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To our new readers, welcome! Hemispheres is the Jesuit Schools Network global voice; a space for sharing and learning about the global goings on in our network.

As we look at our global work across the network we see a plethora of opportunities from activities in the classroom, school and local community to immersion and service trips that span the globe. The work you do is the bridge that connects our students to the world and the world to our students. This publication celebrates the work you do!

Wishing you all a wonderful summer!
"To act as a universal body with a universal mission" GC35, D.2 #20
Catharine Steffens
Director of Global Partnerships
Jesuit Schools Network
In our classrooms...
Cultivating Holy Space
~Jennifer LaMaster, Brebeuf Jesuit  
Jennifer LaMaster , Assistant Principal and Mission and Identity officer at Brebeuf Jesuit, writes about how she develops and cultivates personal, professional, and spiritual growth within the faculty and staff, as part of her job. "Many of us have this written in our mission statements and aim to foster intercultural communication in our students, but what about our faculty?" Jennifer describes Brebeuf’s two-year faculty formation program in this article published on Educate Magis.
Global Resources for summer reading! 
Click on the Infographic below to explore Educate Magis.
I nterculturality is where it's at! Have you read the Universal Apostolic Preferences ? “Young people experience the tension between the drive toward cultural homogeneity and the emergence of an intercultural human society that respects and is enriched by diversity. The logic of the market economy leads to homogeneity, but young people aspire instead to diversity that corresponds to the exercise of true freedom and opens up creative spaces that contribute to the emergence of a humane, intercultural society.” (Universal Apostolic Preferences 2019)
What’s Your Story? Teaching Power, Privilege, & Poverty Through Counterstory
Our April article, Counterstory, by Cora Antonio, Bellarmine College Prep, created quite a stir. We have updated the link to the Voices from the Margins - Supplemental Materials .

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Our Red Chair and Walk a Mile in my Shoes campaigns here in the JSN schools are joined by schools throughout our global community. Pictured above is a bulletin board in St. Aloysius Technical School in Taiwan!
Jesuit Refugee Service/USA in partnership with America Media, the Jesuit Schools Network, Educate Magis, and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands are pleased to announce the winner of the 2019 Anne Frank Essay Competition . Congratulations to Bae Na Dae Ta , a sophomore at Cristo Rey Atlanta Jesuit High School in Atlanta, Georgia!  You can read her essay on  America’s website .
And beyond...
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The Ignatian Run 
~Ariel Laguilles, Gonzaga College High School
On May 27th, I am attempting to be the first person to run the entire 400 mile-long Camino Ignaciano route . The route retraces St. Ignatius’s journey from his home in Loyola to the cave in Manresa, where he spent a year developing the Spiritual Exercises. With the support of  Varsity Tours , I plan to run an average of 50 miles a day to complete the entire route in 8 days

I am a product of Jesuit education, an Ignatian educator, and a competitive ultrarunner. I see this experience as an opportunity to expand and blend these aspects of my life. I approach this unique journey with joy and excitement -- welcoming the challenges,  revelations, and moments of grace that it will surely bring

For more details and updates about the Ignatian Run, please visit  https://ignatianrun.com  and follow along on instagram: @ignatianrun.
Educate Magis at JSN Colloquium in June
~Ciara Beuster, Community Facilitator & Global Citizenship Coordinator
I am delighted to have the opportunity to participate at the JSN Colloquium next month. I will be hosting two Ignatian Inquiry Sessions on Global Citizenship tools and resources on the Tuesday and would love for you to join me! If you would like to ask me anything in advance or arrange to meet in person outside of the sessions please feel free to drop me an email:  cbeuster@educatemagis.org  Looking forward to seeing you soon!
St. Paul's High School ventures onto the Camino Ignaciano
~ Rob Puchniak , St. Paul's High School
This July, a small group of students and faculty from St Paul’s High School in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada , will be undertaking the Ignatian Way Pilgrimage in Spain from Loyola to Manresa, alongside their fellow Jesuit students and faculty from Brophy Prep in Phoenix, Arizona . This will mark the first year that a group from St Paul’s will participate. The cohort is eager to meet their brethren from Brophy (pictured below), visit the sacred sites connected to the life of Ignatius, and walk in his footsteps, under the direction of  P. Josep Lluís Iriberri S.J. , director of the  Camino Ignaciano . Members of the St. Paul’s contingent range in age from Grades 9 through 12. There is hope that this pilgrimage will become an annual event for members of the St Paul’s community and invigorate the Jesuit identity of staff and students alike.
Send a Postcard of Hope to Refugees!
~Josh Utter, JRS/USA
Mother's Day cards made by Walsh Jesuit JRS Action Team.
Joan Rosenhauer, JRS/USA Executive Director, handing out Mother’s Day cards to refugees in Chad.
Shout out to Walsh Jesuit and their JRS Action Team for supporting JRS/USA in our recent campaign to collect Mother’s Day cards for refugee mothers overseas! JRS/USA is always looking for more schools to support our Any Refugee program by writing postcards of hope for refugee. Learn more at  JRS/USA Take Action or e-mail Josh Utter
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