President's message

I wanted to extend a warm welcome to our new members. Many of you have jumped right in as active participants showing your art and volunteering. 


How fantastic that new members, Guía and Gary Hiegert have donated their trailer to use for our Azalea Festival float! Our participation in this festival is evolving in a good way. A big thank you to Denise Ortega and everyone involved. 


I hope everyone has had a chance to be in the classroom making art, learning about it, or listening to a talk. The gallery shows have been amazing with such a variety. And the featured artist wall really demonstrates the breadth of our members’ artistic talents. Thank you to Mary Ann Antenucci, Stacey Reynolds, and Brian and Gwenn Childers. We also greatly appreciate all of you who contribute your time to gallery hosting, art change out, Second Saturday, keeping the garden beautiful, and more.


Sharon Guy has developed a series of art classes for kids as part of the Children’s Art Program (CAP). Passing along an art learning experience to kids is so crucial for our community. Please consider helping out. 


And with the subject of kids in mind, by the time you read this, our team of volunteers will have assembled and distributed art bags and supplies to 40 foster children and families in partnership with Every Child. Thank you Barbara Lezynski, for the generous donation that made this possible!


I am inspired by the many positive changes and renewed energy at the Manley Art Center. I look forward to coming in and hearing laughter in the classroom and feeling warmth in the gallery. Yoga and other healing arts are complementary to the fine arts, bringing us relaxation, introspection, healing, and expansion of creativity. Give it a try!


I can’t wait for the liquid sunshine to give way to warm, dry days so we can enjoy the beautiful new deck. 


Chaney Delaire



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