June 2019
Smartboard Gazette Newsletter
Let's Wrap up
the School Year!
June 3
4K Field Day AM & PM

STEM Family Night, Star Center Library, 5:00-6:30pm

June 4
Talent Show Dress Rehearsal
3:35-5:15pm (no late bus)

June 5
Awards Ceremony, 9:00am

5th Grade Promotion,10:30am

Talent Show, 1:30pm

June 6

5K-5th Grade Field Day

4K Fly Up Celebration
9:15am & 1:30pm
Congratulations and we'll miss you to
Mrs. Michnay and Mrs. Mittelstaedt.
They are retiring at the end of the school year.
We wish them all the best!
Dear Star Center Families!
After 18 wonderful years at Star Center, I am retiring from teaching this year! I want to thank you all for sharing your children with me. I have enjoyed working and learning with them each day! Star Center is a great school because of all our wonderful students, families, staff and teachers that make it feel like the special place it is! The hard working, generous group of PTO members, continues to support teachers to bring all things to our school that benefit our students and their learning. Thank you for all you do for our school! One more time, thank you to all our Star Families, for being a part of my journey!
Mrs. Michnay
Dearest Star Center Families and Friends,
I would like to begin by expressing my gratitude to everyone for allowing me the privilege of teaching at Star Center for 15 wonderful years. My decision to retire is so very bittersweet and truly one of the hardest decisions I have ever made. I have built so many special relationships with students, families, colleagues, administration, and community members over the years and have a “bazillion” (at the very least) treasured memories that I will keep tucked in my heart forever. Everyone who really knows me well, knows that I will also have just as many material memories that I will be unable to dispose of!!! (I think I might very well be a sentimental hoarder!). Star Center has truly been my “Home away from home”. I feel as if I don’t even have to steer my car…I just put it in drive and here I am…….at Star! I’m not exactly sure what life holds in store for me, but I do look forward to helping care for my first grandchild and plan to come visit as often as I can here at Star. What I think I will miss most of all is being made to feel special from the hugs, smiles, and affection that I receive daily from the students here at Star Center (not to mention singing in the classroom and halls!). I will end on this musical note, “Que Sera, Sera….Whatever will be, will be. The future’s not ours to see. Que Sera, Sera”. I do know one thing that “will be”…..You all “will be" in my heart forever and always!!!!!!
Mrs. M
Come and experience the amazing talent we have here at Star Center!

The Talent Show will be held on Wednesday, June 5th at 1:30pm.

All are welcome to attend!

If you are in Orchestra or Band or are interested in beginning Orchestra or Band, here are some important dates for you! Summer Orchestra runs from August 5-23rd. Summer Band runs from August 5-21st.

See the schedules below!
4K and 3 Year-Old Preschool Info
Parent & Student Reminders

Just a reminder that you may NOT drop your student off before 8:15 a.m. There is no student supervision before that time.

We encourage all families to use our drop off zone located at the back of Star Center.

If you are picking up your child at the end of the day, a parent or guardian needs to call the office at 262-348-7000 before 2:30pm or send a note with the student to let us know.

If there is a change to your child's normal bus routine, we require a note or a phone call by a parent or guardian to the school, 262-348-7000, to make that change. Please do so before 2:30pm.
I f you are going to be volunteering at Star Center (field trips, PTO events, classroom help, etc.) the District Administration requires a background check to be processed. Forms are available on-line or you can call the Star Center Office to request a form. Please note that the District Office needs
2 weeks to process each form.

Background checks are good for 3 years, so if you are unsure of whether you are still approved, you can call Star Center at 262-348-7000.
Thank you for your understanding and consideration.
Important information regarding student health and welfare and helpful information about: when to keep your student home, medications at school and the district's new cough drop policy.
Star Center PTO News
2019-2020 Star Center PTO Open Positions
We need you!! Our PTO will be filling several open board and committee positions for next year. These positions are the backbone to the efforts that support our school.
If you are interested in an open position or just joining us on occasion, we would love to hear from you!
Please reach out to  Michelle Norgard  or  Tracy Olson  for more information!
What's Happening
at Star Center
Click below to access our Facebook Page and find out great things happening at Star Center as well as other events and important
information coming up!
Welcome to our NEW 2019-2020 Star 19 Announcers
 and Peer Helpers!
Congratulations to all of you!
We had a totally fun time at like the PTO 80's Dance on Friday, April 12th. Awesome!
4th graders in reading intervention culminating a lesson about how/why authors structure the text we read by making a garden in a jar following step-by-step directions from the reading.
Mrs. Michnay's favorite day...can you guess
what day it is??
First graders enjoying a trip to the Lake Geneva Library
and a picnic!
Mrs. Kluge's class thought it was a beautiful day so they had their Science class outside!
4th Grader Levi enjoying the Cartonera Celebration!
4th Grader Lexie presents to her classmates all of her research on a Wisconsin State Park.  
Cameron and Elvalis' first day on the job as a Peer Helper!
Third grade learned about gravity, force, acceleration, and speed in science while studying Energy in Motion. Friday they tested their knowledge and understanding with an egg drop activity.
 Mrs Tennessen threw them off the top of the school.  
Mrs. Jenson's kindergarten class had a super fun day at Green Meadows and they also had some little visitors in their classroom! Baby chicks!
Upcoming Dates to Remember
Monday, June 3rd
  • 4K Field Day, AM &PM
  • STEM Family Night, Star Center Library, 5:00-6:30pm

Wednesday, June 5th
  • Last day for Early Childhood (EC)
  • Award Ceremony, 9:00am
  • 5th Grade Promotion, 10:30am
  • Talent Show, 1:30pm

Thursday, June 6th
  • 5K-5th Grade Field Day
  • 4K Fly Up Celebration, 9:15am and 1:30pm
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