What does the DD Act Say?

(K) DEMONSTRATION OF NEW APPROACHES TO SERVICES AND SUPPORTS.— (i) IN GENERAL.—The Council may support and conduct, on a time-limited basis, activities to demonstrate new approaches to serving individuals with developmental disabilities that are a part of an overall strategy for systemic change. The strategy may involve the education of policymakers and the public about how to deliver effectively, to individuals with developmental disabilities and their families, services, supports, and assistance that contribute to the achievement of the purpose of this subtitle... Section 125(c)(5)(K)(l)

Demonstration of new approaches is a DD Act requirement for Council's Five Year State Plans. The provision above addresses time limited demonstration projects as defined by the DD Act. In 2015, demonstrations were limited to five years with regulations on how to seek permission to extend funding beyond five years.

To better understand time limited demonstration, AIDD provided Program Instructions for your review. To access the instructions, click below.