Volume X August 1. 2020
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Enjoy a National Podcast, a new Killer Kudzu Website and a Magical Quote from A Brownstone in Brooklyn!.
Killer Kudzu Website:
´╗┐Fall of 2020
Get a sneak preview of the Prologue and enjoy the book Trailer of Killer Kudzu: A unique Southern Science Fiction Novel!

Magical Quote from
A Brownstone in Brooklyn
Think about the special times in your life! As a novelist I captured this moment for Andy Michael Pilgrim, who is starting his thirty-year Journey. This is a quote which illustrates how life shits on a dime!

A Relax Conversation/Interview
with Author Charles Baker
Author Charles Baker Interview!
In a very, very relaxed conversation/interview with author Charles Baker we covered, in a podcast, the topics of creative writing, my career as an author, creative writing instructor at Evening at Emory, publishing and marketing strategies: