July 2016
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Gift Certificates Available!
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They can choose the service or class to use it on or use it to discount a few!
Our newest practitioner, Jolene Cox is offering a $5.00 off discount for new clients!
Yoga Classes

Beginning Yoga
6 week session is $48
Call Kelly Feuerstein


Integrative Yoga Therapy
6:00-7:30 PM
8 week session is $48.
Call Sue Niedzielski at 517.592.5780 to register!


Integrative Yoga Therapy
9:00-10:30 am
8 week session is $48.
Call Sue Niedzielski at 517.582.5780 to register.


Embrace Yoga
10:30-11:30 am
Designed for those with limited mobility & flexibility.
6 week session is $48. $10 to drop in.
Call Rhonda Carrier at 517.439.9357 to register


Yoga Fit
10:00-11:30 am
6 week session is $48. $10 drop in.
Call Rhonda Carrier at 517.439.9357 to register.

Exercise Classes

5:30-6:30 PM
Call Michelle Woods at 517.206.1974 for class fees and registration.

Step Aerobics

5:30-6:30 PM
Call Michelle Woods at 517.206.1974 for class fees and registration.

Other on-going Classes
Tai Chi

Thursday Evenings
This movement class is a combination of Tai Chi and Qi Gong.
Please contact Carol Gallentine at 517.812.8855 for more information

General Class Information
Our calendar of classes and events is available at www.essentialenergies.org.
This calendar contains the most current information.
Please check frequently, as classes may be added throughout the month.

Pre-registration is required for most personal growth classes and workshops.
Please contact the facilitator of the class, unless otherwise specified.

Drop-ins are often welcome in our "exercise" classes held in the studio!
PLEASE call the instructor listed before dropping in to assure space availability.

Thank you!
Fellowship Group

Grandmother's Circle

Nichiren  Buddhism Study

The Talking Tree

Drum Circle

(These events are described in more detail throughout the e-newsletter...
please watch future e-newsletters for more FREE events throughout the year!)

At each event there is a donation basket for those who wish to support the use of the facility.

Dear (Contact First Name),

Happy Summer!
Please take a  moment to look at our new event for children. This is the first time that we have offered anything for children...
This event has been created by the newest member of our EE family, Jessica Horton.  Jessica did her externship here at Essential Energies and recently graduated from Baker College.  She also helped recreate our new web site. (Please take a look!)  Jessica has been a wonderful new addition to our community and I thank her from the bottom of my heart for all that she has done.
Have a safe and fun summer and don't forget us here at EE!

  Wishing you Blessings and Peace...


"Finding Center"

This Month's Finding Center is by Laura Goldsmith.  Laura is a part of the Essential Energies community.  She is a Reiki Master and a Shamanic Healer. She holds Grandmother's Circle the 4th Wednesday of each month at 7:00pm at EE.


Awakening to Spirit: Core Shamanism  
From the moment the drum beat took me away into non-ordinary reality, I was hooked. On that first shamanic journey I was introduced to the fantastic world of the divine and spirit while I learned to build relationships with helping spirits, nature and the universe.
I was grateful to step into a life of wholeness and wellness by healing those hard issues from life through my shamanic journeys and practice of shamanism. When a person is ready for their personal healing and soul growth he/she can ask the shaman to intervene on his/her behalf. The shaman holds sacred space, imploring the divine for that soul to be whole and well, which raises the energy vibration so healing may manifest for the individual.
Shamanism is a hot topic in our alternative healing community. But what is shamanism? Core Shamanism was developed for use in the Western culture by Michael Harner in the 1980's after years of studying with Indigenous cultures around the world. Core shamanism, sometimes called Western Shamanism, embodies many of the same techniques used by indigenous shamans or medicine people. The word "shaman" means seeing in the dark. The shaman or shamanic practitioner uses the dream like state induced by a monotonous drum beat to "see" what healing needs to take place or message delivered, and asking for divine intervention on behalf of self or client. In shamanism it is believed that any issue happening on the emotional, physical, mental or physical plane, affects each of the other areas and can be healed through spiritual intervention. Those hard issues may manifest as depression, addictions, weakened immune system or chronic illness. For example oftentimes a physical ailment can be traced to an emotional trauma, such as abuse, abandonment, constant criticism, an accident or childhood programs we carry with us throughout life.
But practicing shamanism means so much more than being able to use spiritual healing techniques. It requires one to build a relationship with the oneness of all living and non-living things and to do extensive personal soul work until one learns to be guided by soul. It is a lifetime commitment which I'm glad I chose, not only for myself but for the benefit of others. Perhaps one day you may choose to join me.
Laura Goldsmith, MA
"Stand in the center of your Light: Peaceful Strength, Observation, Quiet Action"

     Kids Spirit day is On Saturday July 16th!
This is the first time that we have ever done this, but we definitely wanted to get the kids involved this summer!  We are going to be having a lot of fun with activities, snacks, drinks, and an overall great time.
This event is aimed at children ages 7-12 years old! 
Activities include
  • Aura Painting
  • Tai Chi
  • Drumming
  • Fairy Garden building
  • Yoga
  • & More!

We are asking a $5 entrance fee per person, any additional rates and charges are per the activity you and your kid or kids want to try!

Wonders of Reiki
One day, Usui-Sensei climbed Mt. Kurama, where he began to do penance while fasting. Suddenly on the twenty first day from the start, he felt a great REIKI over his head, and at the same time as he was spiritually awakened he acquired the REIKI cure. -William Lee Rand
Reiki is an energy healing practice, which works to bring balance on all different levels. Reiki works on the problem directly and not just the symptoms.
Reiki is used to help chronic headaches, anxiety, flu/colds, depression, and other problems. During a healing you may find that energy blocks are dissolved, a boost in energy, stress relief, improved focus, pain relief and much more.
There are many Reiki practitioners at Essential Energies!
Call us today!
Thank you! 

Dana Dake, Yoga Instructor, Spiritual Card Readings, and Energy Grids.
Dana is a new friend of the EE community. Dana came to us after she signed up for Reiki I and II, she is hoping to offer some Vinyasa and restorative yoga classes as well as spiritual card readings, and crystal energy grids.
"Crystals have been used throughout history in many native cultures for their natural healing properties. Within this restorative treatment, Reiki charged crystals are placed on the body using sacred geometry patterns. Crystals are able to interact with the human energy field to move, absorb, direct, focus & diffuse stored energy.
Based on the varying vibrations of each crystal the chakras will align and help the body find its natural rhythm. Combined with essential oils & soothing music, this treatment will leave you feeling restored and completely balanced." -Dana Dake


For questions or information you can contact her at

517-945-2719 or danaedake@gmail.com

The Benefits of Massage!
Massage has been around for over 2000 years. It is the most basic and instinctual form of healing that humans possess. The first thing we do after banging an elbow or a knee is to rub the area of pain. Massage therapy is just a more in depth art form of this natural reaction.
Massage therapists are trained in several different things from anatomy, movement, energy modalities, and sports massage. They are required to log 500 hours of training both on and off the table.
The benefits of massage are amazing, not only does it reduce stress and increase the feel good hormones naturally; it aids blood pressure, joint flexibility, and can even prevent injury. Massage is one of those wonderful forms of healing that does not cost too much, it is not invasive, and it does not cause long lasting awful side effects.
There are many wonderful massage therapists here at Essential Energies. If you are ever curious to try one out or even recommend a friend. Take a look at our website at essentialenergies.org, you can visit our community page to find a massage therapist that is right for you! There are also many other practitioners that provide wonderful things here at EE listed as well.
Thank you!

Join Carol Gallentine for Drum Circle beginning again in September! Bring your drums, rattles, and whatever moves your spirit!!!


         Beginning Yoga Class on Monday Night
   I am Kelly Feuerstein a 200 hour certified yoga teacher. I have a Associates degree from Jackson College and a Bachelors degree from Siena Heights University.
When I decided to go through my teacher training I was just another unhealthy American. Now I have found the love and the connection for yoga that has changed my life forever... My goal as a teacher is to get my students to love yoga and their body's as much as I do!  My classes are designed for beginners and tend to be at a little bit of a slower pace. Even though my class is designed for beginners, all levels are welcome.  I want to make sure that my students understand the terminology of yoga and get rid of any stereotype or fear they might have for the practice I love. I look forward to continue to learn and grow with everyone at Essential Energies.

New Session begins in September       
(Preregistration is preferred but drop-ins are welcome)  

Please call Kelly at 517-240-7680 to register.


 Tai Chi and Qi Gong Class
   Tai Chi is a gentle, yet powerful form of moving meditation.  According to Hua-Ching Ni, "Tai Chi movement is defined as --Many different qi gong movements put together sequentially and arranged with the principles given by the Tao--I Ching."  Tai Chi movement can be felt on many levels within the mind, body and spirit.  When a person practices the discipline of Tai Chi on a daily basis, their balance, body functions and thinking processes can improve.  

Instructor:  Carol A. Gallentine, LMT  

Where:  Essential Energies 915 Airport Rd, Jackson, MI 49202

When:  Thursday from 6:30 till 8 pm

Cost:  $20 for four weeks, $8 drop in

This class will resume in September

Adelpha Thermography

Adelpha Breast Thermography in partnership with
Therma-Scan™ Reference Laboratory will be at
Essential Energies performing scans on:
Monday, September 19, 2016
This 30-45 minute procedure is vital for all women especially those with dense or fibrocystic breasts, small or large breasts, breast
reductions or implants, women who are pregnant or lactating,
women who have undergone lumpectomies or mastectomies, and pre- or post- menopausal woman. Thermography is the newest,
safest and most accurate choice for early breast cancer detection
and breast health awareness.  
To learn more visit our websites:
The time to be proactive about breast cancer
prevention and breast health is today!
To schedule please call: 

 Easy and Safe  
Say YES to the EARLIEST &
       functional physiological
       breast changes!

Free Events at Essential Energies
 Wed., July 27nd
 7:00 - 9:00 pm

Join us to feel that peace and harmony you have been seeking. Let us introduce you to God the "Grandmother". Our Grandmothers' Circle meets the 4th Wednesday of every month from 7:00pm to 9:00pm to meditate and hold the world steady with the Net of Light in support of all life. In addition, we pass on empowerments to open new attendees to the feminine earth energies, and provide networking with other like minded individuals. 

The Great Council of the Grandmothers has come to return the Earth to balance, to restore the feminine principle, and bring the energies of the feminine and masculine into harmony.

"We will do this work primarily through individual women as women are the natural reservoirs of Yin for this planet. It is time to awaken the presence of the feminine and bring men, women and all life back into harmony on the Earth." 
                                        -Sharon McErlane,
Our Love is Our Power, 2007.

For more information contact Laura Goldsmith at LaurasHealingEnergies@comcast.net or see: www.nurturedspirit.net
1:00-3:30 pm
Next Date: September 4th, 2016
The Talking Tree is a non-denominational divination circle.  We gather to ask questions as well as to read for others.  Please bring divination tools and a love offering to support the space.  If you do not have tools, we do have extra available for use.  We look forward to seeing you!
All One Fellowship Group
"As a spiritual group Our Purpose is to Teach, Learn, and Remember Unconditional Love."  
We welcome all approaches of spiritual pursuit.  Each week there is a different speaker. Meetings take place in the Essential Energies yoga studio from 10:00 am to 11:00 am Sunday mornings.  
Check our website for more details:  fellowship_jackson.webs.com
Questions, please call 
Walt Culver at 517-392-5875.
Buddhist Discussion Meeting
Next Meeting: Sunday, July 17th
12:30 PM in the Yoga Studio

You are welcome to the Nichiren Buddhism discussion meeting. We will chanting and discussing Nichiren Buddhism

Soka Gakkai International (SGI) is a lay Buddhist movement linking more than 12 million people around the world. SGI members integrate their Buddhist practice into their daily lives, following the Lotus Sutra based teachings of Nichiren, a 13th-century Japanese Buddhist priest. Just as the lotus blooms in a muddy pond, all people can manifest the Buddha nature--inner resources of courage, wisdom and compassion that can equip them to overcome life's challenges and lead happy and fulfilling lives. As "engaged Buddhists," SGI members aim to create value in any circumstances and contribute to the well-being of others. Their practice sparks a process of ongoing inner transformation and empowerment known as "human revolution." The promotion of peace, culture and education is central to SGI's activities.
Contact :Yumei Wiltse email: ywiltse@yahoo.com or text to 517-960-3016 
Essential Energies | 517.796.2082