JUNE 2022
A Message From Marty Dupree, DOM

My heart is broken today as I grieve the many tragic things going on in our nation and just this week. From the innocent children being slaughtered in Texas and people in Buffalo to SBC Guidepost Investigation Report that came out on Sunday, May 23rd about the sexual abuse that has taken place in SBC churches over the last 20 years. The devil is on a rampage. We are in a spiritual warfare and demonic forces are wreaking destruction and chaos everywhere.

Pray for Uvalde, Texas – the traumatized children, the crushed families, the hurting community.
Pray for America – we are losing our way!
Pray for Revival and Spiritual Awakening - a supernatural, overwhelming move of Almighty God in this nation and around the world. We need JESUS!
Pray for the SBC – and sexual abuse survivors - very disturbing, awful report discussed below!
Pray and desperately seek after God and return to Him like never before. Zechariah 1:3-6

It is with tears in my eyes, and an ache in my stomach that I share the following information with you today. I am praying and hoping that these reports and subsequent actions that will be taken and policies that will be set in place will:

  • eliminate any sexual abuse in our churches via accountability and zero tolerance
  • provide clear, safe avenues for reporting when it does happen
  • provide good resources, counseling and therapy for the help, support and restoration for those who have been victims of abuse.

Please click on the blue links below to find out more or contact the LRBA office at 910-893-4282 for further assistance.
Because of Jesus, I have hope. Romans 15:13
Marty Dupree

Responding Well to the SBC SATF Letter by Todd Unzicker, Executive Director-Treasurer of Baptist State Convention of NC. Has great links and helpful resources in article. Please see some key points below.
The SBC Sex Abuse Task Force released a report Sunday afternoon May 22. The 288-page document conveyed the results of an investigation into the SBC Executive Committee from January 1, 2000 through June 14, 2021. This report is disturbing, grievous, heartbreaking and shocking. It reveals true stories of victims and survivors who were sexually abused by pastors and leaders at the highest levels of SBC life.
Todd Unzicker stated, “No person made in the image of God should ever suffer the evil of sexual abuse, and the company of brothers and sisters in Christ should be the safest place for victims to come forward. This is a difficult moment for all of our baptist family, but especially for those who have endured the pain of abuse. Humbled before Almighty God, we should grieve, repent, reflect and respond.”  I agree.
Where did this report come from?
An independent investigation of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Executive Committee was initiated by messengers at the 2021 SBC annual meeting in Nashville, Tenn. The motion came in response to public allegations that committee members and staff defamed sex abuse survivors, bullied advocates and resisted reforms. (from Todd Unzicker article)
The motion, which was approved by a nearly unanimous vote, required SBC president Ed Litton to form a task force to hire a third-party to conduct the investigation and release its findings through an unredacted report. The nine-member task force, led by N.C. Baptist pastor Bruce Frank, selected Guidepost Solutions for the investigation. (from Todd Unzicker article)

Following is a short summary of the report findings from AP.

Full SBC Sex Abuse Task Force Report released May 22, 2022

  •  The Caring Well Initiative which is a 12-month, eight-step process of listening, learning, assessing, and launching needed initiatives to ensure that every church is safe for survivors and safe from abuse.

  • Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) Church Alliance has partnered with NC Baptists to provide help regarding liberty and religious concerns with access to a variety of legal resources and services at an annual discounted rate. For most churches the cost would be less than $500 per year. Watch this short video from Todd Unzicker for more information and go to ADF Church Alliance Partner. Churches receive a 20% discount with promo code NCBAPTIST20.                                                                                                
  •  Safety & Security NC: Great Resources from NC Baptist State Convention for Protecting Children, Teens, & Vulnerable Adults. Including Policies and Procedures for Churches 


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June Mission Project
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July/August Mission Project
The July/August Mission emphasis is school supplies for our local schools. Drop off date will be August 10th from 10-3pm. We will load the supplies directly into a vehicle.
September Mission Project
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