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June 2020
  We are people of faith who gather to worship and love God,
care for one another, and share God’s compassion with the world.
Pastor's Pondering

My dear brothers and sisters, this time of Covid-19, being shut-in and not communing with one another has been very, very difficult on some of you and very difficult on others.  We have lost so much (for the time being).  Word is that as we emerge from our homes and get back to living, we will be experiencing a “new normal.”   This “new normal” for quite some time will include masks, social distancing, no singing, no fellowship, and more. These are grave losses which we must mourn.

We will be slowly returning to these things we love.   Some things will be available to do next month (optimistically), some in September, some by Christmas and the rest when there’s a vaccine.  Our Bishop Stanovsky is taking a very conservative approach to each phase.  More so than Governor Inslee.  And I support her hesitancy for our population is, generally speaking, high risk.  If one of you got sick from participating in church activities, the whole church family would be devastated and probably feel responsible to some degree.

Since this time is filled with loss - being with our friends, singing together in a full sanctuary, not hugging, holding or handshaking – it’s alright to grieve.  Grieving is a healthy response to any kind of grief, and we’ve lost so much of what we value.  

The bishop has asked each church to come up with a “re-imagining” plan as we open up the church through each stage.  A team of capable and faithful people have been recruited to do this work.  An outline of the plan will be presented at Ad Council on June 16 th .  But the first thing on that plan will include in some way, space for all of us to grieve.  It’s folly to jump into the mindset of “God is making all things new!  How can we, as a church, use this time to re-imagine what church can be.”  That, of course, is a question with which the team will grapple, but before that comes mourning and naming those things we value deeply that we can continue in some form or fashion.

I am with you in your sadness,
Pastor Susan
A Very Important Message for You
Our Final Stewardship Message from the "Invest in Love 2.0" team
Represented by Jill Duncan.
How We Worship
This time of Covid-19 has been a challenge as we attempt to create a worship experience.  As the weeks have passed, worship has been evolving.  Starting this Pentecost Sunday, the whole service will be taped in the sanctuary.  Hopefully this will capture some “normalcy” each Sunday.  In addition, the bishop has approved virtual communion.  This Sunday we are trying it.  If you would like to participate, find yourself some form of wheat and some form of juice (if you have it) before you begin our time of worship.  In addition, I will be asking you to light a candle during the Prelude as a symbol that Christ’s light is with us all wherever we are.  You may Zoom in on Sunday at 10:00 am, where we will have fellowship and worship together.  If you are unavailable at that time, or you do not have Zoom capabilities, the video of the whole service is sent to you in your email early Sunday morning.

Since I’ve been at this lovely church home, I have not yet preached from the Revised Common Lectionary (RSL).  The Lectionary is a plan for preaching almost the entire Bible over the course of three years.  I’ve decided that, beginning this Pentecost Sunday, I will be using the Lectionary from which to preach and I’ll be using it for our Bible Study on Thursdays at noon as well.  You can follow along.  In the weekly newsletter, THIS WEEK, I will include the Lectionary reading so that you can read it and reflect on it during the week.  This is a very traditional form of worship, but very valuable as well, as we study scripture together diving deep into the Word.  
How We Learn
I decided that I am going to use the Lectionary from which to preach as long as we are shut-in and probably until we gather “normally” again.  Therefore, as I shared with you last week, after this video series called, “A Community Called to the Future,” we will be gathering to reflect on the four readings each week.  The scripture will be noted in the weekly THIS WEEK, which gives you an opportunity to read, learn, reflect and then share with the class each week.  We can learn from each other and dive deep into the foundation of our faith.  I hope you enjoy this series.  You are welcome to participate as much, or as little, as you want.
How We Can Help


After some very scarce donations in the weeks passed, finally people came out this week and were very generous to the food bank.

This is very good. Pastor Susan talked to Liz, the Director of the Food Bank and she informed her that they were running out of food and there are many new clients. Let's keep up our commitment to serve our neighbors through the support of our local Food Bank.

Pastor Susan and a team will make emergency prescription deliveries ANY TIME.

Regarding groceries, try to be creative. Use whatever is in your pantry and make up new and wonderful crazy recipes (maybe at the end of this we'll put together a Corona Virus Cookbook). However, if you are out of food and need anything, I will be happy to shop for your essentials.

  • Reach out to people in the congregation.
  • Bake cookies for the police department and fire department.
  • Send cards to doctors and nurses.
  • Call Non-Profits around you and ask how you can help.
  • There are plenty of ways to support those on the front lines. Just call and ask.
Announcing New Executive Director for Family Promise of Clark County
A little over three months ago, the Board began the search for a new Executive Director for Family Promise of Clark County following the announcement by our current ED, Linda Winnett, that she wished to step down to spend more time with her family. Today we are excited and pleased to announce that David Cole has accepted our offer to be the Executive Director for Family Promise of Clark County beginning June 1, 2020.  We are excited for the skills and experience David is bringing to the program, which include over 10 years serving our community through leadership positions in non-profits, on executive boards, and volunteerism. He is a 2003 graduate from Washington State University with a degree in Social Science. When you get to meet David, you will find that he has a great amount of enthusiasm for helping address the needs of our most vulnerable community members.  
The Board is extremely grateful for Linda’s commitment to remain in place as Executive Director during the three-month search for her successor. Thanks to her professionalism and resolve, we were able continue operation of the program during the COVID-19 virus outbreak and stay on course with our mission to help Clark County children and their families in a homeless situation acquire permanent housing. The Board wishes Linda all the best in the future for her and her family.
We greatly appreciate your support and prayers as we move into the next chapter of the story for Family Promise of Clark County.
Gratefully yours,
FPCC Board of Trustees
How We Pray
Would you like to be part of the Prayer Chain? Contact Pastor Susan at  if you want to be added to those who regularly pray for those in the congregation and beyond.

We gather for weekly prayer on Tuesdays at 11:00 am . If you would like to Zoom in, contact Pastor Susan and she will send you an invite.
Money Information
Just because we're not gathering, 
doesn't mean we don't need your offering to pay our bills. 

The Facts
As a new month begins, you should be aware that the average offering per month is $16,363. If we continue to receive that monthly offering, our finances won't be affected and we won't have to make any cuts at this time. Please keep this reality in mind as you fulfill your pledge, or make an unpledged offering.

You can easily help by tithing on-line: 
Simply click on the church website, click "MORE" and then select "On-line tithing" then, follow the steps from there. It's safe and easy!

Mail in your offering to: 10300 NE 199th Street, Battle Ground WA 98604

You can set up with your bank an Auto Check service where your bank would regularly send the church your offering.
There is no extra charge to do this.

Birthdays and Anniversaries

June 5 - Jan Shaul
June 11 - Milo Miles
June 14 - Erma Kelley
June 22 - Teri Schubitzke
June 24 - Adam Von Kaenel
June 27 - Ben Metzger
June 29 - Dianne Earnest
June 30 - Sue Sutton

June 1 - Clint Granato & Maili Morrison
June 11 - John & Dianne Earnest
June 24 - Wayne & Sue Sutton
June 28 - Ken & Susan Boegli

Don't see your birthday here?
Make sure to let us know when it is so we can celebrate YOU!
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