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June 2022 Newsletter

Framework for the Prevention of Child Abuse & Neglect

As of February of 2022, Indiana has its first statewide Framework for the Prevention of Child Abuse & Neglect. The Framework, and the accompanying Community Implementation Toolkit, represent a three-year collaborative process by a myriad of state and private organizations from across multiple sectors including prevention, advocacy, philanthropy, and other community partners.

The Indiana Department of Child Services (DCS) funded the development of the Framework and toolkit, which is now available by request, by accessing the DCS website here. Per that DCS website, “the framework provides a road map for the state and local communities to better support, empower, and protect families. It is centered on primary prevention efforts, or services and interventions available to the general population, to prevent child maltreatment before it happens.” 

Unfortunately, in both statewide and national data, as reported in the 2022 Indiana Youth Institute’s Kids Count Data Book, Indiana continues to rate poorly around the issue of child maltreatment. Specifically, “Federal data from 2019 showed that Indiana had a rate of 112.9 referrals per 1,000 children, the fifth highest among states for which data was reported (44, including DC), and one of only six states with a rate higher than 100 referrals per 1,000 children. Indiana’s 2019 screen-in rate (the percent of referrals that met the criteria for investigation) was 68%, compared to 59% nationally, and Indiana’s rate of investigation or assessment per 1,000 children in 2019 was 94.3, much higher than the national rate of 47.2 and exceeding the rates of all neighboring states.”

Please take a moment to request a copy of Indiana’s Framework for the Prevention of Child Abuse & Neglect, using the link above, and join the battle to prevent child maltreatment in Indiana.


Here is a map of Indiana, the pinwheel in some counties indicate that we have a chartered prevention council in that county. If you are interested in reaching out to them to see how you may contribute to their efforts on a local level, please visit the PCAIN webpage and click on the pinwheel you will see that county’s contact information. If there is no pinwheel shown on map in your county, please feel free to contact Jeff Wittman in order to explore establishing a child abuse prevention council in your county.  

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PCAIN’s April 2022 Celebration of

Child Abuse Prevention Month throughout Indiana


The month of April 2022 is fresh in our rear-view mirror and what an amazing month it was. In just my second April as Prevention Program Manager for Prevent Child Abuse Indiana, I am humbled by the passion and servant leadership exhibited by local child abuse prevention council members throughout Indiana working towards the goal of creating a healthier, safer, and more optimistic future for all Hoosier children. However, even the wonderful, energizing, and life-affirming work of child abuse prevention can be physically and emotionally exhausting.


A heartfelt thanks to each of our chartered councils across Indiana for your effort and collaboration with families and prevention stakeholders. The investments made in April will have a lasting impact for months and years ahead. Below, you will find a quick overview of the fantastic work done during the month of April 2022:


  • There were over 31,000 Pinwheels distributed in Indiana for April.
  • Thirty-seven events or activities related to promoting April as National Child Abuse Prevention Month, occurred across Indiana. We are certain other April council events happened which were not shared with or known by PCAIN.
  • DCS Child Abuse Prevention Month Kickoff event link is here.
  • Click Here to review a short slideshow we’ve put together showing some of our PCA Council activities throughout Indiana.

  Jeff Wittman, MBA, PCAIN Prevention Program Manager 

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PCAIN Program Spotlight: Nurturing Fathers Educational Series in the Correctional Facilities


PCAIN recently met with representatives from the Indiana Department of Corrections who enthusiastically reaffirmed our educational efforts. We've been doing Nurturing Fathers since 2007 at Edinburgh Correctional Facility and since 2011 in Plainfield. We have also done classes at Branchville, Pendleton, Wabash Valley, the Women's Prison, and the Marion County Jail. The wonderful bonus here is that the participants who reside in these facilities are eager to learn more about parenting before they go home. 

Carol Pool, MSW, PCAIN Prevention Education Specialist

dads wkids.png

PCAIN / Dads Inc. -- Happy Father’s Day

Dads Inc would like to wish all fathers and father images a Happy Father’s Day. Wishes become Promises when Dads make fulfillable commitments to their children and families.

  • Happy is the child who is under the love and supervision of a parent who nurtures their growth and safety.
  • Being a Superhero is more about daily feats of unselfishness than jumping buildings. 
  • Believe you are/can be a Good Dad
  • Educate and Practice Good Fatherhood
  • Surround yourself with good examples/supportive people


For education/inspiration visit: www.fatherhood.gov and www.Nurturingfathers.com

Brian Carter, LBSW, Dads Inc. Program Director/PCAIN Prevention Educational Specialist

Upcoming PCAIN Community Trainings
2022 BTC Series _Zoom_ .png

To stay on the cautious side in the response to Covid-19, we have once again made the decision to hold this conference in a virtual format. We look forward to the privilege of being able to meet again in person as soon as it can be done safely. The following is a schedule for our virtual Webinars that take place on three Fridays during June, in lieu of an in-person conference: 


  • June 3, 2022 from 11:30am-1:00pm (EDT) “LGBTQ+ 101” presented by Angie Tarr, BS, RN, Training Outreach Specialist (1.5 Hours Training Credit time – Level 2 CEU) Registration Link with Webinar Description

  • June 17, 2022 from 1:00pm-2:30pm (EDT) – “Trauma Informed Homes” presented by Sarah Clark, MSW, LCSW, Thrive Facilitator, Allies, Inc. and a Behavior Consultant/Clinical Supervisor at Damar Services (1.5 Hours Training Credit time – Level 2 CEU) Registration Link with Webinar Description

  • June 24, 2022 from 11:30am-1:00pm (EDT) – “Supporting Wellbeing: An Introduction to Mind Body Medicine” presented by Christy Gauss, MSW, LSW (1.5 Hours Training Credit time – Level 2 CEU) Registration Link with Webinar Description

June Parent Café

  • We also have a Parent Café on June 15th from Noon-1:00pm (EDT) entitled “Be SMART-Gun Safety” (Training credit is not available for our Parent Cafés because they are a facilitated discussion not a training). Description and Registration Link


Check our WEBSITE or Social Media pages often for additional training opportunities

PCAIN Educational Brochures
Water Safety - English 2020.jpg

Drowning is one of the major causes of child fatalities. Bath time and swimming should be fun times for children and their caregivers. Now some of us have the danger of retention ponds in our own backyards. This brochure offers tips to ensure that they are also safe times, emphasizing the need for careful and constant supervision.  All of our brochures are available in English and Spanish.


Brochures are $1.00 for package of 50 brochures. This is just one of many educational resources available from PCAIN. Click here to order or to discover the many other resources available. PCAIN website now offers “Print Your Own” on the Educational Materials link.

We also offer PCAIN Merchandise on our website SHOP

Kids First Support of
Prevent Child Abuse Indiana 

We thank Kids First for continuing to support our charge in ensuring that our mission to "make Indiana a better, safer place for Indiana's most precious resources - our children" is achieved. 

Help support statewide efforts to prevent child abuse and neglect by the continued use of the Kids First license plate, or when your plates are due again by purchasing the Kids First license plate. For more information, please visit their website. Funding from the Kids First plates helps us work with our Prevention Councils throughout Indiana. 

If you would like to make a donation to Prevent Child Abuse Indiana directly, Click Here
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