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Dear Global Companions:  

Hemispheres is the global voice of all of you in the Jesuit Schools Network. It is also a space for our global partners to share opportunities for us to get involved in and an opportunity to collaborate with them.

T he Universal Apostolic Preferences and the JESEDU-Rio2017 Action Statement lay out a path for us to follow as we focus on our local and global contexts. You, within the JSN, are surging ahead with incredibly empowering, reflective, mission-based lessons, activities and programs.

We hope you enjoy this issue of JSN voices on pilgrimage, climate change, prayer, science and mission, and so much more.
"To act as a universal body with a universal mission" GC35, D.2 #20
Catharine Steffens
Director of Global Partnerships
Jesuit Schools Network
In our classrooms...
Global Climate Strike: September 20, 2019 
The Jesuit Conference Office of Justice and Ecology and the Ignatian Solidarity Network have created resources for climate action. Based on the foundation of Pray, Act, Advocate, these resources offer a variety of options. The Climate Strike falls within the Season of Creation . The Season of Creation and other efforts are part of the response to Pope Francis’ 2015 environmental encyclical Laudato Si', in which he delivered a call to action for people to be part of the solution to climate change.

Check out this article by the Jesuit Conference for additional climate information.
How and Why to Talk Religion in a non-Theology Class
~ Dr. Mariette Baxendale , De Smet Jesuit H.S.
What does the Mission look like in your classroom? Is your course identifiable by your students as “Ignatian” and “Catholic”, distinguishable as a course offered at a JESUIT school? Does your course move students beyond "Intellectual Competence"? Or should Non-Theology Teachers even care, if their student will be getting the “Religious”, “Committed to Justice” and “Loving” part through Theology, Campus Ministry and required service hours?  Evangelization of our faith and retention of the shared Ignatian identity of Jesuit schools REQUIRE us to care.  Let’s use the same pedagogy which strives to teach students 21 st  century, real-world, cross-curricular, applied and innovative skills BEYOND content delivery to engage students with Our Mission, Our Catholic, Ignatian Identity.  

Read Mariette's article in Educate Magis to see to see how we can, and why we should, talk Religion in a non-Theology class AND to access her wonderful materials.
Jesuit Refugee Services: An Examen
~ Josh Utter , JRS/USA
Jesuit Refugee Service/USA is proud of our Ignatian heritage. As a work of the Society of Jesus, we trace our roots back to the founder of the Jesuits, St. Ignatius of Loyola. As a man who was committed to “finding God in all things,” he introduced the Examen as a prayer for doing exactly that – taking a moment each day to find God in all things. Using the tools provided by St. Ignatius, JRS/USA has created this Examen as a way for you to find God even in the most difficult of circumstances. It’s this faith in God’s presence that gives us vision and inspires our mission.
Know your PASE Representatives
Joe Parkes, SJ and Maura Toomb Estevez serve as the PASE and Associate PASE, respectively, for the USA East Provinces. In these roles, they serve as liaisons between the USA Northeast and Maryland Provinces and their 28 secondary and pre-secondary schools. They work to support schools as they live out the mission of Jesuit education, and connect Ignatian educators to one another so they can animate that mission fully. They were recently interviewed by Educate Magis about the growth of global education on the East Coast.
And beyond...
Tag your photos with #JSNGlobal and SHARE your global journeys in & out of the classroom.
Summer Pilgrimages: The Ignatian Way
This summer many of our JSN colleagues had the opportunity to walk the Ignatian Way following the footsteps of St. Ignatius. One colleague actually ran it, the entire Way! Their experiences are reflected in their words and photos below.
Educate Magis...and the New Map! 
The Global Network Map 2019-2020 is here! This year the map has further evolved both visually and in its content. Together with the annual regional Jesuit school list updates, provided by ICAJE, there are changes to the map title, Jesuit schools map pin, legend, colors of the Jesuit regions and more. See the map and changes here .
Jesuit Schools Global Exchange Program 
More than a year ago representatives from JSN schools and from our counterpart Latin American schools met to see how we could facilitate exchange programs between and among our schools. The Jesuit Schools Global Exchange Program has just been launched on Educate Magis!

Key elements to the Global Exchange Program are:
  • Ignatian framing with Jesuit school to Jesuit school exchanges
  • It does not affect existing exchange programs, but opens up more opportunities
  • It is a good start if your school is looking to begin an exchange program
  • There are possibilities for school groups as small as 2 students
  • Exchanges can happen within JSN as well as with our Latin American schools

Take a look at the site, post an exchange offering, and/or contact Catharine Steffens with any questions.
JRS/USA Updated Resources! 
Looking for ways to advocate on behalf of refugees and the forcibly displaced? Wondering how you can do so in your local community? Not sure where to start? Look no further! JRS/USA’s recently updated  JRS Refugee Action Team Toolkit   and  Walk a Mile in My Shoes Toolkit  provide you with outreach and advocacy tools needed to become an advocate for refugees and the forcibly displaced. Please take a moment to review these resources and identify ways that you can take action. It’s through these actions that we can build a movement of support for refugees in the U.S. and around the world. We hope you can join us! E-mail Josh Utter  with any questions.
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