#JSNNews Volume 2 | Number 9 | July 18, 2017
How is your summer reading going? This Jesuit school's mascot likes to tackle it head-on!

I recently received a letter from Marcos Recolons, S.J., the Director of Fe y Alegría in Haiti, asking me to thank the JSN schools for contributing over $10,600 to the 2nd Ignacianos por Haiti Campaign. He writes: “It has been a great success, both in raising awareness among the students of the Jesuit schools and in raising funds.”

Thank you for everything each of our schools is doing for our students to become global companions!
Cohort Gatherings 2017-2018
Groups gathering at the conference level in the coming academic year are: 

Online Community Discussions
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A Musical Spring for Loyola High School

Countless hours of learning, practicing, and refining of skills culminated in some truly uplifting musical performances by Loyola High School (Montreal) students, both at school and on the road in Ottawa and at a national gathering in Trois-Rivières, Quebec.

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Midwest Province Jesuit Educators Embark on Ignatian Pilgrimage
A group of Midwest Province educators, led by former University of Detroit Jesuit High School president Karl Kaiser, SJ, and U of D Jesuit teacher Claudia Foerg, traveled to Spain and Rome to walk in the footsteps of St. Ignatius of Loyola.
George Winzenburg, S.J. President of Red Cloud Indian School, had a chance to reconnect with two alumnae at the WUJA Congress on the campus of John Carroll University.
Central & Southern Province Jesuits Working in Secondary Education Gather for Convocation
For two days following the Central & Southern Province's recent ordinations, more than 40 Central & Southern Province Jesuits involved with high school ministry gathered for a convocation on the campus of Loyola University in New Orleans. 

Central & Southern Province Jesuits Welcome Geoff Miller as New Provincial Assistant for Secondary Education 
Father Ronald A. Mercier, SJ, provincial of the Central & Southern Province Jesuits, has announced the hiring of Dr. Geoffrey Miller as the next provincial assistant for secondary and pre-secondary education for the UCS Province.

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