4TH OF JULY 2019
A Brief History of the Fourth of July Celebration in Claremont
The Fourth of July is Claremont's most festive community holiday and has been an important annual event throughout the city's history. Early Fourth of July activities in the 1900s took place at Claremont Grammar School (now Sycamore School), before moving on to Pomona College's Greek Theatre in Blanchard Park and the athletic field in 1910.  View the full article: 
Please join Claremont Heritage for a small-town 4th of July celebration in Memorial Park -Visit our booth (#13) and become a  
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Schedule for the festivities can be found

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STEVEN RUSHINGWIND | Exhibition & Concert | Free Admission 
Saturday July 6 | Ginger Elliott Gallery | Memorial Park 
Painting Exhibition 6:00 - 9:00 pm / Concert 8:00 pm in courtyard 
CLOSING RECEPTION: Sunday July 21 | 6 - 9 pm | Art + Music 
Steven Rushingwind Art Mission Statement:   
In life we pass by ordinary objects, never really seeing them. These object might be invisible to the average person, but an artist sees beauty in such common items. A can of soup, an apple or a pear or an old abandoned building that you pass by each day, becomes a celebrated object. As I paint these objects on canvas, I project my moods onto these objects, so they take on a life, a piece of my life, reflecting the twists and turns I've taken along the journey.  

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