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Dear Global Companions:  

Global, global, global! As we return to our schools, our students, and our work after the Thanksgiving holidays, let us carry our gratitude into the Christmas season. Gratitude for each other, for our love of the work we do, for our colleagues and students, and for our place in this incredible global Jesuit network.

I am also grateful for the wealth of research and pedagogy developed by our global Jesuit network over the years. "Human Excellence: Men and Women of Conscience, Competence, Compassion and Commitment" is one of our foundational documents. These foundational documents consistently layer global throughout. Listen to this from page 5 of the document:

“Competent students are able to interact with reality; they are the ones who have learned to be amazed, to ask questions and to be able to understand and resolve problems... so they are the ones who learn for life.” ( Montserrat del Pozo, The Competent Person, SIPEI. 2014 ). Thus, in the Ignatian vision it is not possible to be a person of competence without interacting with the world as it is and as it should be... a competent person must engage the world to learn from it and, at the same time, transform it. "

It is with a deep feeling of gratitude for you and the work you do in engaging our students with the world that we offer the November-December issue of JSN Hemispheres!
"To act as a universal body with a universal mission" GC35, D.2 #20
Catharine Steffens
Director of Global Partnerships
Jesuit Schools Network
In our classrooms...
Jesuit Refugee Service/USA: Breaking the Bubble
Action is needed! Join the growing list of schools hosting the  Walk a Mile in My Shoes  refugee simulation . Consider hosting an event on campus and invite the larger school community to participate in this experiential event. 
To learn more, check out JRS/USA’s brand new  website . The new site features stories about the simulation being implemented at  Walsh Jesuit High School  in Cuyahoga Falls, OH, and  Gonzaga College High School  in DC. 
Be sure to e-mail  outreach@jrsusa.org  with any questions or ideas. 
Also, a special shout out to students from Brebeuf , Walsh , and Jesuit High Portland (among the many) for stopping by our table at the #IFTJ.
JRS/USA is also happy to announce the arrival of new team member Josh Utter as the Outreach & Advocacy Coordinator. Josh is responsible for working with schools within the JSN to join JRS/USA in its efforts to defend the rights of refugees and displaced persons. You can reach Josh at  Joshua.utter@jrsusa.org  or 202-629-5929
What does being a global citizen mean to you?
In a world where fear and hatred create divisions, global citizenship for us means building connections and community. Global citizenship is about sitting at the table and listening to those who are different from us . Global citizenship is about walking side by side and working together to create structures of justice in our schools, communities, and around the world.

As our founder Fr. José María Vélaz, S.J. once said, “social justice is impossible without educational justice as a base.” As global citizens, we invite you to make these words your own and to  take action  today to generate change in your classroom or community and to create solidarity with our partners in Haiti. ~Fe y Alegría US
Peace Contest! Who is ready?!?
January 30 th  is the School Day of Non-violence and Peace , a day to reflect on the importance of promoting peace and equality in our communities. This year, we invite you to participate in the first ever  Peace Action Contest , where students will work collaboratively to present an advocacy/awareness-raising campaign idea that promotes peace-building skills within their school community. Innovative ideas will be shared with the broader Jesuit Schools Network and the winner of the contest will be invited to present their plan at the Fe y Alegría Global Youth Conference to be held in Madrid, Spain in February 2020 . The deadline for ideas is  February 20 th  and winners will be announced on  March 15 th . Questions? Send Erika Meyer a message at  e.meyer@feyalegria.us or check out th e Peace Contest Lesson Plan .
* Connected Classrooms * Global Christmas Prayer * Educate Magis *
What better way to celebrate Christmas than by connecting with our brothers and sisters from different parts of the world?! Last year Educate Magis celebrated their first ‘Global Christmas Prayer’ live through Connected Classrooms
They brought together students from Jesuit schools in Ireland, the UK, Poland, India, United States, Canada and Mexico on a live video connection through our global platform. Students had the opportunity to share their Christmas wishes for the global network of Jesuit schools and listen to those prepared by their peers in other parts of the world. And more importantly, without leaving their classrooms they had the opportunity to feel like they were part of something bigger. . that they belonged to a global family of Jesuit schools spread out over 6 regions and 72 countries of the world. 
This year, Educate Magis would like to give more schools an opportunity be part of this Global Virtual Christmas Prayer . We are invited to participate! Do you have a class of students between the ages of 12 and 18 who you think would love to be part of this global experience? Join the Global Christmas Prayer Connected Classroom . If you have any questions type them in the virtual classroom chat box or contact Ciara, the Community Facilitator directly at  cbeuster@educatemagis.org
And beyond...
As a global network of educators we grieve for the loss of Fr. Victor-Luke Odhiambo, SJ.
Tag your photos with #JSNGlobal and SHARE your global journeys in & out of the classroom.
Dallas Jesuit - Guatemala
 Social Justice Immersion
" More than anything else, we are providing our students with the opportunity to better understand the presence of God in their lives, the richness of another culture, and the challenges and possible solutions to the social inequities that plague both developing and first-world nations. Evening reflections, prayer, and Mass give focus, meaning, and context to our students’ experience." Rich Perry
We are excited to continue our partnership with " Vivamos Mejo r" (We live better), a multi-service healthcare provider and community development non-profit agency located in the Lake Atitlán region of Guatemala. In our ten years of work together, we have supported the mission of our principal agency partner in improving the health and wellbeing of the mainly Mayan population in the 35 villages served.

While in Guatemala, we reside onsite at a large organic farm which provides nutritious food, valuable training, and employment for the families that we serve . In addition to four days of rural community work in their forestry, organic farming, school support, healthcare and women's programs, we also support the local Catholic Church through two of their non-profit agencies: San Jose Children's AIDS Hospice and the St. Mary Nursing Home. Our programs are providing a beauty clinic, meals, medication, and arts and crafts for the elderly (many of who were formerly homeless); at the AIDS orphanage we facilitate a sports camp, lunches, and school donations. ~ Rich Perry

The Ignatian Way
Words from P. Josep Lluis Iriberri SJ
My mission since 2011 has been the Ignatian Way Pilgrimage. The Ignatian Way follows the footsteps of Saint Ignatius from Loyola to Manresa . A decision by the Spanish Jesuit Provincials put this wave of pilgrims in motion. This November I was on tour along the U.S. East Coast promoting the Ignatian Way. Intense, productive days from Boston College High to Belén Miami, passing through Regis High, Fordham Prep, Georgetown Prep and Gonzaga in D.C. Included in the tour were universities, parishes and communities CVX-CLC. The figure of Ignatius the Pilgrim, the value of pilgrimage in his life, and in our lives, was brought to teachers, leaders and students. I believe I showed how the life of St. Ignatius is a good model to follow in our lives. The Ignatian Pilgrimage is a way to unite oneself with the Ignatian spirit, to unite history with spirituality learned in class or in retreats . The Ignatian Way Office of the Pilgrim in Barcelona provides advice and guidance to those institutions who want to live this experience, whether they be adult groups, or student groups. I want to thank the dedication and interest of all the people who collaborated in making this tour possible and its promotion in so many cities. We trust that the Ignatian Way will continue to grow as a formative tool for youth and adults . The efforts we put in today to promote the Way will show results in the 500-year celebration of the conversion and the first pilgrimage of Saint Ignatius to Manresa. I hope you all feel called to this Pilgrimage. 
I give you all my sincere appreciation for the support and warm reception. May God accompany us on our journey. Ignatius invites to come along as well.  ~ Fr. Josep Lluis Iriberri, SJ
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