July 2020
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Our nation was founded on a simple idea: We're all created equal. We've never lived up to it — but we've never stopped trying. This Independence Day, let's not just celebrate those words, let's commit to finally fulfill them. Happy  #FourthOfJuly !
Usually at this time of year we are celebrating the achievements of Democracy. THIS 4th of July weekend finds us locked in our homes trying to avoid the various crises brought down on our heads by Donald Trump and the Republican Party.

Not since the Civil War has there been such a devastating threat to our health and safety as a nation. Our time to act is NOW.

There are many, many opportunities for you to make a difference - from local races for city council and school board to races for state and federal elections - both in California and many other swing states.

Below is a list of the many ways YOU can make a difference this month! EVERY PICTURE or GRAPHIC IS A LINK TO VOLUNTEER. There are opportunities for every interest and comfort level, from phone-banking to letter and postcard writing to hosting a fundraiser! No matter how you participate, everything YOU DO WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE!
We have great candidates running for important positions in our community! Click on their links below to get involved in politics on a grassroots local level!

Leticia Clark , Tustin Mayor Pro Tem is running for re-election! You can read about her journey to the Tustin City council HERE. Support her HERE and HERE.

Lee Fink is running for Tustin City Council on a progressive platform of keeping Tustin healthy and safe and rebuilding our local economy. Tustin needs his skills - support him HERE and HERE.

Allyson Damikolas is running for Tustin Unified School Board. Allyson's passion for education will help the children of Tustin Unified achieve their tremendous potential. Support her HERE and HERE .
  • Supports bold action on climate change now
  • Supports comprehensive, long-term solutions to the homelessness crisis in Orange County
  • Champions high quality education while advocating for reforms that address the challenges our state faces
  • Believes that healthcare is a basic human right and that everyone should have access to reliable affordable healthcare
  • Views Women’s Rights as fundamental to a strong society
  • Will fight for an economy that works for the middle class because the people of this state deserve more.
  • Click HERE to ind out more about Dave!
We proved in 2018 that Orange County Democrats are a force to be reckoned with - it's time to mobilize our forces and reelect Katie so she can keep fighting for us in Washington! Click on Links Below to Participate!
America is under attack by its own president, who proudly sides with the three forces that sought to end us: the Confederacy, the Nazis, and Russia. And the Republican Party has become Trump’s political hitman. We must stop them.
To do that, we need to take back the White House, flip the Senate, grow our House majority, and win the state legislatures who can roll back gerrymandering. 

The solution is as simple as it is powerful: talking to strangers. It’s the proven #1 way to win elections. Did you know that 60% of unregistered voters have never been asked to register?
To win in November, we register Democrats where they’ll make the most impact – in our  Battleground States . These are the purple states where new Democrats will help us swing elections up and down the ballot.

Now that we’re all avoiding crowds, our conversations happen over the phone, via text, on social media, or by postcard or letter.

Register Democrats
Save the World
With Field Team 6
Field Team 6 uses data analytics, targeting software and their own nerd brains to
  • Hunt down unregistered progressives and get them on the voter rolls where they belong!
  • Sign up every registered Democrat to vote from home! 

Swing Left helps you find the most impactful things you can do to help Democrats win the most important elections. 2020 is here, and the work to defeat Trump and the GOP in November starts NOW.  Sign up  to receive actions you can take, as they become available.

We focus our efforts on flipping seats from red to blue and winning Democratic majorities. Instead of engaging in the primaries, Swing Left organizes and fundraises year-round to give eventual Democratic nominees critical support in their general election battles.

We can all help save the country from the forces attacking our democracy. But, most of us don’t live in Swing Districts or Super States, where races matter the most. Swing Left makes it as easy as possible for you to have maximum impact on the most important elections—from wherever you live.

Click on opportunities listed below OR log onto www.SwingLeft.org for a complete list of opportunities!
Your Postcards Make A Difference In A Swing State!
An excellent way to help elect Democrats nationwide is to get set-up to do postcard writing from home. You can sign up to write and send postcards while at home during this healthcare emergency. POSTCARDS TO VOTERS a great way to reach out to Democrats across the country - especially to those in vital swing states! It's easy just click on THIS LINK .
Proven Effective
In multiple randomized trials, voters who received a letter were significantly more likely to vote.

Easy and Fast
We give you a template. Just print, complete, fold, sign, and mail.

Take Action Anywhere
You can send letters no matter where you live.

Active Campaigns in EVERY SWING STATE!

To get started, log on to www.VoteForward.com to set up your account - it's easy and will make a BIG difference in November!
Get Involved in Individual Dem Races!
Are you passionate about "Ditching Mitch?" Does Susan Collins make your blood boil? Would you like to send Joni Ernst back to the farm? Then consider getting directly involved in the campaigns to unseat them and kick them out of the Senate! Click on your favorite candidate below to get started!
Want to unseat Susan Collins??? Support Sarah Gideon!
Ditch Mitch -Defend Democracy! Support Amy McGrath
Sick of Thom Tillis?
Kick out Martha McSally - Support Mark Kelly!
We are DONE with Joni Ernst -
Done with the graft of David Perdue? - Support Jon Ossoff!
Food Desperately Needed in Tustin
The Sunday Supper program is answering the incredible need for food support in our community by providing a simple take-away dinner and limited, prepackaged groceries.

They have shifted their focus from unhoused guests to those with families, a rising group of guests. Each household receives a pre-bagged selection of groceries with 2 designations for the bags: one for people with kitchen access and one for those without. Families are also allowed to choose from donated Sprouts bakery items and given a $10 gift card to a local fast food restaurant or grocery store.


From Sandi Benson, the Director at Sunday Supper, " I can't believe how quickly we are going through groceries. In the 2 years I have been Director I have never seen so many empty spaces on our shelves.  The amount of people coming to us has doubled since the pandemic started ."  

  • Peanut butter 
  • Jelly 
  • Other canned protein, tuna, chicken, etc. We can use cans both with and without pop-top lids
  • Bags of rice 
  • Packages of pasta 
  • Spaghetti Sauce, jars or cans
  • Canned tomatoes
  • Canned vegetables (no spinach or peas)
  • Canned fruit
  • Bottled water
  • Juice boxes
  • Individual cereal packs
  • Individual Chips
  • Boxed Mac & Cheese
  • Cups of Noodles
  • Small bottles of hand sanitizer
  • Paper & fabric face masks
  • Toilet Paper
  • Grocery / Fast Food Gift Cards ($10 Gift Cards Only, Please)

Donations can be made in the following ways:
  • At St. Pauls (1221 Wass - Tustin, CA) there is a small blue bin on the right at the front of the church office. It's behind the welcome sign.
  • Large Donations: Sandy can arrange to meet you at the church. (1sandib@gmail.com) She is usually there once a week.
  • $10 gift cards can be dropped through the mail slot located to the left of the office door, but mark the envelope "Sunday Supper." They can also be mailed to the address below.
  • Financial Donations: please make the check payable to Sunday Supper and send to Sunday Supper at St. Pauls, 1221 Wass - Tustin, CA 92780
Know Someone who needs food assistance?
Stay in touch with Rep. Katie Porter
Stay in touch with Katie as she fights for her constituents. You can follow her on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

To sign up for email updates from Katie CLICK HERE

To EMAIL Katie: CLICK HERE or call either of her offices to speak to a staff member:
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