After a relatively mild July, August is starting off hot, and maybe summer is finally here. Last year was one of the longest, hottest summers but despite the mild July, this year's irrigation need is still above average. However, no rain is in the forecast. The long- range forecast is for continued dry weather as August is normally the driest month of the year requiring the most irrigation.

With water rates rising rapidly, improving irrigation efficiency has great ROI.

Improving Irrigation Efficiency

There are lots of projects that can improve irrigation efficiency including weather-based irrigation, system upgrades, drip irrigation, and lawn elimination. However, each site's needs are different. This is why we are now proposing irrigation system evaluations in 2020 budgets.  
These evaluations will provide system maps and a zone by zone evaluation of the system's efficiency and problems. With this evaluation, we can work with you to develop projects that will both reduce your water use and save you money while improving the appearance of your landscape by eliminating the drought stressed dry spots and unhealthy plants.

 Smartlink Weather Based Irrigation

Pacific Landscape Management is  now a Preferred Partner with  Weathermatic
This will allow us to offer the Weathermatic SmartLink Weather Based Control system with no up-front capital cost. As with many technologies today, their innovative new program is 'Subscription-Based' and comes with the hardware with no upfront capital cost. This makes conversion to weather- based control, which we have been promoting for a decade now a NO-BRAINER.
Previously, conversion to weather- based control came with a $2,000-3,000 per controller capital cost for the hardware, then a $20 per month communication fee. WeatherMatic is offering the upgrade to their hardware included in their monthly fee which ranges from only $40-$50 per month. And for this fee, they guarantee lifetime warranty and hardware upgrades as long as the service is maintained.
For a small increase in the monthly fee, you will never have to replace your irrigation controller technology. NEVER! We are promoting to all customers as a part of their 2020 Budgets.

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