and community members--a clear demonstration that when a collective comes together for change it can happen. Through regenerative growing techniques, we promote the health of the earth, our community, and culture.
“Men and Women for Others” Essay Series  
~MegAnne Liebsch
Would you like your students to participate in a new story series with the Jesuit Conference of Canada and the United States? We’re compiling a series of student reflections from Jesuit educated high school students to be posted on our website,  www.jesuits.org . Students are asked to respond creatively and thoughtfully to the following question: What does it mean to be a man or woman for others? If your students are interested in participating, please contact MegAnne Liebsch  for more details and instructions. 
New Lesson Plans Available 
There are new Lesson Plans available on Educate Magis! Check out the Food Waste Audit Lesson Plan (Jarrod Stadnyk, St. Paul's High School, Canada) which teaches students about food production and the issue of food waste.
And the Geography based unit  (Prepared by Sharon McLean, Saint Ignatius; College, Riverview, Australia) which offers activities to provide students with learning experiences using geographic tools to develop an understanding of the context of life for people living in countries in Asia. Read more about the Geography work in the Global Stories blog . *Please note these lesson plans can now be filtered by subject area!
Loyola Academy 10th Annual 4X5 Art Show Competition 
Art Work Scholarship Opportunity of $500 USD offered by Loyola Academy . Awarded to top judged interpretation in Global Initiatives Category : Global Citizens are those who continuously seek to deepen their awareness of their place and responsibility, both locally and globally, in an increasingly interconnected world; those who stand in solidarity with others in the pursuit of a sustainable earth and a more humane world as true companions in the mission of reconciliation and justice. (Secretariat Global Task Force on Global Citizenship 2019)   
Contact Paul Witt for 2020 entry details.
Connecting through Conversation and Books Collaborating as a Global Network
Are you looking for Virtual Classes to connect your students? Here you have a summary of  all upcoming connected classes  with short descriptions to help you choose the right one for you and your students. You can also join our next connected classroom Sharing Ways for Sustainable Consumption and give your students a chance to share and learn about consuming products in a more sustainable way from their peers in other countries.
As you look at Sustainable Consumption consider the ISN Lenten Food Waste Fast
This Lent, put Pope Francis' Laudato Si' into action and fast from food waste! Learn more about why food waste is an environmental issue and register for the Lenten Food Waste Fast  here .
Book Club for Faculty
While you are considering a Connected Class for your students, you can try it out yourself by joining the Global Faculty Book Club! Contact Harry Egner, Loyola School for more details.
Dying to Live: Stories from Refugees on the Road to Freedom
Looking for a book that tells the stories of refugees? JRS author, Danielle Vella, has written a book entitled  Dying to Live: Stories from Refugees on the Road to Freedom . Reach out to Josh Utter   if you would like a “Friends & Family” discount order form. JRS/USA has also developed a discussion guide for the book that you can access by emailing Josh.
Sacred Heart Nativity - Project Innovation
~Lorraine Shepherd
6th grade students from Sacred Heart Nativity, San Jose, are working on video production projects via the Children's Discovery Museum . Their video projects involve a social justice theme in their community. Thanks to a grant from NBC Bay Area's Project Innovation, a mobile video lab is brought directly to the campus for the students to create their videos. NBC featured these remarkable students on their news show. Watch their news clip here . Contact Lorraine Shepherd , principal of Sacred Heart for more information.
And beyond...
Tag your photos with #JSNGlobal and SHARE your global journeys in & out of the classroom.
Tag your photos with #JSNGlobal and SHARE your global journeys in & out of the classroom.
JSN Global Citizenship Workshop
Oblate Renewal Center, San Antonio Texas
Bill Muller, SJ, Executive Director of JSN shared the following in the February 18 issue of Quick Clicks: Last week representatives suggested by the Provincial Assistants for Secondary and Pre-Secondary Education met at the Oblate Renewal Center in San Antonio for a  Global Citizenship Workshop.  They generously and with much enthusiasm help set a direction for the JSN Conference Office in promoting, encouraging, and experiencing the work of Jesuit education in an ever more consistent global understanding . I am very grateful to them for a creative and important two days as we respond to Fr. General's call for us to be a global network of Jesuit schools.

As this work progresses we will keep you updated in Hemispheres.
Kino Border Initiative Reflections
~Tony Dipre and ~Erin Haught, Walsh Jesuit HS
Matthew 25:35 reads, “For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me.” There are some things you should know about me before we move forward. I’m a young, married mom of two little boys. I love my job and teaching, I am a homeowner, and I’m proud of the life that my husband and I have worked hard to build here. I love to bake and cook and spend time with my family. I am blessed to live in a community where I feel safe. 
...this is how Erin Haught of Walsh Jesuit begins her deeply moving reflection of her time at KBI.
“How was your trip?  What was it like?  Is it as much of a mess ‘down there’ as we hear about?”   These questions, or some version of them, have inevitably been the fodder of conversation since I returned from a week-long trip to the Arizona/ Mexico border.  I had the honor to help co-chaperone a group of eight students, which included student, Julia Rizzo, on an immersion experience put on by KBI ( Kino Border Initiative ).  Our experience focused on humanizing and complicating our understanding of immigration , as well as giving us the opportunity to accompany migrants by serving them meals and hearing their stories while they are present in the  comedor .
Tony Dipre , Theology Teacher
Master of Jesuit Education in a Global World
~Charles Cownie
Our new M.Ed. in Jesuit Education in a Global World prepares educators to form their students as global citizens in the Ignatian tradition. Graduates will be amongst the best prepared teachers for and future leaders of Jesuit schools. Please consider walking with us in the footsteps of Ignatius.   Contact Charles Cownie for more information. 
JESEDU-Jogja2020 Virtual Colloquium
~Julia Andretta
During the last week of January, the Jesuit Schools Network Conference Office gathered at the Washington Retreat House in Washington, D.C. for a noon-to-noon retreat, with the primary purpose of engaging with  the Virtual Colloquium videos  on Educate Magis’s website. Our facilitator, Sean Michaelson, S.J., who serves as the socius for the Jesuit Conference of Canada and the United States, employed the  Canadian Model  to lead us in our reflection on each of the three videos and the questions that accompany them, as well as on some  supplemental questions  of his own devising. This proved to be an enriching way to spend time with these well-crafted, thought-provoking videos.
After two watch-throughs of the video that would be our focus for the next hour or so, we were given 20 minutes’ silent reflection time, during which we could wander or stay put as we pleased, gathering our thoughts in whatever way seemed most natural to us. Once these 20 minutes had passed, we would gather again and, one by one, share our primary takeaways from what we had watched, or what came up for us as we considered the reflection questions we had been given, with no commentary from the rest of the group. The second time around the table, we each responded to what we had heard the others say in the first round, describing thoughts and ideas presented by our colleagues that resonated with us. The third and final round was an open discussion where we abandoned the pre-determined “turn order” and delved deeper into what we had shared and heard.
What resulted were three meaningful conversations that were also very focused, which can be a challenge when discussing topics with such far-reaching implications as  Cultivating Depth Building Reconciliation , and  Choosing Purpose . We challenged each other and got to know each other better, and we left with important questions, ideas and perspectives to take with us, not just to  JESEDU-Jogja2020 , but into our daily lives as well.
If you are looking for a way, in your school or community, to engage with the Virtual Colloquium as we come ever closer to Jogjakarta in June, it may be worth dedicating some time to this model; you will not come away from it empty-handed.
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