TRANSLUCENT LOOSE POWDER-- both neutral and light--regularly $20 on sale for $18.  (This item rarely, if ever, goes on sale so take advantage now.)
MINERAL LOOSE FOUNDATION --light, beige, and tan--  regularly $26.50, on sale for $23.85.
MINERAL PRESSED POWDER --whisper beige which is light--regularly $26.50 on sale for $23.85. 


If you want a luminous sun-kissed look without having to sit in the sun or spray on a tan try the Adrien Arpel Bronzing Kaleidoscope. It usually sells for $22.50 but is on sale for $20 this month. 

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  • When buying a swimsuit, think about the cover-up that will look great with it. Tunics can sometimes double as swimsuit cover-ups.
  • Pay close attention to the bras you wear with white or light colored tops. Avoid wearing lacy bras underneath sheer or form-fitting white tops. Instead choose a smooth cup bra in nude if you are light skinned or in black if you are dark.
  • If your bra strap still shows when wearing a camisole or tank top, sew lingerie tapes into the shoulder seam to hold your bra straps in place. Or get bra tamers that conceal bra straps and are easy to use and reuse while requiring no sewing. They are available in lingerie shops, Target and on line.
  • Lined pockets in white or sheer pants can cause problems. If they are visible through the fabric, consider snipping out the lining and sew the pockets closed.
  • Lighter colors and softer fabrics can make undies -- or absence of undies -- a matter of public display. Find undies in a color close to your skin tone. Find styles that do not cut into the soft tissue of your behind and create unsightly indentations. If your lower body is not as toned as you might like, look for undies with a control component. And avoid wearing lacy or sheer undergarments with white pants.
  • During the summer months, carry a Tide-to-Go instant stain remover stick in your makeup bag. The item really works. It seems that summer foods such as grilled items and ice cream and strawberries are magnets for staining clothes. The instant stain remover stick helps to save clothing from permanent stains.
  • Summer is a great season to splurge with color. Think outside the box when combining colors but make sure the colors closest to your face are your most becoming. (If you haven't had your colors analyzed and would like to know which are your most becoming, call or e-mail me for an appointment and mention this newsletter to get a 10% reduction in the cost.)
  • Place clothes dryer sheets in the toes of your shoes and sandals (when you are not wearing them) to keep them smelling fresh and clean.
  • Love linen but hate wrinkles? Look for linen blends that will keep wrinkling to a minimum. Also ask your dry cleaner to use extra starch when laundering your linen pieces. 
  • Consider purchasing a professional steamer. They are easy to use and take only a few minutes to get wrinkles out. They are available through Bed Bath and Beyond, Front Gate, Target, Hammacher Schlemmer and the Internet.
  • If you want your vacation clothing to come out of your suitcase wrinkle-free, try folding them in "envelopes" by Eagle Creek (Container Store or Internet.) You can also fold them in tissue paper or in plastic, dry-cleaning bags before packing them in your suitcase.
  • Do not wear heavy leather dress pumps with summer fabrics such as linen, matte jersey or silk. Sandals and sling-backs look good with these fabrics.
  • Pantsuits often look good with sandals. If you want to wear a colored sandal with this look, match the color of the sandal to your pant, top or belt. 
  • Sheer, nude or buff-colored stockings are the best choice for summer. 
  • Do not wear hose or dress pumps with Capri pants; it defeats the purpose of this casual trend.




A DROP OF EYELINER SEALER ($10) into your favorite eye shadow will create a beautiful liner. 

Just wet your brush with a drop of the sealer before applying your favorite eye shadow along your lash line. It can add a vibrant pop of color to your every day look. 



Put away the bleach. Using bleach on whites can weaken fibers and cause yellowing over time. At the first sign of dullness, soak them over night in water with a strong pretreater, like Oxiclean Versatile Stain Remover. Then wash them with detergent in warm or hot water, and dry them at a cool temperature -- hot dryers are another yellowing culprit. 


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