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Dear Global Companions:  

What are the global dimensions of our JSN schools? How are our teachers, students, and leadership engaging with the worldwide Jesuit network? This March Hemispheres showcases JSN global work from across the network that is contributing to the formation of global citizens who are comfortable in the greater world; global citizens who are prepared and inspired to create change in the world.

You, the JSN community, are our inspired source of how to integrate global citizenship and a global perspective into the fabric of our schools. Read on to see what your colleagues are doing. Write in to share what you are doing. Our collective work can create great change.
"To act as a universal body with a universal mission" GC35, D.2 #20
Catharine Steffens
Director of Global Partnerships
Jesuit Schools Network
In our classrooms...
A Call to Action, Inside and Outside the Classroom:   Healing Earth
I have been involved with the  Healing Earth  textbook since 2012 and would strongly encourage both high school and college instructors in science and other disciplines to take a closer look at this free, on-line text that is available in both English and Spanish . I use  Healing Earth  as the primary textbook in our AP Environmental Science course at SLUH, and use portions of it in the Environmental STEM class we offer. The graphic (above) is posted on the door to my classroom, it best summarizes the structure, importance, and strategy of the text.
We are all aware of the very real problems facing our planet and the especially challenging burdens placed upon the poor.   Within our Jesuit institutions we are called to recognize these challenges and act upon them .   Healing Earth provides an excellent pathway to introduce our students, especially our high school students, to the science, ethics, and spirituality that then calls us all to act.  Experts from around the world have contributed to the science content and it is appropriate for introductory courses on both the high school and college level.  Although the text is obviously grounded in Ignatian spirituality and pedagogy, students are introduced to a variety of world religions and their perspectives on creation, emphasizing that care for creation is a universal responsibility and that we are all connected in so many fundamental ways .
In my AP Environmental Science course I frequently use the  Reflection Questions and Explorations for journaling. We explore soil, food, nutrition, and urban agriculture through work in the school/community garden and in our two aquaponics tanks.  In one of my favorite assignments, which ties together energy and natural resources, climate change, and life skills, the students have to prepare and eat three meatless meals, a breakfast, a lunch, and a dinner.  In one of the most impactful lessons, students explore plastic pollution while dissecting albatross boluses (vomited stomach contents). Seeing first-hand the amount of plastics in the stomachs of these magnificent birds leaves a lasting impression. Our Environmental STEM course focuses on climate change and energy through hands-on projects.  Our biannual weather balloon launches provide the local data and stimulus to study climate change.  In exploring energy, the students convert waste oil from the cafeteria into biodiesel, construct motors and generators, explore solar energy, and design wind turbines.

All of these classroom activities have come about since I started using  Healing Earth.  It has transformed my teaching and has opened up so many new experiences and opportunities for me professionally.  Take a look at what  Healing Earth has to offer. If you have questions please feel free to reach out to me or to Michael Schuck and Nancy Tuchman at Loyola of Chicago.  If you are using Healing Earth, I’d love to hear from you and explore ways to collaborate.  Via Educate Magis Connected Classrooms we have a means to connect with all of our Jesuit schools around the world for global classroom conversations or teacher talks. ~ Bill Anderson, SLUH
Going to the source: Global Conversations at Fairfield Prep
I n our Spanish class this year, room X209, at Fairfield College Preparatory School , we were able to interview a gentleman named Sergio Ortiz Marín who works for Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores de España (Ministry of External Affairs and International Cooperation of Spain) using Educate Magis- Connected Classrooms . He spoke with the class for 45 minutes. Sr. Marín spoke about what he does for his job in Spain, what his school was like growing up in Spain, and most importantly answer questions about his life in Spanish. Students asked questions such as, “what is your favorite food,” or “what is is like to be working in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Spain?” The absolute best part of this was that the students were so fully engaged because they were not only happy to have something new and different but they could engage a native Spanish speaker! We were speaking in our target language for 100% of the time, and the students were having fun with it. This was a wonderful experience that I would suggest everyone to try out!

 In a reflection by one of my students, Richard Cottrell stated, “ Aprendí que el mundo es similar en otras partes. Por ejemplo, España tiene gente que le gustan las actividades similares a la gente en Los Estados Unidos.” ( I learned that the world is similar in other places, for example Spain has people who like the same activities as people in the United States). Another student, Evan Small, stated in his reflection, “ Cuando yo pregunté una pregunta a Señor Ortíz, era muy nervioso porque pensé que yo no entendería la respuesta, pero decidí que necesito… El respondió muy civil y respetuosamente.” (when I asked a question to Mr. Ortíz, I was very very nervous because I thought that I wouldn’t understand the response, but I decided that it was necessary, he responded very nicely and respectfully.) In the end my students got more than just a conversation out of it, but a friend. My students enjoyed this presentation so much that they asked me the following day if they could send Sergio something, they pooled their money in for shipping and I bought the Polo, and sent it all the way to Spain, what a great experience! ~ Tremblay, Jozef E .
Peer to peer discussions: Cleveland to Dublin
I would highly encourage teachers to use the Connected Classrooms through Educate Magis to supplement their current curriculum.  Saint Ignatius and Walsh Jesuit have a summer study abroad opportunity in Northern Ireland called the UK & Irish Studies Program The program uses the Irish Peace Process as a lens for students to learn and apply the principles of Catholic Social Teaching.  Over the past two years, a curricular focus has been the impact of BREXIT on the Irish Peace Process.  Through Educate Magis we were able to connect with Belvedere College in Dublin and have a mutually beneficial discussion between our students about Irish, British, and American politics and current events including BREXIT. I know that this exchange made these issues real through the peer to peer interaction that Educate Magis facilitates.  The resources and support from Educated Magis make it easy to bring a global perspective to your classroom. ~ Daniel Bizga
Interested in learning more about Gender Inequality with your students? Educate Magis is inviting educators from JSN and all other regional Jesuit school networks to participate in an exciting global project which offers teachers the opportunity to;
  • raise students’ awareness of the inequality faced by millions of girls around the world.
  • reflect on the consequences of this reality with your students through lesson plans, and
  • encourage your students to take action against these injustices by coming together with other students from the global network of Jesuit schools, in one video, to stand with girls!
This project runs from March to October so why not incorporate it into your end of year or beginning of year activity calendar?
To download lesson plans and see more information on this project,  click here
If you have any questions feel free post them  in the conversation here.
And beyond...
Tag your photos with #JSNGlobal and SHARE your global journeys in & out of the classroom.
Take the challenge to fast from single-use plastics during our Lenten journey. Let’s make this Lent the final straw for single-use plastics!  Learn more and take the challenge .  

Jesuit Portland is encouraging their students to bring their waste back to school. Read why!
Connected Class Invite! 
The next Connected Class hosted by Educate Magis will take place on March 28 th  at 4pm GMT/12pm EST on the topic of Caring for our Environment . See more information on how to participate with your students. This is the perfect way to try out or observe a Connected Class in progress.
Responding to the Signs of the Times
ISN is excited to announce the recent acquisition of  Education for Justice , an award-winning global digital subscription membership service providing resources for those who wish to study, teach, and practice Catholic social tradition.  Learn more about Education for Justice .  
Looking for creative ideas to promote peace-building skills in your school community?  
Building sustainable peace and addressing structures of injustice involves empowering students of all ages to recognize themselves as active agents of transformation, as peace builders, in their classrooms and communities. In 2018, Friends of Fe y Alegría shared a lesson plan, “ Peace Action Contest”, where they invited students and teachers to share advocacy and awareness-raising campaign ideas that contribute to promoting cultures of peace, starting at the most local level, their school, but taking into account global challenges, such as poverty, gender inequality, and climate change. Here are a few of the  creative responses received. 
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