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Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors
JUNE 2021
 We are people of faith who gather to worship and love God,
care for one another, and share God’s compassion with the world.
Pastor's Pondering

Doesn’t it feel over?  Or at least almost over?  Gathering back together in person feels amazing.  After 14 months of giving a sermon to my phone, I can finally stand before you and share God’s Word (at least I hope it’s God’s Word and not Susan’s words)! And although we can’t actually sing together in one room yet, it is uplifting to watch and film our singers lifting up a joyful noise on the back patio every Thursday evening.

Greeting each of you as you enter the building, and joyfully flitting around the room from person to person, trying to touch base with as many of you as possible in a short time, is a feeling I have missed for far too long.  It feels like I can breathe again (no pun intended) as we gather together and offer a wide grin to our friends we’ve missed so much.  Even the greatest introvert among us is relieved to be back “home.”  You know that cheesy saying “Home is where the heart is”? Well, my heart is with all of you, so I guess one of my home is at 10900 NE 199th Street in Battle Ground.

Peace and Grace to you all,
Pastor Susan
How We Do Fellowship
Small Groups are back!! Join us for:

TinkerBelles - Mondays at 10:00 am Brush Offs - Tuesdays at 10:00 am
Men's Group - Thursdays at 10:00 am

Finally, after missing one another for 14 months, we are finally able to gather.  We maintain the normal restrictions for those not fully vaccinated (social distancing and masks) but for those fully vaccinated, you may attend worship and small group gatherings.  For those of you who are not aware of our small groups or have forgotten how we build relationships, the following is a summer list of ways you can gather and simply be with one another.
PRAYER TIME: (Monday at 9:00- 9:45) –You are invited to join our devout prayers who gather each week and lift up those joys and concerns shared during Sunday’s worship as well as other prayers of which they may be made aware throughout the week.  Prayers meet in the sanctuary every Monday at 9:00.
TINKER BELLES: (otherwise known as Tinks.  Monday 10:00 – 11:30) – we are a social group that meets at the church every Monday morning from 10:00 to 11:30. Those of us who knit, crochet, or do other handwork usually bring that to do, but many just come to visit and get better acquainted with each other. All are welcome!

TRINITY CIRCLE:  (meets on the 3rd Saturday of the month from 10:00 – noon) Sewing, quilting, knitting, etc… for Babies-in-Need, Legacy Hospital and others.
MARY MARTHA CIRCLE: (meets on the first Saturday of each month at 9:00). This group of women focus on hospitality.  It is a time of fellowship and a time to reach out to others to make them feel welcome.  This group helps with weddings, funerals and other functions at the church.
The BGCUMC Men's group meets each Thursday at 10 am (which means if you are gainfully employed you are probably better serving the community but won't make it to Men's) We meet to solve the world's problems - as long as that doesn't require getting up too early - and enjoy each other's company and coffee and donuts. (If you are not fully vaccinated you will have to remain masked, bring your own donut and drink from your own cup through a straw.) We each put in a dollar each week which goes to pay for donuts; we use the church's Fellowship Hour coffee and are not troubled by guilt. Our serious purpose is to try to raise enough money to assist in scholarship donations to the older youth of the church. Our major fund raising is through sponsoring the travelers' coffee and cookies break at Gee Creek rest stop on I5 South (when the pandemic allows) and are grateful that Outreach helps bankroll this effort.
BRUSH OFFS: (meets Tuesdays from 10:00-12:00) A fellowship of artists who paint, draw, and create other forms of art.  Learn and teach one another or simply get lost in your project in the company of others whose passion is to create. Come "art" with us. Bring your favorite media. See and do art ideas in action. ALL ARE WELCOME!

BIBLE/BOOK STUDY:  (weekly). We always take a break during the summer months but stay tuned for what’s coming up this fall.
How We Worship

The process of finding a talented person to fill this position was comprehensive.  First, based on other UMC’s music programs, we created a job description for a music director that would work best for our needs.  Then we advertised in the Vancouver area, and through Craig’s list for one month, collecting applications for interviews.  

SPPR is happy to announce that BGCUMC has hired Patrick Brown as our new Music Director. Patrick has earned a bachelor’s degree in Church Music, and a master’s degree in Organ performance and Musicology.  Patrick has been working with churches of different denominations and sizes since he was a young man in yjr 1980s.  We are all very fortunate that Patrick has agreed to take this position and I hope you get the chance to say a great big THANK YOU for helping in getting us through Covid and a WELCOME to our faith family.

In case you didn’t know:  Patrick Brown, who has done a phenomenal job this past year during Covid, organizing and leading music, as well as assisting Nancy in creating amazing i-movies for our worship experience, has devoted approximately 15 hours a week and more, to make our worship as wonderful as possible.  We are all very grateful for his creativity and talent during this extremely difficult year.

For the past year, I’ve been coordinating our worship music and assisting Nancy with video production during the pandemic, but now I’m overjoyed to be serving as your director of music. This ban on congregational singing and indoor choral music is driving me crazy, but we’ll continue to work around the limitations and make music together! I look forward to meeting those of you whom I haven’t had a chance to meet yet, and for anyone who would like to sing with the choir, small group, solo or play an instrument during a worship service, please let me know. Music is such a part of our lives and our spiritual community, and I look forward to us growing together!
Patrick Brown
SPPR has been holding off on advertising and hiring an accompanist until a music director is in place.  Because all musicians will be under the supervision of Patrick, our new Music Director, SPPR felt it important that he be involved in writing a new job description as it pertains to the mission of our worship service, and be involved in the process of hiring an accompanist.  Now that Patrick has been officially hired, SPPR is officially advertising for the position.  The job opening will be closed on Friday, June 18th.  The job description is attached below and all people interested in filling the position must send a letter of intent to Doug Shaul and/or Kristin Wade.  All are invited to apply.


The All-Means-All committee is getting back to business, and they are planning a special Pride Sunday on June 13th.  Four lay people will share their stories as we celebrate full inclusion and God’s love for all of God’s children.  This is an excellent Sunday to invite someone to church.  May it be a neighbor, friend or family member, there may be someone in your life who really needs to hear the message that this church means it when we confess that God loves us all, and WE MEAN ALL!


June is Pride Month, a time to celebrate the incredible beauty and diversity of God's beloved. We will be honoring our commitment as a reconciling congregation to embody the creed of "Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors".  On Sunday, June 13, we will have a special service where members of our congregation will share their stories and experiences within the LGBTQ+ community. 

If you have any Pride decor or memorabilia you would like to share that day, please contact Leah Kuch:

One of the positive changes that has come out of our Covid experience is the use of technology.  When it comes to worship, Scott Wistrand has set us up to livestream our worship so that those who are shut-in can also participate in our time of worship.  The services will also be taped and uploaded on YouTube.  They will then be available on our Facebook page, our weekly newsletter, and our website for all the world to see.

The plan for this summer is to stick to the lectionary readings.  The lectionary is a 3-year plan of scripture reading put together by the National Council of Churches.  It is common for main-line Christian churches to use the lectionary throughout the year.  This form of worship does not often fall under a category of a sermon series, but each Sunday stands alone. Occasionally we will step away from the lectionary and celebrate a special Sunday such as Pride Sunday. 
How We Can Help
For homeless youth in Battle Ground

Just One Thing is starting to collect items to go in backpacks for students at school. We have received a flyer on the items that are needed. A copy of that flyer is available on the link below.
BGCUMC Family Promise
Host Week is June 6-13, 2021

Our church has been involved with Family Promise as a host congregation since March of 2019. Bethel Lutheran Church in Brush Prairie joined us as a support church later that year. Our responsibility is to provide food, shelter and hospitality overnight from about 5:00 PM to 7:00 AM for one week four times a year. Families can utilize the Family Promise Day Center located in Camas as a home base during the day. There they received social services, a place to take showers and do laundry, as well as educational support for their children. Approximately 85% of families entering the program "graduate" into their own homes relatively quickly.

In 2019 we completed our four hosting rotations. When 2020 rolled around, the whole country as well as the world was hit with a pandemic and closures were everywhere. I'm so happy to say that Family Promise continued to serve homeless families. Not only were many changes and adjustments made to accommodate health and safety concerns, but also the program was expanded to include educational services to children and a diversion program to intervene with families to prevent homelessness before it happens.

This was made possible through your donations and support even during these tough times. Every time our host week rolled around we were able to provide dinners for families, funds to purchase breakfasts and lunches, and evening and overnight volunteers at Meadowglade Seventh Day Adventist Church. Not once did we have to reach out to other churches to help us with any of our shifts. In addition, volunteers from BGCUMC and Bethel stepped up to help other host congregations when they were short-handed. Thank you all so much.

As life begins to return to the new "normal," the needs of those most vulnerable continue. If you haven't volunteered in the past, now is a good time to get information and give it a go. Homeless children and their families are being given overnight hospitality somewhere in Clark County every night of the year. Four weeks of the year, we take our turn. It has been a personal blessing to me and other volunteers to get to know these families, to realize that they're people just like us, to celebrate their successes, and to experience their gratitude.

Volunteers are needed for our upcoming host week. Sign up on the link below to volunteer to serve as an evening or overnight host.

You may sign up to provide a meal or get general information by contacting Jean Brown at (360) 904-1822 or
For MAY 2021,
60 pounds of food was donated!

Thank you for your generosity. Our monthly goal is 100 pounds.
How We Pray

Saturday, July 24th at 2:00 pm
Darrell Johnson's Memorial Service
in the BGUMC sanctuary
PRAYER TIME: (Monday at 9:00- 9:45)

You are invited to join our devout prayers who gather each week and lift up those joys and concerns shared during Sunday’s worship as well as other prayers of which they may be made aware throughout the week.  Prayers meet in the sanctuary every Monday at 9:00.
We meet on Mondays at 9:00 am.

Would you like to be part of the Prayer Chain? Contact Nancy in the church office if you want to be added to those who regularly pray for those in the congregation and beyond.

The United States declared COVID a national emergency on March 13, 2020, and the Bishop of our conference shut down all in-person worship.  Over the past 14 1/2 months of Zoom Bible Studies, prayer, check-in, meetings and worship, the priority of caring for this church family and beyond continued, thanks to you.  Miraculously, this faith community was able to pay every one of our bills despite our inability to gather in person; a unique feat for any church.
Not only have you been generous in keeping our church open virtually, but you have been beyond generous in your gifts to our efforts to reach outside of these walls and care for our neighbors.  

Prior to Covid, the average amount of gifts given to outreach was approximately $313.  However, are you ready for this?  During these 14.5 months of mask wearing and social distancing, we received monthly an average of $1,242!  And it all goes out to our neighbors who are so desperately in need of help.

So, basically, in each of the 14.5 months since COVID was declared a national emergency, we were able to pay every one of our own bills and we collected 4 times what we collected pre-Covid.  

This, my brothers and sisters, is a testament to your faith and love for God and neighbor.  You are an incredible church body, and I am honored to be your spiritual leader.  At the time of our offering, we often say, the gifts you give to the church are a symbol of your very lives given to God.  I am certain, if the person Jesus was with us right now, he would say, “Well done, good and faithful servants.”  

In January 2021, Nancy Volgamore resigned from the bookkeeping responsibilities; however, we are so grateful that she is continuing as our church secretary.  Nancy has been generous enough to continue doing certain bookkeeping duties while we find and hire another capable person to fill this extremely important position.

SPPR and Finance worked in tandem to hire a bookkeeper who can fulfill the needs of caring for our church’s finances.  The team found a professional bookkeeper who specializes in church finances.  Vicki Giampietro, from “Let Me Do It,” will be working with the finance committee to simplify our financial process and take over the bulk of the bookkeeping responsibilities.  Finance will be looking for 2 or three people who are willing to be trained to learn the process “Let Me Do It” will put in place and have the ability to read and report the financial picture to the congregation. 

Last April, SPPR announced that Battle Ground UMC would hire Patrick Brown and Darryl Mar during the pandemic, with the intent of hiring musicians when Covid ended.  Patrick and Darryl were not substituting, but they were both hired as the church’s musicians until the pandemic lifted. They continue to commit themselves as our musicians while music restrictions continue.  

It was stated then, that when the pandemic was over, new job descriptions would be created and a hiring process would open for two positions.  As the pandemic is coming to an end (THANK YOU, GOD!!!), SPPR began the process of hiring for our music program.  We are happy to announce that BGCUMC has hired Patrick Brown as our new Music Director.  The accompanist position will be open as of June 1 and will close on Friday, June 18th

Full Finance Report given to Administrative Council (click here)

Finance Report July 2020-April 2021 (actual vs. budget)(click here)

July 2021-June 2022 Nominations Report (click here)
Birthdays and Anniversaries

June 5 - Patrick Brown
June 5 - Jan Shaul
June 11 - Milo Miles
June 14 - Erma Kelley
June 22 - Teri Schubitzke
June 24 - Adam Von Kaenel
June 27 - Ben Metzger
June 29 - Dianne Earnest
June 30 - Sue Sutton

June 1 - Clint Granato & Maili Morrison
June 11 - John & Dianne Earnest
June 24 - Wayne & Sue Sutton
June 28 - Ken & Susan Boegli

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 To all, including those who have known the pain of exclusion or discrimination from church or in society, we offer a place of welcome, respect, and love. It is in this spirit that we invite
ALL* people to join us on a journey of faith.

*As a reconciling congregation, ALL people are welcome including people of any race, sexual orientation, gender identity, faith history,
socioeconomic status, physical and mental ability.