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Welcome to Issue #10!
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I hope you are doing very, very well as we all know too many people who just aren't. The purpose here, for this newsletter is just stand on it own, a small reminder of some degree of normality with simply being a fan of music. I hope you'll discover some tidbits that will make your day brighter and fill it with a bit more joy.

I was hoping to get this to you a day earlier but...well, a year ago it took about 8 hours to put these together, six months ago 12 hours and this one you read here over 15 hours of curation, editing, layout and testing. "Project Creep".

Anyhow, as mentioned the other day(hope you opened that email), there's a lot coming from these parts. Not being able to work on my consulting work full-time as I had been has opened up new passions to start writing again and figure out new ways to serve the music. I have two (music) books in the works, to be completed before year-end, a podcast(or two) and the " Best Power Pop of 2019 " 3-CD being completed in August - and more.

So you benefit, I hope you feel - as the activity of what I've been doing in this small realm of power pop since 1994 has been to serve the artists, the music and its fans. I've been blessed to have been able to have it be a 'job' for most of those years....so if you've supported that in the recent past with buying something/anything, I deeply thank you and this newsletter is part of that thanks. It means a lot to me and in these kind of days, it helps.

Peace 'n Pop,

P.S. Make sure you grab the four free compilations from the listings below. I'll highlight two quickly: a 33-song Summer Collection from Rum Bar Records and a great comp from UK's Kelly's Heels gather up their best from their 20 year career.
EMMIT RHODES: 1950-2020
Sigh. Just... sigh. After more than 40 years gone from his fans, he returned a few years ago with a new album and even a documentary. Links below but I'll just say meeting him in the late 90s at small LA bar was a highlight of those early Not Lame years, just two guys talking about a whole lotta nothing and something, too.

Emitt was...one of ours.

There's so much(sadness, confusion) in the documentary but focusing on just the music, a simple quote says what matters most with what we have left: "Like Paul McCartney on a good day."

Spotify Playlist - HERE
Cool early promo short film - HERE
A beautiful post from Lefsetz - HERE
Wikipedia - HERE
Documentary - HERE
Facebook - HERE
Omnivore "Rainbow Ends" Release - HERE
Fan Site - HERE
Great Collection of Music mixed with classic Emmit tracks - HERE
Article on Death - HERE
Interviewed on Adam Carolla podcast - HERE
"No You Don't" - live, 1974 w/ Priest Lead Vocals - HERE
(Drummers! Watch Mick Tucker's drum fills!)
Just one of my absolute favorite bands during the 70s, a band that never quite got their due or respect, especially in their homeland of the United Kingdom. Yet, the body of work still stands solid, especially the run from 1973-1982.

That said, it was LIVE that Sweet ripped it up. When I say they did not get their due, yes, I'm talking about their studio albums but more so the level of musicianship that these four guys achieved as in their element performing to human beings. Today, there's only one of the hard-rocking four left still standing(Andy Scott).
Listen to the interview - HERE
Visit the Power Pop Overdose blog - HERE
Listen to all the other interviews - HERE
Interview with me(Bruce Brodeen) on the Power Pop Overdose Podcast
I extoll the wonderful of the Power Pop Overdose site here regularly and I guess it paid off for me as its indomitable leader, Curt Vance reached out to interview me recently. ;-P

Seriously, Curt does a great job with everyone he interviews and part of his special, unique sauce is...based upon the interview and artists discussed, the interviewee along with the interviewer come up with a play list around the interview. Follow that? Don't worry. Just go the links to the left and listen....
Click on the images of each album to get
more information and order.
"The arrangements are very up, but are equally Burt Bacharach and Brian Wilson as much as Gilbert O'Sullivan or John Howard. Indeed comparisons could be made to Ben Folds and there is definitely a Jellyfish vibe here and it's strong. There's a lot to compare to Roger Manning Jr." - I Don't Hear A Single

"There's a much greater concentration on the Pop here than on previous offerings. The feel is somewhere between 60’s US Pop and UK 70’s Pop Rock, the latter most relevant on the ‘Goodbye Yellow Brick Road’ glimpses of ‘Under Your Spell’. There's the McCartney pop of ‘Stars In Her Eyes’. ‘Birds In A Blue Sky’ could easily fit on XTC's ‘Skylarking’... a gentle masterpiece." - HereComesTheFlood
  A 2CD collection of never before released music by this 80’s Southern California band. While the studio recordings often portray them as a poppy 60’s-influenced rock band, live the group sounded like a surfed up Ramones, where their inherent power pop instincts turned into straight on surf punk - about as powerful and messy as surf music ever got.
  “Sounding like a long-lost Big Star gem, ‘This Girl’ pairs pop aspirations with roots-rock touches to positive perfection.  Raw and authentic, the catchy tune stands as the ideal preview to an album of similarly inclined goods we have come to expect from the Successful Failures.” – Beverly Paterson

“As the world turns on an unsettling axis, Richard Turgeon keeps churning out one brilliant song after another. He is truly one of the finest contemporary artists composing and playing roots-styled pop rock” – Popalooza.com  
" Glistening with genuine passion and intelligent insight...” – SomethingElseReviews.com
   “Combining an aggressive guitar attack with catchy riffs and vocal work, ‘When The Dust Settles’ displays a wealth of songwriting talent.  Song structure and performance rule with an alternative pop rock sound. The complexity of the record is the antidote to uninspiring earworms and shallow repetition.Though comparisons to Gaz Coombes are in line, Squeeze’s Difford and Tilbrook also come to mind." MusicInterviewMagazine.com 
Click on the images of each album to get
more information and order.
"Teenager's Heartbreak combines punk rock from the 70s and early 80s with an epic voice that seems to remember the rock n' roll crooners and the tenors of the 50s doo wop."
Garage rock growl and a few songwriting tricks they learned from touring the world with legendary powerpoppers like The Flamin’ Groovies, and Paul Collins Beat.
They want to put a little sunshine and fun back in rock’n’roll by combining the classic sounds of The Ramones, The Beat, The Rubinoos, The Real Kids… and top it off with sprinkles of 60’s girl groups, surf and even a little bit of 70’s glam.
"The garage rock, classic punk-spiked vibe here is pretty similar to the Dogmatic tunes: short, distortion-slathered tunes with boozy sing along choruses and hooks that stick with you long after then songs have stopped playing." - New Noise
Garage, Punk, Glam, Greaser, Power-Pop, Paisley Rock, Heartland-Punk, Blue Collar Pub Rock, Twang, Dirty Blues, Cow Punk, Surf's Up!!
"A tour de force of Midwest-tough rock and roll formed from equal parts power pop, hard rock, and old school glam punk." - Faster And Louder
Make sure you CLICK HERE for a better viewing experience and to be able to read everything otherwise it will be cut short in your browser.
Click on the images of each album to get
more information and order.

The longtime and beloved California indie-pop band returns to beguile listeners once again with Temescal Telegraph, a ten song collection exploring themes from acceptance and loss to climate change, childhood, and the nature of time itself.  

" After being a vinyl-only release, one of 2019's absolute finest, this self-titled release is now available on CD and digitally! The anthemic songwriting and power-pop crunchiness is pronounced here... I couldn’t find a single weak track. Without a doubt, it belongs on my top ten list for power pop album of 2019. Super highly recommended." Power Popaholic

Long Overdue is a virtual how-to manual on how to craft the textbook-perfect guitar-pop debut. It's a stack of tracks the likes of which might have felt at home in 1979 amongst the sterling first albums from The Records, The Beat, 20/20 and The Knack, each stuffed with should-be hits. 

A double album, featuring 17 brand new tracks and lavish design work from the group's visual arts collaborator Joseph Champniss, the album showcases one of Britain's finest purveyors of literate psychedelic pop at the height of their melodic and genre-defying powers.

Big Stir Singles:
The Sixth Wave
This special 23-song collection documents the period between mid-February and late April of 2020, and on its tracks, you can hear the world changing right before your ears. The disc is every bit the sterling collection of exemplary global guitar pop that Waves 1-5 were, but across its running time it clearly pivots to the sounds of musicians addressing the worldwide pandemic through direct artistic responses and the fundraising efforts that accompanied many of the singles upon release. This is heart and soul music as always, of uniformly impressive quality and fundamentally boisterous and uplifting. But on The Sixth Wave listeners can feel those hearts coming together for a bigger purpose.
Make sure you check out all the Big Stir Singles collections, in less than 2 yrs,
they've released over 60 A&B sides!

Never heard of KELLY'S HEELS? Well, if you were around the Not Lame world in the 00s, you could not help but have heard or have heard about them. It's time for a re-boot of awareness because now you can...

Click HERE for an absolutely awesome 13-song compilation put together just for you, dear Pop Geek! 13 great songs that will allow you to re-experience some classic sounds of power pop of yesteryear done today. ENJOY!

Also, find out more about Bob Kelly and Kelly's Heels by going to THIS LINK

And check out the side project from Kelly's UK-soul revue(a bit 'o Commitments) by going to THIS LINK
Out back at the end of June and now available! Details at THIS LINK

Poets & Sinners Press
"Sitting firmly in a pop tradition that marries Mick Ronson to Marmalade on some mythical Carnaby Street USA, it’s a seamless pairing and meshing of styles. And if you thought there were no instantly-memorable singalong choruses left to be written in that sort of idiom, you’ll be happy to find out just how wrong you were. Brilliant." (4 stars). Shindig!
"With their first full length collaboration, Poets & Sinners, Rogers & Butler have found an ideal symmetry that brings out the best in them both." American Songwriter
Seven Sisters, by Cliff Hillis

New song from the indomitable Cliff Hillis, he of a long, successful solo career and erstwhile member of power pop legends Starbelly. This is a hint for an upcoming EP coming very soon on our horizon.

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Open Sound featuring Fernando Perdomo

Perdomo might be one of the most overlooked talents in the power pop realm the last few years but his diverse music is more far-reaching(check out his "Out to Sea") but here...it's PURE POWER POP deliciousness. Perfection.

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Lisa Mychols & SUPER 8 album - JUST RELEASED!

Painting sounds in Sunshine-Bubblegum Garage and Power Pop from power pop legendary couple, Lisa Mychols and Tom Richards of the Waking Hours

Read more
Nick Piunti never disappoints and now that he's on JEM RECORDINGS, here's to more people knowing a fact that power pop fans have known for almost 10 years.

" You always know what you're getting with a Nick Piunti album: timeless songs with great hooks and clever lyrics influenced by every great era of guitar pop. You can't go wrong with any title in his catalog. But working with The Complicated Men, he's truly topped himself with Downtime. This is at once a classic Nick Piunti record and something a little different...Fingers crossed that the world affords us Nick Piunti & The Complicated Men at Budokan someday! " - Faster &Louder blog

Listen to it all - HERE
Piunti home page - HERE
Icecream Hands - New Album!

OUT ON AUGUST 10th! No Weapon But Love will be the seventh full-length studio album from Aussie power pop band Icecream Hands - and their first in 13 years!

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Face The Facts by The Bookends

The Bookends' second album, coming in September from JEM Records, a song to whet your whistle upon....

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Label founder & visionary,
E PISODE #1 - click HERE
EPISODE #2 - click HERE
EPISODE #4 - click HERE
EPISODE #5 - click HERE
EPISODE #6 - click HERE


Stephen "SPAZ" Schnee (power pop aficionado extraordinaire)
Sal Baglio (the Stompers, Rock E. Rollins)
Bruce Brodeen (Not Lame Recordings, Pop Geek Heaven)

SKIPS & SCRATCHES  is a stream of consciousness YouTube podcast with absolutely no agenda, outline or clue with what it should be about....other than, an excavation project surfacing of long-lost memories of vinyl shopping in the 60s, 70s and 80s.

Its hosts make no claims that it will be entertaining except to (hopefully) a few select music loving geeks and that these debut episodes(more beyond the first two below coming in the next weeks) are first attempts to kick-start our sagging brain capacity to regale you with self-contained memories which will ideally trigger your own unique, cherished ones - and have you reaching for long-lost vinyl to play once again.

If you enjoy it, share it. If you hate it, share it - the hosts are old enough now to not give a rip.

There are so many new folks that are receiving this ever-growing newsletter, it seems like a good time to make sure that no one misses out on the past fun, right?

Here are links to the past issues for your music-loving edification.

APRIL 2019 - click HERE
MAY 2019 - click HERE
JUNE 2019 - click HERE
JULY 2019 - click HERE
AUGUST 2019 - click HERE
MAY 2020 - HERE
Okay, this is one of favorite albums of all time. Brilliant Jack Douglas production, stellar engineering from Jay Messina and ripping band at their creative heights. Now, Here a great story behind the making of "Sweet Emotion". click HERE
Rockshow, by Kai Danzberg

Rockshow by Kai Danzberg, released 24 July 2020 1. Rockshow 2. Oh, Girl! (feat. Drake Bell) (Jazz Version) 3. You & Me 4. Living Room 5. Waiting For You 6. Let Him Go (feat. Dear Stella) 7. Making It Right 8. Magic Night 9. Undone (feat. Johann...

Read more
The "I Don't Hear A Single" blog, mentioned elsewhere in this newsletter recently posted a must-read interview with Sugarplastic mainman, Ben Eshbach AND compiled a list of the blog's favorite tracks, which would almost completely different than my own..but that's just a stamp of greatness of a truly great band.

Listen to the Sugarplastic collection - HERE
read Mick Dillingham's truly insightful interview with Ben Eshbach - HERE
Sugarplastic YouTube Channel - HERE
NEW from Sal Baglio(the Stompers, the Amplifier Heads)!

"If this EP is indicative of what an upcoming full length might sound like then we’re in for another treat. Baglio’s slightly off-center pop sensibility always makes for good listening and the title track is memorable & very catchy" Power Pop Reviews

Read more

'nuf sed, yes? Yes. Here are the relevant links for you take action on, my friend.

Spotify - HERE
Video - HERE
Bill's site - HERE
Order CD - HERE
Amazon - HERE
Facebook - HERE
The History Of Australian Pop Music In 60 Essential Tracks

The story of Australian pop isn't a linear one. A mess of a thousand different conflicting influences and commercial pressures, our mainstream is weirder than pretty much any on the planet. We're constantly in the process of reinventing...

Read more
New Song from Anthony Perkins of Martin Luther Lennon!

"Hello everyone, this is my original song blog. It's,what I think is going to be, a once a month presentation of one of a group of songs that I recorded last year. They come from all eras, some of them new songs that I just wrote last year, as...

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70s Kid? Retro Rare
Toy Commercials
First Impression, by The Reflectors

Thanks to the supremely wonderful, Jim Horan for making sure I didn't miss this one. First song reminds me of what Wire would sound like if they went for the power in pop. All round cool rocking digital slap of power pop.

Read more
TOMMY RAY! - First Hits Free, by TOMMY RAY!

Tommy Ray (& The CRY!!) The CRY! Is a band from Portland that has earned rave reviews from Rolling Stone, Maximum Rock'n'Roll and other industry sources. TOMMY RAY! is The CRY!'s frontman and principal songwriter. His 2020 release "First Hits...

Read more
Dark Clouds, by Johnny Stanec

"As the country shutdown during the spring of 2020 I got the idea to invest in some recording equipment and try my hand at recording some songs myself. This is the first song released from those sessions."

Read more
Shoebox Diaries (50 copies only) Australian orders only...

Finally Australian ‘90s music had a place to be celebrated and adulated. This comp is quite special, in that most of these songs haven’t ever been released or even heard before – this is such a stunning snapshot of 1990s era Australian music.

Read more
Lost Song from 90s, recorded in 2020 by Ken Stringfellow!

Got yr attention? Cool. This song was written by Patrick Frey in the 90s and was worked on recently & recorded by Stringfellow . A few weeks ago, it has been finished & unearthed and you can listen to it now at the link below. ENJOY!

Read more
The Shindig! Broadcast - Club Night & Radio Show

Where to see the team spin sounds that inspire the magazine and its ethos and to hear them monthly on the radio Every month Jon 'Mojo' Mills and co-presenters take "The Shindig! Broadcast" to the award winning Soho Radio, where music featured in...

Read more
Something In The Air, by The Maureens

Came out in early 2019 but I somehow missed this one so I'm highlighting now as you might have missed it, too. :-)

Read more
Interview:Michael Giblin of Cherry Twister & The Split Squad

The Split Squad is a supergroup featuring Clem Burke (Blondie), Keith Streng (The Fleshtones), Eddie Munoz (The Plimsouls), and Josh Kantor (The Baseball Project) that you might not be aware of...

Read more
Speaking of Cherry Twister above...here's a fun, short podcast from SPAZ covering the recorded career of Cherry Twister and the projects of Steve Ward and Mike Giblin.
Roger Joseph Manning has updated his web site and....well, that's all you need to know!

CLICK HERE to check it all out
New Single from KEN SHARP

In celebration of the 75th birthday of my hero, Pete Townshend, I wanted to pay tribute with my own version of one of my favorite Townshend penned Who songs, "The Kids Are Alright."

Read more
Always gathering up great new music from all over the world, I DON'T HEAR A SINGLE is a station you need to 'follow' and just regularly stream when you're in the 'discover the new' mood. CLICK HERE to listen to the station and CLICK HERE to dig into the blog
Cocktails Reach Power Pop Ecstasy on "Bun E. Carlos"...

Catastrophic Entertainment , the latest release from Cocktails is slated for a 1 July release via Wizards and Potions. In preparation, the indie/power pop collective offers up a sun-drenched tune named after Cheap Trick's Bun E. Carlos. Not a...

Read more
88 Favorite One-Hit Wonders of the 1970s

FlourishAnyway believes there is a playlist for just about any situation and is on a mission to unite and entertain the world through song. I was a kid in the 1970s but remember the era like it was yesterday. Popular music ranged from mellow soft ...

Read more
Dana Countryman has been around for sometime and, most recently, appeared on the " Best Power Pop of 2018' Pop Geek Heaven collection. He has a truly delightful new album, which I recently wrote about: "With "Come Into My Studio", you'll encounter a unique execution of a vision I've not heard in years; an experience of listening to the AM radio on a sunny, summer beach afternoon in 1975: easy, breezy, sweet with a light, well-timed cool breeze that reminds the listening of a simpler, joy-filled time from your happy music past. There's other influences, of course, but the sounds of the early/mid 70s were pastiches time-stamped with what came before, right? The blendings on Dana Countryman's latest are stylized to connect the parts of your music-loving soul that make you...simply smile. "

So, yeah, I quite like it! ;-P

CLICK HERE to check it out and...

CLICK HERE to grab a new free compilation he put together, as well!
Let It Drift, by Bang 74

“The benchmarks are clear. Power pop & punk rock are the main influences, along with their love of Australian guitar groups. The sound is summarized in the 3 minutes ‘Almighty Fuse’ - a collision between the best of The Who & Cheap Trick" KOTJ.com

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New DOLOUR album.

First release in over 10 years. Listen to it here: https://shanetutmarc.bandcamp.com/

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Free 150-song Comp from Ice Cream Man Power Pop Show & More

"The Show was created to provide an alternative platform for bands, who would not be entertained by the majority of the main stream radio stations. For this reason, we encourage the sharing of the link to this album as far and wide."

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Rare Emmit Rhodes Performance Poptopia Festival, 1997 w/ Ray Paul
The best of the new Co-Vid Sessions I've come across in the past two months is from my old friend, Parthenon Huxley. Funny and poignant and fully focused on offering his fans creative ways to smile inside the experience of these times and enjoy his and others' music. In other words: exactly right tone

It's called: Pandemic Houseguy: Parthenon Huxley’s One-Man Variety Show Fills Touring Void

Parthenon plays his songs in front of a club-like red curtain, plus cover songs that he mashes up in a segment called Mistaken Medleys. “Mistaken Medleys are when you have one song in your head and then another song butts in and takes over. Happens to me all the time and apparently, I’m not alone.”

Watch the first four shows when yr ready for a pick-me-up and, if you're able, support/donate as all know musicians are hit with this every bit as hard so many others these past four months. Each show gets progressively more creative so watch them all.

Show #1: HERE
Show #2: HERE
Show #3: HERE
Show #4: HERE
In another example of 'new crazy, even publications publish reviews of these Co-Vid show and P. has a glowing review in  American Songwriter  magazine which said, “ These shows are distinct from so many we have been seeing, which are sometimes primal in their audio and visual content. P. Hux, as he’s known to many, has created a show from home as funny and compelling as his live shows always have been. The Houseguy shows have music and whimsy mixed with unexpected sound effects, audience noise, other instruments that come out of nowhere, and a great mixture of his classic originals (the man is one of the first kings of power pop) and cool covers.”

Link to Parthenon Huxley's Store:
In this follow up to That'll Be The Day: A Power Pop Heist , the Sharp brothers head to Los Angeles for a recording session at a legendary studio. Bullets fly when they steal a famous guitar from a Hollywood music store, crossing paths with a violent gang of rock & roll memorabilia collectors. The brothers soon find themselves racing across the country to protect their family and save their own skin.

“Loved it. Very descriptive, engaging characters, flowed ever so nicely. Plus, as a bonus, it includes references to The Toms, Shoes and Rubber City Rebels. Another slam dunk for S.W. Lauden!”— John M. Borack, "Shake Some Action 2.0: A Guide to the 200 Greatest Power Pop Albums1970-2017"

Praise for "Good Girls Don't: A Second Power Pop Heist"

"Lauden sets this crime thriller series to a brilliant soundtrack featuring music royalty. The Beatles and The Who. Lauden reminds you of the songs and lets the tempo take you for a ride. Dwight Twilley, Mathew Sweet, and Raspberries. Each story moves forward like a song. "

CLICK HERE to explore and purchase

Click HERE to see the book that started it all
This is not an article but a video I tripped over on Facebook with a show from 2018, which was David Myhr's record release party for "Lucky Day". That should be enough for me just to say...enjoy... HERE
The Pengwins - Life After High School

The band from Texas you likely have never heard of - or heard...and should.

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The Lickerish Quartet Thrives on the Power of Three

Supergroups have been an integral part of the rock mystique practically since the beginning. The so-called Million Dollar Quartet, consisting of Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins and Jerry Lee Lewis, first birthed the concept during an...

Read more
Interview with Keith Klingensmith

Like the steam engine in the children's book story that could, Futureman Records has been the little label that could - always beating the odds, doing the work, always adapting the changing landscape of the music business but always serving the music and the musicians in its stable. Below you'll find an interview with label visionary, Keith Klingensmith, who's band The Legal Matters you'll want to check out, as well.

Interview with Keith Klingensmith - HERE

Futureman's Bandcamp - HERE
Futureman's Discogs - HERE
The Legal Matters - HERE

Go the link below BUT subscribe to the channel. This young millennial woman is a fresh spark to listen to. She did not grow up listening the artists most reading this newsletter did but she's a real music-geek and she's loving the whole experience to encountering releases and artists many folks take for granted. Totally refreshing and expect to be drawn into a rabbit hole.
John Lydon opens up about becoming full-time carer for...

John Lydon has opened up about becoming a full-time carer for his wife Nora Forster, who is suffering from Alzheimer's. The musician has been married to Forster since 1979 and was the stepfather of her daughter, The Slits ' Ari Up, who died in 2010.

Read more
Finn's Motel(used to be the Finns back in the 90s)

In 1995, Not Lame Recording released its 1st of over 120 CDs which featured four songs from five bands - a novel concept that I thought was brilliant at the time but no one seemed particular impressed. One of those bands: The Finns.

Read more
50 Hallucinations and Visions of Rare and Strange Vinyl 

I can't remember where I found this but it's just kinda fun. This is a PDF that came from a vinyl show that took place in 2018 in the Netherlands and has some fun writing which goes over 50 different rare pieces of vinyl that were sold at this event. Pure music geek fun. Click HERE to read or download.
Joe Benoit - artist featured on upcoming "Best of 2019" CD

Former singer of The Regulars has been stepping out on his own over the past few years and caught my ear with last year's "Too Old To Be A Rock Star", which you should check out that link below along with this new song.

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Jody Stephens, Mike Mills Talk Big Star's Legacy in...

Big Star drummer Jody Stephens, R.E.M.'s Mike Mills and more discuss the power pop band's legacy in The Memphis Masters video series. The clip opens with Stephens next to his drumkit as the band's "Thirteen" plays in the background. "I think part ...

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Fauna Flora, overlooked, 'lost' release from 2014

More CHERRY TWISTER related news with this new project from Steve Ward, Joe Pisapia and friends. It's not new(2014) but only just found out about a few weeks ago and believe it will be interest of fans of Steve Ward...

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World Renowned Writer & PGH Contributor: New Graphic Novel:
Florida Man Graphic Novel - Volume One

FLORIDA MAN! The hilarious tales of a larger than life figure from the magical land of Florida, USA | Check out 'Florida Man Graphic Novel - Volume One' on Indiegogo.

Read more
Bees and Bees and Bees, by Brandi Ediss

Featuring King Radio frontman Frank Padallaro and Chris Collingsworth of Fountains of Wayne, lush, lovely, smart and compelling start to finish, "This is just what I needed - it’s like a breath of fresh air!" - a fan!

Read more
EVEN returns with a new EP

An old Not Lame favorite from Australia and from the 00s.

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New Song by Vegas With Randolph

N.S.A. by Vegas With Randolph, released 23 May 2020 N.S.A. (Kern/Ratts) Since you've been gone away The days have been partly sunny all the time Since you're in yesterday The way is getting easier to find I don't mind telling you, feels like a...

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WANDERLUST: Interview the whole band!

Mick's Interviews are incredibly popular on I Don't Hear A Single and their continued success has led me to persuading him to share his archive from the past three to four decades. So every Tuesday, we will cover a past interview on IDHAS that I...

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Who says that school-aged kids don't know have great taste in music?! Better not be you, my friends.

Play this below. Mike Simmons, the super-talented, multi-intstrumentalist leader of many a pop band is a music teacher in a school district in Southern California and some of this students just practiced, created and executed this wondeful take on " Joining A Fanclub" from Jellyfish.
LUND BROTHERS & LOSER - 1993-97: Remasters and Rarities

Geffen Records spec sessions and rare out-takes. A goldmine for fans who seek out the earliest Lund Bros recordings under their previous moniker, "Loser"

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Aimee Mann, Chris Price, Dunhill, Emitt Rhodes, Fernando Perdomo, Jon Brion, Nels Cline, Pat Sansone, RIP, Roger Joseph Manning, Susanna Hoffs, The Merry-Go-Round

Read more
Young British guitarist analyses The Knack with 'My Sharona' Live in 1979
Bright Ideas, by Mike Bankhead

New Artist with an incredibly strong presented here - make sure you check out the other song "Sunday(That Pill)", at the link below.

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Bloody Noses EP, by Richard Thompson

This is an all-acoustic EP

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The Hoodoo Gurus are still going strong, still making great records, and still as powerful a live unit as you’re ever gonna hear (check out their 1998 live album Bite the Bullet if you don’t believe me). They were meant to be back in the US soon, but obviously that’s not happening – rescheduled dates for late next year are on their website. (see below.) And they’ve started work on a new album for next year – their 40 th  Anniversary year - too. 
To get the ball rolling, today they’ve released a new single. It is available on digital platforms worldwide, and you can download it and watch the wild video – featuring Trump, Putin, a golf buggy, a kiss and a cliff – below. These guys aren’t known for political music, but they’re pretty pissed off, and those punk roots are still very strong.
“Hung Out To dry” is an absolute scorcher. 
New Music from...The Jangle Band

Joe Algeri has scraped the barrel and pieced together a scattering of fragments and good intentions recorded intermittently by the various members and lovingly crafted this 5-track ep designed to delight and equally confuse listeners.

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Caper Clowns

Listen in this very interesting and consistently enjoyable band which was featured on the "Best Power Pop of 2018" collection.

Read more
Great 2-part interview with legendary producer BOB EZRIN. I'm always a sucker for these kinds of interviews and Bob Lefsetz is a really good interviewer, usually asking good questions and letting his subject take up the space.
Chris Frantz of Talking Heads and Tom Tom Club Shares Tales

In his new memoir, Remain in Love, Talking Heads and Tom Tom Club drummer Chris Frantz tells the (mostly) upbeat story of his journey from wide-eyed art school student to touring the world with two successful bands

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CREEM: AMERICA'S ONLY ROCK 'N' ROLL MAGAZINE Capturing the messy upheaval of the '70s just as rock was re-inventing itself, the film explores Creem Magazine's humble beginnings in post-riot Detroit, follows its upward trajectory from underground...

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ONE MORE LINK connected to CREEM. Article covering the movie from Lefsetz Letter - Click HERE
Chris Church: Some Hard Rockin' Power Pop for ya!

"An intersection where power pop and eighties metal meet, & how these sub-genres have influenced one another. Obvious first loves immediately jump out, & soar majestically,then hinge themselves in the power of the Knack and Raspberries " Big Takeover

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Album Review: Fake Names - Fake Names -

Supergroup's debut album reminiscent of '80s classics Fake Names indisputably garners the title "supergroup" as their debut album Fake Names drops in early May of 2020. An accumulation of prominent and influential punk names dominates Fake Name's ...

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Down To Earth: How Angel Fell From Grace

Angel seemed to have all the key ingredients for domination of the 70s rock scene: a striking, androgynous image, explosive but radio-friendly music and a spectacular stage show featuring holograms, an animated 11-foot-tall logo designed by Sid...

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Just a reminder of some of the music from many our youths reading this newsletter...BUBBLEGUM music ruled then and it still rules now.
Shake And Pop - Nick Lowe with Elvis Costello & Larry Wallis 1977
Semisonic's first new single in 19 years sounds perfect...

About time, "Closing Time" fellas. Nineteen years since their last album and several years into dropping hints of new material, Semisonic finally issued a new song Friday along with news of a five-song EP coming out Sept. 18.

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'Untenable' Review: Bad Moves' dark yet uplifting...

It has definitely been a hot-topic year. With the coronavirus pandemic and civil unrest in the aftermath of George Floyd's death eating away at our sanity, we can bank upon bands like Washington DC's Bad Moves to offer us a much-needed dose of...

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It's a long story but I found a promo copy of this for .49 cents a porn shop down in the Combat Zone in 1977, I was 15 years old. I did not buy any porn, I was there for the area where the record stations dumped some of their promos(I told about this secret by a clerk the best store in Boston in the late 70s, Nuggets. Found a lot of great albums that day but this was my favorite of the bunch I walked out with(really, I only walked out with vinyl!!)

The Demons story is a fascinating one, some of it documented at the first link below. Never been on CD, not even appeared ripped from vinyl on the many great blogs I've highlighting in this newsletter(please, would someone do this for me?! I'm still playing the original vinyl from '77). They are a quintessential 'coulda been huge' as this debut was nascent, embryonic, hinting at plenty growth...that would never have the opportunity to occur.

The Story & Review of LP - HERE
Discogs - HERE
YouTube - HERE
Facebook - HERE
Martin John Butler - HERE
Post-Demons Songs - HERE and HERE
Things I Never Said, by Oceanator

Oceanator Things I Never Said, releases 28 August 2020 1. Goodbye, Goodnight 2. A Crack In The World 3. Hide Away 4. January 21st 5. Heartbeat 6. I Would Find You 7. Walk With You 8. The Sky Is Falling 9. Sunshine

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RARE AS F*#%: Roxy Music - 1972-12-18 @ The Whisky
WIRE - A tribute album by Hello Whirled

To Free My Mind And Break My Neck by Hello Whirled, released 20 April 2020 1. Clay 2. Another the Letter 3. In Vivo 4. Come Back In Two Halves 5. Cactused 6. Our Swimmer 7. Madman's Honey 8. 1st Fast 9. No Warning Given 10. Cheeking Tongues 11....

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If yr a dedicated power pop fan, you saw this picture above and I immediate had your attention, right? It's place here to do that and also reward you for viewing this newsletter all the way to the end.

Here is a track recorded in 2019, written in 1974 and which never has been heard until now. Very much a song that could have been on the "Jingles" album. It's great to hear Advertising leader, Tot Taylor lean into his old sound. Click HERE to smile.
The 10 Best Reissues of 2020 (So Far)

The record shops might have been closed up for the last 10 weeks (and plenty are reopening as I write, for better or worse). But that hasn't stopped the flow of archival releases from keeping quarantined music collectors occupied during lockdown.

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