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March 2020
Dear Global Companions:  

As the world presses pause, all of you are working full speed ahead to continue to meet the needs of your students. E-learning, Zoom, flipped classroom , non-stop creating, revising and reassessing. Last week I heard it expressed as "working harder than ever to get less done". Followed by the beautiful response of others to "be gentle on yourself".

The Coronavirus has made us more aware than ever how interdependent and interconnected we are as a world. As a global network we are using that interdependence and interconnectedness to support each other, to share ideas, to share work, and most of all to be present (virtually) to one another. The collaboration and support I have seen within our Jesuit Schools Network is astounding and heartwarming. Men and women for and with others.

As you read this issue, I hope, like me, you feel a sense of solidarity, warmth and pride to be a member of this incredible Ignatian family. This Hemispheres issue is in honor and respect of you. Take care of yourselves as you continue to care for others.
"To act as a universal body with a universal mission" GC35, D.2 #20
Catharine Steffens
Director of Global Partnerships and Initiatives
Jesuit Schools Network
On our (virtual) campuses...
Accompanying the Youth through Remote Learning
With the recent rapid changes in our institutions due to the coronavirus, it is important for us to remember that we are in this together. Let us continue to  journey with the youth  through this very important time. We believe that the best thing we can do for our students is to add as much normalcy to their lives through our teaching practices while giving them time to relax and focus on self-care. To assist fellow educators, here are a few ideas to implement for both regular and remote-teaching. 

For regular classrooms as well as for "synchronous" remote-teaching (online "real time" classes through virtual classrooms like Microsoft Teams, Skype, or Zoom), play a game of “Kahoot!” This is a fun way to engage our students whether in class or remotely. For my students’ first experience in our virtual classroom on Microsoft Teams, we played a game to review the Gospel of Mark. You can access it here -  Gospel of Mark .

In a world of rising conflict where folks are fighting over groceries and other things due to the coronavirus, let us help students to stay focused on Jesus. Instead of focusing on fears that leave us afraid and reactive, let us respond as He would, as peacemakers (Matthew 5:9). I created a Powerpoint that includes these important lessons for students    here.

For “asynchronous” class meetings (students access the course materials online at a time of their choosing and interact with each other over a longer period of time), I have created a Powerpoint on Human Dignity where I included voice-overs on some slides to assist students with their remote-learning. We are experiencing a time where many have lost sight of the need of compassion. Let us  walk with the excluded,  among those include the elderly, those with autoimmune disorders, those with chronic diseases and respiratory diseases, those with cancer, those without work, and so many more. They need our compassion. Here is a  link to the Powerpoint and corresponding assignment .

During these times of transition, we have the opportunity to look again at where our confidence lies. Let us put our trust in Him.  “But blessed is the one who trusts in the LORD, whose confidence is in him.”  Jeremiah 17:7
"I Will Survive", Coronavirus Version
~Michael Bruening  
"I’m so glad my little musical diversion seems to have brought at least a bit of joy to so many people during this time of crisis" says Michael Bruening , Professor of History and Political Science at Missouri University of Science and Technology as he graciously shares with us his version of "I Will Survive".
"The learning can't stop for these students, despite what is going on." 
Lorraine Shepherd , Principal of Our Lady of Grace, Sacred Heart Nativity School
Distance Learning with an Ignatian Spirit
~Brian Maraña
We here at Loyola Blakefield are in solidarity with the global Jesuit school community as we face the COVID-19 crisis. We developed a  page  on our school website for our community, which includes our  student guide  for distance learning. We have also attempted to keep our Ignatian spirit alive through a  daily online examen We invite all to pray with us!"
Fordham Preparatory School Distance Learning Plan
Fordham Prep has generously shared their Distance Learning Plan for Faculty and for Students and Parents . Principal Joe Petriello states, "I am grateful for colleagues at Xavier High School , Jesuit Portland , Loyola Academy , and Jesuit Sacramento who shared resources with us at Fordham Prep as we put together our own community materials. It has been encouraging to see how quickly administration, faculty, and staff throughout our schools have come together to share best practices, communications, and other important resources related to school safety and distance learning in the time of COVID-19." Brian Carney also shares Fordham's ongoing Faith and Service opportunities.
Arrupe Virtual Learning Institute 
For the past three weeks, Arrupe Virtual Learning Institute has been working tirelessly to support and consult with schools as they negotiate the pivot to having students work online. In addition to conducting numerous sharing sessions for teachers and administrators (which are set to continue as long as needed), AVLI has created a simple GoogleDoc which enables Catholic educators to post problems, questions, solutions, and ideas in one place for all to share. Learn more at  https://arrupevirtual.org/COVID-19 .
Jesuit Art Teachers & Art Students 4X5X10 Show
~Paul Witt
Art Work Scholarship Opportunity of $500 USD offered by Loyola Academy . Awarded to top judged interpretation of Global Initiatives Category as written below: 
Global Citizens are those who continuously seek to deepen their awareness of their place and responsibility, both locally and globally, in an increasingly interconnected world; those who stand in solidarity with others in the pursuit of a sustainable earth and a more humane world as true companions in the mission of reconciliation and justice.  (Secretariat Global Task Force on Global Citizenship 2019)  
Entries must be received at Loyola by 20 April 2020 | Contact Paul Witt for 2020 entry details. | Drop Box link to 2019 4X5 awards:20200120_182325.jpg
Jesuit Portland in Prayer, Awareness and Ecology
~Jennie Kuenz
Jesuit Portland's Associate Director of Ecological Justice and Global Networking found  this Examen  from ISN to be powerful and reassuring in these challenging times. It was sent to faculty and thought it may be a good digital learning activity for a Theology class. It is so important to remind our students (and ourselves) to talk with God each day . Jesuit Portland is also emailing a daily Examen out to students.

Early March, as part of its Multicultural Week, Jesuit High School hosted a mobile exhibit about Anne Frank. The exhibition travels around the world to share the story of Anne’s life and generate more awareness about the Holocaust and human rights. Eight JHS students were trained as peer guides and it was powerful to have teens talking about teenage Anne’s life with other teenagers. Many students felt the connection in a deep way. Here is a  link to the story  and a digital learning opportunity in the global  Anne Frank Essay Contest .

During the season of Lent, Jesuit students began fasting from food waste. The Jesuit High School Green Team is leading a new composting initiative in the Gedrose Student Center to build awareness in the community about food waste and its impact on climate change.  Here is a link to the story . Students continue these efforts from home with their families.
And beyond...
Tag your photos with #JSNGlobal and SHARE your journeys as we all connect as a global community.
Follow the Water
~Pete Burr
Do you know where your water comes from? Four Brophy faculty members and native Phoenicians followed the Salt River via bicycle, from its source, to their faucets to better understand the history of water in Arizona and how to protect and advocate for its future. They shared their findings through a documentary at  Brophy's annual Summit on Human Dignity a
Easter with an Amazonian Face
This Easter the Jesuit Conference Office of Justice and Ecology invites Jesuit schools to encounter God through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, and in the beauty and suffering of the Amazon region and its people. We hope this reflection guide,  Easter with an Amazonian Face , developed by the Inter-religious Working Group on Extractive Industries, can provide some inspiration and spiritual comfort during this time. May we join the people of the Amazon in facing today’s immense challenges without losing heart, rather, allowing ourselves to be filled with Paschal hope, believing in the power of the resurrection of Jesus in our lives and all creation. And may we embrace Pope Francis’ call in his Apostolic Exhortation,  Querida Amazonia ,  for an ‘interior conversion’    a change of heart    and to envision a new way of living in harmony with the natural world and with one another. 
Let's Continue to Share Resources!
Perhaps you have recorded a song, or found a go-to online site, or prepared a lesson or process that is working well from afar, or would simply like to share a suggestion or ask a question. Please reply to Hemispheres with any of the above and we will continue to share with the community.

Outside of the JSN, the Smithsonian has some great resources, PBS , and The New York Times . Where else?

Lastly, with distance learning everything we are doing now is #JSNglobal ! As a network we are reaching out and connecting beyond the boundaries of our classrooms. Tag your virtual journeys, gatherings and collaborations #JSNglobal for our next Hemispheres issue.
Ignatian Solidarity Network has put together a great Coronavirus Resource Page , which includes detailed updates from many of our schools!
Education for Justice offer us this page, Care for the Vulnerable and COVID-19. More resources can be found on their website.
Virtual Classroom Speaker 
Needing a speaker for the virtual classroom? Interested in learning more about the global refugee crisis? Josh Utter from JRS/USA is happy to speak to students about JRS and how we serve refugees and the forcibly displaced. Please feel free to reach out and schedule a time with Josh! 
Also, with time at home, encourage students to participate in Educate Magis’  Anne Frank Essay Contest . Submissions are due by April 10, 2020.
Audacious Ignatius: A Children's Book for all. ~Eric Clayton
We all want to find “good company” in our journey to God — holy women and men who inspire us. Paul Mitchell wanted as much for his two sons. That’s why he wrote  Audacious Ignatius , a children’s book that shares the story of one member of God’s “good company” — St. Ignatius of Loyola!
Global Conversations
Our global community is witnessing incredible gestures of compassion, generosity and resilience; reaching out across borders helping each other, learning from each other, sharing experiences, tools and messages of encouragement. We invite you to read what others are sharing and to let us know how else we can support you by commenting here . The spirit is guiding us and we are listening!
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