JULY - 2020
Our goal is to rescue stray dogs of any breed off the streets of Detroit that are injured, sick or that are in imminent danger and need immediate medical attention.

July 2020 has been an incredibly heartbreaking and expensive month for our organization. We rescued an alarming number of dogs that were either sick or extremely injured, several of which, despite our best efforts, did not survive. We are still mourning the loss of these innocent dogs, some of which were subjected to abuse, inhumane treatment and/or neglect beyond our comprehension. This past week I met with a detective and an investigator from the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office regarding several of these animal abuse/neglect cases. We will continue to fight hard to make sure that those who neglect or abuse animals are brought to justice and to speak for the voiceless animals that are victimized. Their lives are precious and they will not be forgotten. 

We want to extend a heart felt thank you to everyone who has donated towards the care of our rescued dogs. During the first 3 weeks of July, our veterinary bills exceeded $20,000.00. Your tax deductible donations truly do allow us to make miracles happen for the destitute dogs that need us the most.

With sincere gratitude,

  Theresa Sumpter
Executive Director, Detroit Pit Crew
Here are a few of our July rescues
Faith was brought to us severely emaciated and in critical condition. We rushed her to a vet hospital and it was determined that she had a blockage. She had been suffering for some time. We paid for emergency surgery hoping to save her but her body was just to weak to recovery from surgery. Rest easy Faith and know that you will not be forgotten.

We were contacted by an FBI Agent that was working in Detroit and spotted Lizzy running the streets severely malnourished, dehydrated and full of maggots. We picked up Lizzy and rushed her to an emergency hospital where she was treated for maggots, dehydration and numerous infected wounds. She is now recovering in a wonderful foster home and she is looking forward to her new better life.
Gelato was found running the streets of Detroit severely injured with numerous infected bite wounds. We also noticed that his teeth appeared to been ground down and we believe that he may have been used as a bait dog for dog fighting. We rushed him to an emergency vet where he was treated and later released. He is now doing well and is recovering.
Poor Liberty was seen being tossed out of a vehicle in Detroit. We were sad to see her condition when we arrived at the scene. She had a serious case of mange with secondary skin infection and she was severely malnourished. We rushed her to a veterinary hospital where she was treated and now she is in a loving foster home where she is continuing her recovery.
Hope had been given away by her owner to some kids that were walking by. Once the kids got her home they realized that she was very sick and she later tested positive for parvo. They were not able to pay for her medical care so we agreed to take her. Sadly despite our best efforts, Hope died 4 days later. Rest easy Hope and know that you will not be forgotten.
Little Abel was surrendered to us by his owner when he was only 3 days old. His little legs were not working properly and his mom had stopped feeding him. He has been receiving round-the-clock care in one of our medical foster homes and he is thriving. When he gets a little older he will be headed to physical therapy.
Whiskey was rescued in Detroit as he was running around on a busy road. He was limping and severely matted. We had him groomed and took him to a vet hospital and it was determined he had a dislocated ankle with bone fragments in them. He is going to have a surgical repair soon and will be looking forward to his new happier life off the streets.
We received a call from the Detroit Police regarding China who had been a victim during a drive-by shooting. We went to the location and watched as the officer picked her up she continued to wag her tail. We rushed her to an emergency vet for care but sadly the bullet had done too much damage. Rest easy China and know you will be missed sweet girl.
Poor little Cassidy had been dumped on someones porch in Detroit by their neighbor who knew her foot had been injured. Our contact reported that she was injured for a while before her paw and toes feel off. We took her to a vet hospital for care and when she gets a little older she will be getting a prosthetic to walk on. Cassidy is already enjoying her new better life!
For my upcoming birthday I am asking that my supporters help me raise money for our rescued dogs by donating any amount. This year we have a very special donor who is matching all donations made in honor of my birthday up to $5,000!

I am so thankful and grateful for all our generous supporters who have helped our organization and been a part of our journey to help the poor stray dogs in Detroit that desperately need our help.

With sincere gratitude,

Theresa Sumpter
Executive Director

Hello again fellow fur parents. It is that time of year when we are all sitting in the pool or enjoying ice cream in order to keep cool, but what about our four-legged friends? When temperatures are pushing high degrees we need to be on the lookout for our pups getting over-heated, such as excessive panting, drooling, collapse or death. Especially if you have a large breed or brachycephalic (Pug, Frenchie, Bulldog, etc.) then you need to be extra cautious as they are more likely to overheat.

Please try to avoid the heat when planning activities with your pups and walk them in the cooler mornings or evenings. Picking the cooler time of day to walk will also save their paws from pavement burns. Do not ever leave your animal in the car even in cooler temperatures as the car heats up quicker than you think. If you pup does start showing signs that they are getting overheated please cool them off as soon as possible and contact your veterinarian if they do not settle down in a few minutes.

Kayla Stomack, DVM
This past week we were contacted about two separate incidents involving dogs that collapsed due to extreme heat exhaustion. Sadly both dogs died before we were able to get them to a veterinary hospital. Please don't walk your dogs in extreme temperatures because it doesn't take long for a dog to collapse in these hot temperatures.
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